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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Your Inner Machinery Indicates the Creator

A frequently-offered evidence for design is irreducible complexity. More simply, people will admit that the device they are reading this on is the product of intelligent, purposeful design. A painting has a painter, a building has a builder, and so on. However, Darwinoids will parrot remarks by bad philosophers and excuse makers like Richard Dawkins who say things like, "No, something only has the appearance of design, but it really isn't". Oh, please!

Meanwhile, scientists who study the amazingly intricate systems within you, and within living cells, are finding them more and more complex. There are many machines with functions like ratchet and rotation, switching internal architecture, scissors cutting and repairing DNA, and much more. There are newer discoveries that show more detailed information — and information is becoming the key, because these are not just microscopic machines, but there is a form of information technology involved. Evolution can be claimed, but really, evolutionists cannot explain all this. The reasonable conclusion is that there is an amazingly intelligent Creator.
This is a golden age of discovery about molecular machines, but the metaphor may be moving from machinery toward information processing.

Hardly a day goes by without a new discovery of machines in cells doing wonderful things with moving parts. Thanks to new imaging methods, scientists have clearer vision in the cell than ever before (see Science Daily and Science Insider for examples). We can only touch briefly on a few of the latest discoveries:
Hold your horses, Horace! To read the rest, you'll have to click on "Cell Biologists Use Machine Language".