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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Poorly Understanding Evolution — and Creation

There is a frequent claim from evolutionists the people who reject evolution simply do not understand it. This is fallacious. In fact, some Darwinists show their lack of understanding of evolution, and exhibit lack of logical thinking when presenting straw man arguments of creationists and ID proponents.

One of the favorite tricks that Darwinoids have when the troll the Web is to claim, "You don't believe evolution because you don't understand it!" That may come as a shock to evolutionary scientists, as many do not understand it themselves. The whole thing is fallacious, including bifurcation (there are only two possibilities, ignoring others such as people who do have a handle on the thing and have rejected it on scientific grounds), and begging the question. There's a bit of ad hominem in there if you look closely.

Many biblical creationists reject evolution on both theological and scientific grounds. Some of us have to correct Darwinists on their own belief system, as well as showing the major flaws inherent in the system (then they often claim that they're being repressed, or words to that effect). These same crusaders for the faith of evolutionism have a heap of logical fallacies that they show no hesitation in using when attacking creationists and Intelligent Design proponents. To see some straw man and other fallacies analyzed, click on "Who Misunderstands Evolution?"