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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Referring to Adaptation as Evolution is Difficult to Swallow

The equivocation trick is back in play as an explanation for changes. Many of Darwin's Cheerleaders are so intent on convincing people that goo-to-you evolution is real that they confuse people by using word games. Referring to adaptation as evolution is highly misleading at best, and has been used before (such as the twist in oysters). Creationists do not have a problem with adaptation or natural selection (which was first proposed by a creationist), but we do object when people are deceived into confusing adaptation with full-on evolution.

Swallows in Nebraska were making an impact — on cars, trucks, roads and so on. Those with smaller wingspans were surviving, and their population was increasing. That's adaptation, Arnie. But scientists gleefully called it evolution, even though the birds were doing what they were designed to do.
According to a news headline: “Birds evolving to dodge traffic”. Another proclaimed,“Evolution via Roadkill”. The articles were reporting research on changes in cliff swallows in southwestern Nebraska, USA. Since 1982, researchers have been conducting detailed annual surveys of the colonies of thousands of these birds that build mud nests on highway bridges, overpasses and road culverts in the area.

The researchers collected the carcasses of cliff swallows hit by vehicles, and discovered that road kill victims had longer-than-average wingspans, right through the study period. In 2012, for example, the average cliff swallow in the population had a 106-mm wingspan, whereas the average wingspan of roadkill swallows was 112 mm. What’s more, as the years passed, fewer and fewer birds were being hit by cars, even though the numbers of nests and birds had more than doubled, while the amount of traffic on the roads had remained steady.
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