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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Limiting the Evolved Brain

To take amoeba-to-atheopath evolution to its logical conclusion, free will is impossible because we are only bundles of chemicals responding to our electrochemical impulses. Some atheists and evolutionists admit this, while others are resigned to their imagined naturalistic fates but still complain about free will in the Bible (based on their misconceptions). Another contradiction is that, although we are slaves to our chemistry in their eyes, some commit a category error by searching for areas in the brain where free will "resides" — but it is not physical, it is spiritual. And then, morality is evolved into our brains. My brain hurts.

If goo-to-you evolution were true, there would be no free will of any kind. Morality is evolved somehow. Yet some evolutionists contradict their worldviews by wanting us to overcome our alleged evolution.
"Evolved brain", modified from an original image from
There is no ultimate, consistent basis of morality in evolution. (Some tinhorns will even call people "evil" and "liars" when they are disallowed from posting any libelous comment they feel like — their "morality" is based on their opinions and emotions, not facts.) There are more contradictions in the article linked below, where Darwinists say that we are what we are, including morality and prejudices, because of evolution. But we must overcome evolution to fit in with current societal trends. Makes as much sense as drinking downstream from the herd. To read about evolution, the brain, morality and more, get in the spirit of this date and march forth, click on "Can an Evolved Brain Choose Good and Evil?"


Anonymous said...

Why do you even bother anymore, Supe? Seriously?

You mock and deride opposing arguments and yet don't permit any disagreement on this blog whatsoever by deleting comments etc. And now, shockingly, this place is completely deserted. Other than you of course. Bravely shouting into the darkness. LOL. You're kinda like that crazy guy on college campuses that shows up regularly to shout well rehearsed nonsense, ignoring the obvious fact that precisely no one is listening. I mean, don't you have anything better to do with your time? Maybe try volunteering and/or working with people in need. Take it from personal experience, that kind of stuff can be very rewarding. Certainly more rewarding than "Question Evolution Day" ever could be.

It feels weird to type this but... I miss Radar. Any word on his health or a potential return?


Anonymous said...

To which he'll bravely respond with:

Since only obstreperous children feel the need make ridiculous comments attacking people, and I don't have time to deal with foolishness, I'm turning the comments back off. We'll try again later when adults show up and want to discuss the subject.

...for the nth time, and then shut down comments again. Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't installed a bit of script to disable copy/paste here like he has on his other blogs.

I, too, miss Radar. At least he had the guts to engage commenters regularly.

Anonymous said...

I also hope Radar is doing okay, but he's been away for an awful long time...

I recommend to "Canucklehead" and the other lady or gentleman who posted above that you save your posts by clicking on the heading in the main blog window (which should take you to the content of the post plus the comments at the bottom) and save this as an HTML file.

Should Cowboy Bob ever, for some reason, come up with a cockamamie idea where he deletes all comments and then claims that commenters said X, Y and Z, you would have proof to the contrary.

Radar used to pride himself on not censoring comments on his blog unless they were clearly spam or used foul language. He can hardly be proud of Cowboy Bob's behavior.