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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dark Matter, Star Formation, and Fantasy Fiction

Biblical creation scientists have frequently shown that the universe is not cooperating with the claims of long-age scientists, and the secularists have to keep resorting to using fantasy fiction to keep the Big Bang, formation of the solar system, and other hypotheses going. Since what is observed does not fit their ideas, various "dark" things are made up. There's not a whole heap of value to working on something that cannot be observed or detected, and only looks good on paper.

Dark matter was conjured up to bolster long-ages and the Big Bang. This evidence-free substance only looks good on paper, and does not fit what is observed.
Universe from Hubble Deep Field
Image credit: Robert Williams and the Hubble Deep Field Team (STScI) and NASA
Dark matter was conjured up to support the Big Bang and galaxy formation. Going smaller, stars that make up galaxies need this stuff to form "naturally" (that is, to presume there is no Creator, even though he is the best explanation for the observed evidence). Let's let Dr. Hartnett explain in detail.
‘Dark matter’ is an essential ingredient to form stars naturally given only standard known physics. ‘Dark matter’ is a hypothetical exotic form of matter, unknown to laboratory physics, which does not interact with or emit light in any way, hence it is invisible to all forms of detection within the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio-waves to gamma radiation. ‘Dark matter’ itself, therefore, is outside of standard known physics. It is made-up stuff that has been given one special property, which is that it gravitates, that is, unlike normal matter, it is a source of gravity only.
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