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Friday, April 22, 2016

Are You a Predator?

Greetings to you on this celebration of Lenin's birthday — I mean, Earth Day. Many environmentalists have good intentions about taking care of the environment, and Christians can agree with them. Hunting animals to extinction or near-extinction for sport, false claims of being aphrodisiacs, because ivory is mighty purty, and so on are wrong according to the biblical worldview. Dumping raw sewage into rivers, air pollution... Bible-believing Christians (I use this terminology to distinguish from owlhoots who pretend to believe the Bible and those who actually believe God's Word) have a different perspective on the environment and Earth Day. We believe in stewardship of God's creation, not exploitation, of Earth and its inhabitants.

Pagan evolutionary thinking places humans as a plague on Earth. Biblical creation thinking puts us in a responsible stewardship position.
Critically endangered Sumatran tiger at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Image credit: USFWS.
However, a passel of Earth-worshiping pagans want to slap leather with the Creator. According to them, we are not created in God's image, but are the products of evolution. Ironically, their rhetoric falls to the ground because if we're just the products of evolution and "survival of the fittest", we should do whatever we want in order to survive, so they contradict themselves. Another contradiction is the politically-motivated "green energy" movement that is impractical and actually harmful. For an example, see "Green Energy Calculated to Kill Birds".

Are you a predator? I'm not talking about lawbreakers, stalkers, and so forth, but humanity as a whole. Some extremists take their pagan evolutionary environmentalism to amazing levels, apparently desirous of hiring Davros to help them mindlessly exterminate most of humanity. They have amazingly bad unargued philosophical biases based on their fundamentally flawed worldview, and they refute themselves when they say that humans are bad medicine for Earth.
Humans are exceptional, all right; they kill everything else. What would Darwin do?

The human capacity for self-incrimination seems to match its capacity for violence. “Are humans unsustainable ‘super predators’?”, Science Daily asks. “Want to see what science now calls the world’s ‘super predator’? Look in the mirror.” The statement does not suggest our reflection should show pride. Like the other news media, reporters are engaging in self-righteous flagellation of their fellow species mates in response to Chris Darimont’s paper in Science Magazine, “The Unique Ecology of Human Predators.”

Maybe you don’t picture yourself like a lion on the prowl in the supermarket, but your eating habits—and those of global humans—are paid for in blood of other inhabitants of earth at unsustainable levels, Darimont et al. claim. Jonathan Amos at the BBC News summarizes the bullet points, if you’ll pardon the expression:
Not happening here, Pilgrim. To read the rest, click on "People Portrayed as Predator Plague on Planet".

Pagan evolutionary thinking places humans as a plague on Earth. Biblical creation thinking puts us in a responsible stewardship position.