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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Insect Sanitation Engineers

This is one of those posts that has interesting information, provided people can get over the "Ewww Factor" for a spell. I had a post about dung beetles, which are important sanitation engineers for the environment, but I reckon most people had to kind of steel themselves to read it. This is another of those.

Credit: Openclipart
One of the creatures that people wonder why God created is the cockroach, and some wish they'd just all die off. The revulsion probably comes from our mental images, memories, experiences, and such with the unpleasant ones that invade our dwellings. Even though there's a stigma, if there are cockroaches in your home, it does not necessarily mean that you are dirty or a bad housekeeper. Mayhaps the association comes from actually dirty living quarters where the nasty things have a grand hoedown. Even so, they're clever at getting into even the cleanest home — especially if you live near an infestation. Only five of the thousands of species are bothersome to humans.

Cockroaches are all over the world, so we'll have to get over the heebie-jeebies. It would help if we learned to appreciate some of their qualities. They are a high-protein food source for other critters — and some people like the crunchy bugs. In addition, they are beneficial for their environments, essentially helping with leaf litter. Some scientists are using cockroach biomimetics for robotic design.

Speaking of design, there is no evidence of cockroach evolution: they have remained the same over millions of Darwin years. Fact is, these things some of us love to hate (especially the five home-invasive species) have been designed by our Creator for specific purposes.
Discovering a cockroach infestation is a horrifying experience, and they are difficult to get rid of once established in a residence. Synonymous with filth and unsanitary conditions, some wonder, ‘Why would God create such a disgusting creature?’ Were they really part of God’s original ‘very good’ creation?

In fact, while they get a bad reputation from their pest cousins, there are thousands of species of cockroaches that do not infest homes, and actually play vital ecological roles. They also display indicators of ingenious design that robotics engineers are learning from.
I don't want to bug you, but I suggest reading the rest of the article. Just click on "The cockroach: nature’s garbage men".

If  people can get over the "Ewww Factor" for a spell, there are some surprising things about those sanitation engineers of the insect world, the cockroach. They're even being studied for applications in robotics!