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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why are Biology Teachers Unsure About Teaching Evolution?

With the help of compromising Christians who ceded science to secularists, particles-to-people evolution has monopolized education for a long time, especially in America. They even had Dobzhansky making the propaganda statement that "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution", the concept of which has been sent packing (except for some Darwinistas that didn't get the memo, and quote it like secularist scripture). So why isn't evolution propaganda education wildly successful?

Biology teachers are supposed to teach evolution. Many are not very enthusiastic about it, and there are still people who think for themselves and deny particles-to-people evolution. Why?

Surveys and speculations include morality and politics (no, the Democrats and other leftists do not own science, and Republicans are not anti-science), name calling, straw man arguments, placing blame, and more. What the surveys don't reckon with is that scientific evidence does not support evolution, and that some people are not exactly willing to accept the pronouncements of scientists without thinking for themselves.
Secular scientists are at a loss over how to get their favorite origins story, Darwinian evolution, a more confident presence in schools.

After nearly a century of one-sided control of education on origins, Darwinian scientists shouldn’t be faced with this dilemma. After all, their own theory presupposes that human beings are material entities that can be conditioned like other animals. And yet, despite a near total exposure to Darwinian evolution in textbooks, museums, educational TV – and often in the general culture, such as in many sci-fi movies – a substantial majority of the public doesn’t buy the completely materialistic evolution scenario. This includes biology teachers.

In Science Magazine on March 6, Jeffrey Mervis tries to understand “why many U.S. biology teachers are wishy-washy” about teaching evolution:
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