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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Apes Are Not Our Cousins

Darwinists are fond of saying that humans and apes are remarkably similar, especially based on DNA similarities. That is a lousy comparison. After all, humans share DNA similarities with other humans, but we have obviously distinct differences from each other. Genetic similarities do not tell the whole story, and saying things to the effect that apes are kin to us except harrier is disingenuous.

Evolutionists like to say that because we have similarities in DNA with apes, so they are our hairy cousins. The truth is that there are many major differences.

In addition to genetic dissimilarities, there are many other differences to take into account. Especially in the way they act. Also, even though they can learn some rudimentary sign language, apes cannot grasp the complexities of language. If you study on it, you should be able to see that humans and apes were created separately; we are created in God's image, they aren't.
Over the past half-century or so, dozens of dedicated Darwinists have devoted decades of their lives to studying the behaviour of apes and monkeys. The public is regaled with stories about the likes of Jane Goodall and Dianne Fossey living with chimps and mountain gorillas, respectively. The social structures, behaviours, communication and so on of apes and monkeys are scrutinized for the slightest evidence that they have thoughts and minds not all that far from our own. We are regularly left to conclude that the differences between mankind and these alleged ‘close relatives’ of ours are really minor ones of degree, not kind.

Two developments in particular have comforted and reinforced the masses in such evolutionary notions.

One is the high percentage of genetic (DNA) similarity which such primates hold in common with humans. Chimp DNA is supposed to be anywhere from 96% to 98.7% identical to that of humans, depending on who is telling the story. The reason for the variation is that no-one has yet sequenced an ape’s DNA; other, much cruder techniques are used to give a ‘guesstimate’ of the similarity.
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