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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Bad-Mouth Brigade

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Something that leftists, militant atheists, and anti-creationists have in common (although many atheists are leftists and anti-creationists) is that they stir up negative emotions about their opponents' positions. This is easy for them to do, since too many people "think" with their emotions instead of using critical thinking. How many times do you hear about someone being tried, convicted, and sentenced in the court of public opinion, even though the facts are in the real courtroom? Putting words in someone's mouth or misrepresenting what someone stands for is a logical fallacy called the straw man. Note the warning below:
Militant atheists, anti-creationists, political leftists show skill in using emotional manipulation to silence the opposition. Several examples of keyboard-head-bangingly-bad "logic" are given.
Image by Why?Outreach, referring to a "condition" mentioned on Fighting for the Faith 
By my cogitations, the reason these people tell emotionally-laden untruths is ultimately to silence people they disagree with. Instead of discussion, they seek elimination. Since many appear to be unable to reason properly (but are sneaky sidewinders when it comes to deception), they use ridicule, straw man arguments, appeals to emotion and other things because thinking is hard, and it's recreational for them to silence or negate their opponents.

I've been on the receiving end of numerous attacks. That's what happens to Conservatives, Christians, and especially biblical creationists who have the courage to stand up for our convictions. Some anti-creationists call us "liars" because we show scientific and scriptural evidence against evolutionism. I reckon that they don't know what the word "liar" means, since they are unable to actually show where we are lying — which makes them the liars!

Again, remember the warning above. There are numerous anti-creationist and anti-Conservative sites, Pages on Facebook, groups, forums and so on that simply want to attack people. There are several that are set up to ridicule me, personally, but do not have intelligent content. (Indeed, one response about the ethics post linked above was, " Lol, talk about stupid". Simple, and simplistic, with no discussion of the actual content. Pages, forums and such set up for ridicule do not have clientele who make intelligent comments.) Here is an old screenshot on one of those Pages that is mostly dead, which was poorly ridiculing a post on The Question Evolution Project:

The logic fail is strong in this one. Appeal to motive, ad hominem, straw man, poisoning the well, selective citing and more. He did not post the link to the article, but only the screenshot. Also, he is railing about the "enemy of evolution" remark about Linnaeus. If he had posted the link, people would have seen that it was referenced in a research paper, and none of that content was mine. Also, he displays his ignorance about his religion, as evolutionism is much older than Charles Darwin!

Although there are atheists and evolutionists who do not support the childish antics of their brethren, they are not speaking up to oppose such behavior.

For the rest of this article, keep in mind the warning given above.

I had a frustrating day at work. We listen to music, podcasts, audio books and so on. On Saturday, April 4, I was doing overtime and listening to the podcast of the Chris Plante Show from Friday, April 3 (link to audio player here). The guest host was Dan Bongino, who did a great job. I thought I could safely listen, but no, this added fuel to my fire (hence my frustrating day). The topic of the day was Indiana's religious freedom law.

This "new" law is not new at all, and has been in existence since Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Since it was under the spotlight in Indiana, it was attacked by "tolerant" leftists. Funny how celebrities on the left will misrepresent things and appeal to emotions in order to get support from the unthinking masses. The common untruth is that this law allows business owners to discriminate against homosexuals, but they do not even cite the bill. Eugene Robinson did not write anything truthful, either, but showed anti-Christian bigotry insteadMiley Cyrus showed her hatred and lack of intellectual prowess, and George Takei said many things, but had disdain for the truth as well. "Memories Pizza" refused to cater a homosexual wedding because of their Christian convictions, received threats, and had to close down. It's interesting how the Gaystapo terrorists (who motivated the timorous Indiana governor to "fix" the religious freedom bill), leftists, and especially celebrity leftists, appeal to emotion and show that they are amazingly intolerant, and the exceptions are very few. They play on the word "love", and claim that Christians are motivated by hate. And yet, why don't we get the outcry when Mohammedan bakers refuse to bake homosexual wedding cakes? Here is a podcast on Stand Up for the Truth regarding hypocrisy on these issues

In the creationist hate example and in this religious freedom law extremism, we see some things on common. People who demand tolerance from us (such as, essentially, "Let me turn your site into an anti-creationist litter box, it's my godless-given right", or, "I demand that you tolerate my intolerance of your Constitutional rights to religious liberty) do not actually use reason. Instead, they want the opposition silenced through legislation, ridicule, negating through straw man arguments, poisoning the well, and so on. People like this unite in their hatred.

Fortunately, there are some people in the world who will not fall for such manipulative tactics. We will continue proclaiming the truth, whether they like it or not — while we still have freedom of speech, that is.