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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Sixth Annual Question Evolution Day is Coming!

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Yes, I know it seems like February 12 is a long way off, what with this being November 12 and all, but Question Evolution Day is important, and we need to commence to planning. I need to come up with a new logo for this sixth annual event. Location: wherever you are. Cost: nope.

We've come through a many activities lately such as elections, the World Series, various holidays, and so on. Then there are further things to consider: the November 14 "supermoon", America has Thanksgiving Day on November 24, then we have other things including Christmas and New Year's Day to deal with. Who wants to think about February 12?

Hopefully, creationists as well as people who believe in intellectual and academic freedoms will want to mark it on their calendars. (Hint: electronic calendars on the Web and electronic devices have reminders you can set for your ownself.) Not only is it Question Evolution Day (which, through time, chance, random processes, mutations, and no intelligent design, it just happens to fall on Darwin's birthday), but it is also Creation Sunday. That's right, two for the price of one! And neither costs you anything at all to participate unless you want to spend money on your own observances.

Since both events are on Sunday, February 12, we can make it into Question Evolution Weekend. This is one big reason for advance notice. Creation Sunday is a way for Bible-believing churches to affirm that they believe in the importance of Genesis and creation. Some may want to dedicate Sunday to giving sermons, obtaining creationary speakers to give presentations, showing videos (many are free online, showing good videos such as Evolution's Achilles' Heels can be purchased), and so on. Eric Hovind supported the fifth annual QED, and he came up with some suggestions that are worth considering. Churches, organizations, or individuals may want to have activities on Saturday, Friday night through Sunday, or whatever. It's up to you. Isn't freedom wonderful?

For more information on Question Evolution Day, see the video below, and also click here. Here is the article I wrote for Creation Ministries International, "The Importance of Question Evolution Day". For Creation Sunday, click here. Let's get the word out and make the sixth annual Question Evolution Day and Creation Sunday bigger than ever! Umm...don't forget to get it on your calendars.