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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Schizophrenia Diagnosis Gamble

Some fields of study should not be called science because they fail to meet the standard definitions, but are included anyway. Others do meet the definitions, but are excluded on ideological grounds. Psychology and psychiatry are considered to be science, but they are inconsistent and nebulous, but are rooted in evolution and atheism, so they get to wear a science badge around town. Creation science is excluded, even though it fits the standard definitions of science as well as (and often far better) than evolutionary science.

Psychology and psychiatry give roll-of-the-dice diagnoses, and although many practitioners are well-intentioned, they really don't know what they're doing.
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As we see in evolutionary science, there is a great deal of speculation that is paraded as "science", and then Evolution's Acolytes will pass those things along as if they were established facts. Not hardly. Things like so-called "junk" DNA: Genomes are studied, not understood, then called useless junk from our alleged evolutionary past, then evolutionists are humiliated by real science. Similarly, we read about how cosmologists and cosmogonists are often surprised by scientific discoveries in the solar system that testify to a young universe, but still cling to their fundamentally flawed belief systems. Faulty worldviews hinder science, especially those based on evolutionism!

Like other evolution-based scientific fields, psychiatry and psychology have people giving their scientific speculations, but they really do not know how things work. The brain is not the mind, free will does not reside in the brain, nor does the soul. Secularists reject out of hand biblical values and explanations for someone's condition. Although some mental conditions are alleviated by medication, the doctors really do not know how or why things work; my own anti-depressant is actually an inexplicable side-effect of fish oil!

Psychotropic medication prescriptions are often a roll of the dice, and various "cocktails" of medications are dispensed and rearranged. Ever read the fine print or watch some television commercials for medications? They may make the condition worse, even causing suicidal thoughts. Don't get me started on Delaware, Virginia and Michigan being the top prescribers of Ritalin... This is science? It's bad enough when "humanists" speculate on the origins of life, but when they use their philosophies and literally mess with people's minds, that's contemptible. 

Schizophrenia is in dispute in scientific circles. Is it a real diagnosis, or something made up to make people look more scientific. For that matter, having a diagnosis of schizophrenia may cause someone to act in a manner that fulfills the diagnosis. There are psychologists who actually think that the diagnosis is meaningless, or even harmful.
Much as psychiatrists would like to help the afflicted, it doesn’t help to affix an empty label to an imprecise condition.

“Is schizophrenia a ‘real’ illness?” That’s the eye-catching title of Huw Green’s article in The Conversation. Green, a PhD student and “trainee” clinical psychiatrist at the University of New York, surveys competing groups of psychiatrists, from honest critics who want to update the definition, to radical revolutionaries who want to junk the term altogether. For instance, Thomas Szasz said that schizophrenia didn’t exist until psychiatrists invented the word.
You might think I'm crazy, but I recommend that you finish reading this article by clicking on "Schzophrenia: Diagnosis or Delusion?"

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