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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Envision Darwin Before Interpreting Data

Using a priori assumptions and circular reasoning, advocates of universal common ancestor evolution are definitely not objective. They assume Darwinism so they can prove it, and interpret data through that particular filter. Okay, scientists do that. We all interpret information through our worldviews and presuppositions.

Secularists are enforcing Darwin for researchers interpreting data
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The secular science industry goes beyond the expected human biases and frailties, however. Evolutionism is required, creation science and intelligent design are rejected out of hand, and the catechism is strictly enforced. Independent thought, especially any possibility of questioning evolution, cannot be tolerated. Researchers are chastised if they dare to forget to envision Darwin before they interpret data and present papers. And don't even think about presenting anything contrary to the consensus, ain't no way!
When the evidence doesn’t fit evolutionary theory, guess what has to change?
The king is dead. Long live the king!
This contradictory set of sentences could be used to describe King Charles (Darwin). Whenever he dies, he lives long—his theory does, at least. We’ve seen Darwinism falsified so many times, it’s become routine. Now, evolutionists at the University of Texas would like to forestall any upcoming falsifications that might make young trainees’ minds wander. Their method: always force-fit genetic evidence that contradicts evolutionary expectations into a “phylogenetic context.” Evolution first! That’s the new strategy, according to their paper in PNAS:
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