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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Dinosaur Egg-Citement

Way back in 1842, Richard Owen classified some unusual critters as Dinosauria, using parts of two Greek words that mean terrible lizards. (Not all were so terrible — some were the size of chickens — but Owen probably didn't know that.) For quite a spell, folks reckoned them to be reptiles until some uppity Darwinists decided to claim that they evolved into birds. There are many insurmountable problems with this idea, including bone structure, breathing mechanisms, the development of wings, and more. Now eggs are cracking wise against evolution.

Dinosaur eggs refute bird evolution
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If dinosaurs evolved into birds, there would have to be a whole heap of similarities between them. Although dinosaurs appear reptilian, the evolutionists who believe in dino-to-bird evolution insist that dinosaurs had to be warm blooded, not cold blooded like other reptiles. They know this because it fits with their narrative, not because of actual evidence. A startling analysis of dinosaur eggs reveals that the time in the egg of the young 'uns, as well as the quantity of egg laying, had far greater similarities to reptiles than to birds. This supports what creationists have been saying along, that dinosaurs and birds were created and did not evolve.
Prevailing secular theory considers birds to be living dinosaurs, but new science is hatching to support the stark differences between these creatures. The data demonstrate dinosaurs were more likely cold-blooded like all modern reptiles.

Dr. Gregory Erickson of Florida State University and his colleagues from the University of Calgary and the American Museum of Natural History recently published their findings on dinosaur incubation periods in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They found that dinosaur eggs took roughly twice as long to hatch as comparable bird eggs.
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Dinosaur eggs are not being friendly to proponents of dino-to-bird evolution. Analysis shows what we've known along: dinosaurs were reptiles.