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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bees Coming In for a Landing

It's nice to be invited to an event and have a map on the invitation, and when you arrive, you're guided to a parking space and shown to the entrance. It may not be quite that involved with bees, but flowers are practically showing the way.

Image made at Flaming Text
God made a mutually beneficial arrangement where flowers emit electrical impulses, and bees can find where they want to go. Further, scientists ran some tests and discovered that if electric attracting devices were switched off, the bees were at a loss. Everything in this system has to be in place in both bees and flowers at the same time, or nothing works, nothing makes sense. Evolutionists cannot offer a rational explanation.
How do bees know which flowers to visit, and where on the flowers to land?

Visual cues are part of the answer. It has already been known that bees and other insects see flowers differently than humans do. Bees can sense both visible and ultraviolet light, and many flowers have markings in both wavelength (color) bands, which help to both attract pollinating insects from a distance, then guide them in to the center areas where they can find the nectar (and at the same time pollinate the flower). Bees can also detect plumes of fragrance from flowers.

It was also previously known that flowers have a slight negative electrical charge, whereas bees pick up a slight positive charge by colliding with dust particles while flying through the air. It had previously been observed with high-speed video that just before a bee lands on a flower, the positively-charged pollen particles on the bees’ legs jump across the gap and stick to the negatively charged flower.
To read the rest, buzz on over to "Flowers Create ‘Electric Landing Lights’ for Bees".

A remarkable system is in place for flowers to practically give lighted signs to guide bees to where they want to go. Evolutionists cannot offer a satisfactory explanation for the arrangement, which was clearly designed by the Creator.