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Friday, August 29, 2014


I've been attempting to post once a week here to help out Radar. My preferred day is Wednesday, but with various difficulties that I will not divulge, plus being busy in other areas (including an interview), I'll give this quick post. There is one scheduled for Saturday, August 30, 2014.

Briefly, an anonymous whiner was complaining about the way I post things. (Some people are desperate to find any excuse to demonize people, especially under cover of anonymity, but never mind about that now.) S/he does not deserve a detailed, personal response, but I do have something that I posted on our Facebook Page:
While I do write some articles myself, most of those are other (smarter) people's work. This [Facebook Page] is not a link mill where any old thing from a creation science organization is posted. I read the featured articles (well, read at some of the more difficult ones) to select things for you, the viewing audience. The format is generally Introduction, Excerpt, Link to finish reading. Those intros have a couple of purposes: First, so the search engines do not penalize the site I link to site and mine by regarding them as duplicates, and also, I often have material that I want to add that may supplement the linked article.
Mmmkay, Skippy?

Here are some of the things I've been writing as full articles and not posts this month:
I have written a couple of original articles for this Weblog as well, but not recently. 

By the way, some of the obstreperous attention seekers are proving me right in this article from May, "Evolution and the New Atheo-Fascism".

So, I've been busy writing, posting and dealing with some things that may take me away from doing those things. But tomorrow's post for this blog is ready, anyway. —Cowboy Bob


Piltdown Superman said...

Deleted a comment from an anonymous defamer who was more interested in looking for excuses to attack, misrepresent, overgeneralize and basically be an obstreperous twit than s/he was interested in intelligent discussion.

Piltdown Superman said...

Deleted another character attack.