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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Evolution Study Spins Defeat into Victory

A basic tenet of universal common ancestor evolution is that the simpler things change vertically and become more complex. Looks good in pixels and on paper, but evolutionists are having a rough time giving plausible support for their conjectures. Some seem a mite confused, equating loss of features with upward evolution. This has been said about the cave fish that lost eyes, locomotion of the snake, and so on. Now we have a new example of propaganda where the spin is faster than those of my hard drive.

Genetic study shows evidence for creation and not human evolution
Credit: Pixabay / Patrick Neufelder
Using naturalistic presuppositions, a study on genetics failed to give any evidence of human evolution. That doesn't stop the lapdog secular science media from saying that evidence for evolution was discovered. Some modifications were shown, and devolution was evidence that Darwin was right. (Do those clowns work for the leftist news media, too?) Reality seems to elude them. Genetics actually shows that humans cannot be the age Darwinists require, and the logical conclusion is that we were created recently. The results of the study fit in mighty fine with what creationists expect.
The recent publication of a research paper evoked such headlines as “Massive genetic study shows how humans are evolving.” Despite the improvement of health-care technology, many other studies indicate that chronic disease among humans is increasing worldwide—and that mutations are commonly associated with disease, not upward evolutionary improvement. A closer analysis of this new study shows that its evolutionary conclusions are deeply flawed and humans are actually devolving. This is exactly what modern biomedical data shows and the Bible indicates is happening due to the effects of the Fall where the whole creation is subject to corruption.
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