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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Shattering an Atheist's Arguments

One thing that puts a burr under the saddle of atheists is to tell them that their belief system is a religion, and they really get upset when you give evidence for it. Their main objection is that they don't believe in God or any gods, but if you study on it, you'll realize that to all intents and purposes, atheism is as much a religion as other non-theistic world religions. Indeed, some Satanic religions do not believe in Satan as an actual person.

Atheists detest being told that atheism is a religion. Tim Chaffey of Answers in Genesis dismantles a misotheist's claims.
Modified from an image furnished by Why?Outreach
I reckon that I've never encountered an atheist that is not an evolutionist. After all, they need evolution to give them a mythology of origins so they can be (to borrow from Clinton Richard Dawkins) "an intellectually fulfilled atheist". To make matters worse, evolutionism is a religion as well. It's not just a systematic study of biological, geological, and astronomical origins, but also a worldview that brings us Social Darwinism, eugenics, scientific racism, and other evils.

Generally, atheists claim to believe in logic and reason. When you ask why they reject the God that they really do know exists (Romans 1:18-22), you're hit with prejudicial conjecture (such as, "The Bible was written by Bronze Age goat herders" or similar nonsense), hasty generalization, and many other logical fallacies. Fact is, they try to intellectualize their spiritual condition, which is rebellion against God.

A letter written to Answers in Genesis by a misotheist on the prod was full of logical fallacies and self-refuting statements to justify rebellion against God. (The letter is typical of many comments that can be seen on teh interwebs.) Tim Chaffey responded, you can read it by clicking on "Feedback: Is Atheism a Religion?"