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Sunday, May 20, 2018

David Attenborough and the Failed Tree of Life

Naturalist David Attenborough has been a presenter of naturalism and nature documentaries for a very long time, and is a source of pride for the not-so-Great Britain. He has a prairie schooner-full of honorary doctorates, possibly for being a fine fellow who is easy on the ears. (He does not have advanced earned degrees aside from a two-year intensive course at Cambridge, where he scored a 2.1. Do a search for his education, and you'll see that he has "a degree in natural sciences". Kind of vague, don't you think?) I suspicion that Attenborough is so adored is because he presents a great deal of evoporn for the undiscerning, who accept his faith-based assertions. He has also promoted discredited evolution, such as the aquatic ape concept. One episode in the 2009 series was "Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life".

David Attenborough presented the evolutionary "Tree of Life" without actual science involved.
Ernst Haeckel's version of the "Tree of Life" via Wikimedia Commons
He began his BBC presentation by discussing the biblical account of creation, and then commenced to saying things that were not correct. From there, the iconic "Darwin's Finches" were discussed, but when someone lassos a bit of history, he or she will learn that Darwin had no idea of what they were; the legend was built up over the next few years.

Then we come to the main subject, the "Tree of Life". There are many versions of it because Darwin did not have a handle on this,  either, and evolutionists don't cotton to the traditional view so much any longer. Biblical creationists say that an orchard is a more accurate analogy. The following article discusses several other things Darwin and his disciples inaccurately believe, including alleged "transitional forms" such as Archaeopteryx, and several other important subjects that are unfriendly for diatoms-to-Darwin evolution. Attenborough and many others go to a great deal of effort to deny the Creator his rightful place, and they do it with fanciful tales and assertions that have no evidence.

To read this informative article, I hope you'll follow the non-missing link right here: "David Attenborough: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life". Also, you may like to see this fact-free historical fiction video presented as science:

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