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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Horsing Around with Evolution

When asking proponents of evolution for evidence for their belief system, there was a time that they would proudly trot out horse fossils. It has been considered one of the best evidences for evolution; the ever-reliable and unbiased Wikipedia still says so (he said as he rolled his eyes disdainfully). This is another shining example of presuppositions dictating interpretations of the evidence — very badly, too.

Big Sugar / by Michelle Studer, copyright 2013, used with permission
Horse evolution proponents should bridle their enthusiasm. Instead of demonstrating multiple stages of evolution, the series is a swayback about finding an assortment of animals with some resemblance to the horse, then manufacturing a Just So Story. Some candidates for transitional forms are not even related to the horse, there are no believable models to support assertions of gradual changes, no evidence for assertions of where and how they lived, and more. However, the fossils do show variety and rapid burial in the Noachian Flood.
The horse series has long been a showcase of evolution. But in reality, this series is the best argument that can be presented against evolution from the fossil record. Creationists have various opinions on whether the horse series is in fact made up of different created kinds. This article addresses some of the current problems, and concludes that the horse series probably comprise three different created kinds, not including all animals that have been labeled Hyracotherium. Hyracotherium itself appears to contain several different created kinds such as animals similar to tapirs.
To finish reading, hoof on over to "The Evolution of the Horse".

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