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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Water on Mars?

Liquid water on Mars? Some evolutionists raising a ruckus like drunken cowboys in a saloon after a long cattle drive over the prospect of water still existing on Mars. Like so many other "finds", people are making unjustified extrapolations about the prospect even though there has been no direct evidence of it. Also, the kind of "water" is probably too awful for any kind of life.

Tentative evidence of water on Mars has evolutionists raising a ruckus. What was actually found, and are their extrapolations valid?
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech (modified)
You know how riders of the Owlhoot Trail can reason:

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Some Darwinoids are projecting that water on Mars means maybe perhaps possibly there is a large amount of water that we can't see, and life probably evolved on Mars. If so, then it probably evolved on many other planets in the universe. Not hardly! Mankind is unique, and life was created here. Recently.
Finding minimal amounts of salty water contaminated with perchorates is not helpful to life.

The optimistic astrobiology reporter Pallab Ghosh at the BBC is at it again, tantalizing readers with thoughts of Martians. In his piece “Is there life on Mars?” he retells the history of his optimistic antecedent, Percival Lowell, who spent his fortune seeking the “canals” on Mars that he mistranslated from Schiaparelli’s map. Ghosh whisks the reader along to Vikings 1 and 2 that, in 1976, seemed to present negative results on the life question. But now, he says, new findings about gullies on some craters has provided “The strongest evidence yet that water still flows on the Martian surface.”
To read the rest, blast off to "Mars Life Would Spit Out the Water". Next, I recommend "Liquid Water on Mars?Also, you may want to check out "Mars Water: Much Ado About Very Little". ADDENDUM: After this was posted, Ian Juby told me that water on Mars was the lead story on his upcoming Genesis Week episode. Cool timing! To see the video, click here.