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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Neanderthals Continue to Annoy Darwinists

There was a time that if someone wanted to call someone brutish, stupid, or whatever, they might commence to using the word "Neanderthal". (Want to maybe get a strange look from someone? Drop the -th sound and say, "Neander-tall", with the German pronunciation.) I reckon the word has fallen out of favor nowadays. Maybe it's because people have learned that Neandertals — I mean, Neanderthals — weren't the stupid things that we supposedly evolved from after all.

DNA, anthropology, other studies show that Neanderthals were not the stupid brutes they've been made out to be. In fact, the studies do not fit evolutionary timelines, but fit well with Biblical timelines.
Image credit: NASA / JPL. (Why it's on a Mars exploration page, I have no idea.)
Evolutionists got a mite concerned when it was found out that Neanderthals used tools. Then the tools were found to be more plentiful and advanced than previously thought. The inner ear configuration is not unique to Neanderthals, that concept failed. Then there's the too-advanced cave art problem. Genetically and in other ways, there are not many differences between archaic and modern humans.

And that's the old news. Blood cells and DNA from thousands of years ago should not even exist today, but they've been extracted from remains for analysis. Also, they've been interbreeding with modern humans. Evolutionary speculations are contradicting each other. There are other surprising developments. Well, surprising for people who believe in evolution, but the findings fit in well with the Biblical timeline, what with humans being created and all. You can read the news by clicking on "Neanderthal News and the Limits of Organic Material Survival".