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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

New Bones Change the Darwinist Dance

We're not talking about dominoes here (a colloquialism for dominoes is bones because in early times, they were made out of bones or ivory). No, this is about human bones. The problem with learning to dance at the Darwin Disco is that the moves keep on changing. That is, evolutionists insist on arguing from their fundamentally flawed presuppositions based on long ages and baryon-to-biologist evolution, and then new data comes along and they have to rearrange everything. Of course, they cling to their framework instead of discarding the thing.

A thigh bone that "shouldn't be there" fouls up evolutionary beliefs about ancient man.
Ah ah ah ah stayin' aliiiive...
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While the Darwinists have a grand old time making up new dance steps, there is enormous pressure to keep their song marketable for their fans while dealing with cognitive dissonance. A thigh bone was discovered that "shouldn't be there", and adds to the other problems associated with ancient humans. Then there's the problem of ancient people mating with modern humans, when the ancients should have been long gone. Those ancient humans were not "primitive" at all, but were created recently. The Bible gives the true account of human history, old son, not evolution. I wonder if they'll find out that ancient humans played dominoes.
The number of potential overhauls in thinking from this thigh bone in China is staggering.

A painted thigh bone found in a China cave shouldn’t be there. It looks like something ancient, but it’s dated to just 14,000 years ago. If the articles on PhysOrg and New Scientist are correct, here are some of the pillars of human evolution ready to topple:

The “out of Africa” theory.
• The “out of Africa” theory.
• The antiquity of Homo erectus.

• The overthrow of the Denisovans and Neanderthals by modern humans.
• The evolutionary status of “The Hobbit” (Homo floresiensis).
Quotes in the New Scientist article reflect astonishment among the scientists pondering the meaning of these bones.
To read the rest, click on "Antique Homo Claims Threatened by New Bones". Watch the evolutionary dominoes topple.

A thigh bone that "shouldn't be there" fouls up evolutionary beliefs about ancient man.