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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Some Rebels Dare to Doubt Darwin

Some scientists are raising doubts about evolution, and secularists are getting irritated.

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have been finding it more difficult of late to ride herd on some science-minded folks who want to think for themselves. Sure, they expect renegades from the biblical creation science camp, but they don't cotton to having their own kind wandering off. 

Some evolutionists do become creationists when they lose their shackles by God's grace. That's a mite alarming to the rest of the Darwin ranch.

Don't disunderstand me, it's not like scientists are publishing "Hey, evolution is false!" material. But some are daring to doubt Darwinian dogma, as well as bad climate change science. One study inadvertently agrees with biblical creationists that the majority of species in existence today haven't been around as long as evolutionists want to believe. (When Ken Ham posted on this, a two-bit tinhorn railed as if Ham blatantly misrepresented the facts, and frantically searched for succor. Some Darwinoids seem to think that if they can find the slightest bit of contradiction to information they dislike, it is magically refuted.) If you want to see Ham's post, it has an embedded bit of video where Dr. Georgia Purdom and others discuss this news. It's refreshing when evolutionists are bluntly honest about the lack of evidence for their belief system.

At the other end, loyal disciples of evolution are still claiming that "EvolutionDidIt", but ignoring important information and conveniently neglecting to offer plausible models. Blind cavefish evolved, the faith demands it. Another study has people admitting that evolution has flaws, but still cling to the "half right" part. A new guide to the sacred text, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (which has been revised and abandoned for the most part) is being released. It rehashes discredited "science" from classic Darwinism, blessed be!

To read about the aforementioned and more, click on "Is It Becoming Safer to Doubt Darwin?"

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How Cheetahs Prosper

A few minutes ago, I was playing with Basement Cat. She wanted to play Swatties, with some biting thrown in. When I hold my hand up just right in a position I call The Claw, she is compelled to strike. I can see her watching, her pupils dilate a split second before she lunges, and there is not time for me to pull away first. I tell her she's a fast pussycat; I've always admired the feline machine.

The design of cheetahs refutes Darwinism, and affirms special creation.
Original image credit: Freeimages / chadmula
Basement Cat's distant cousin is way over yonder in the Serengeti region of Africa. The cheetah is the fastest runner on Earth, and even a cursory examination reveals that this critter was built for speed. 

Cheetahs must use their speed, since they are not all that powerful at keeping their kills. No bits and pieces of Darwinian evolution here, Hoss. Everything in place at the same time, or nothing works or makes sense. 
Cheetahs are the fastest land animals alive; everyone knows that. Everyone also knows why they run so fast—to catch their dinner. But before the Fall, there were no carnivores, so why would God design cheetahs for speed?

The simple answer is, all of today’s cats descended from the two members of the cat kind that were on the Ark. The cheetah’s phenomenal speed is one example of the variety God placed within cats to meet new challenges in a fallen world.
To read the rest or download the audio version with my favorite reader, click on "Speedsters of the Serengeti". 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jumbled Fossils Support Genesis Flood

Defenders of deep time and uniformitarianism (present processes are the key to the past) shout, "Katie, bar the door!" when given contrary information, and commence to conjure up rescuing devices to protect their paradigm. Fact is, if observed geological data are plugged into a Genesis Flood model, the explanation is far more reasonable than uniformitarian assumptions yield. Some sidewinders give Flood evidence a hand-wave, even calling it "fiction". Darwin needs deep time and denial of reality for evolution, and secular geologists are more than happy to help them avoid the truth of recent creation.

Let's take a look at one of the basic arguments for the Genesis Flood that many biblical creationists use, but Darwin's rancorous disciples refuse to examine. The standard story is that fossils are formed when something dies, sinks to the bottom of a lake, river, ocean, or whatever, gets buried, then millions of Darwin years later, a fossil is formed. This not only defies basic knowledge of nature (scavengers and decay happen to dead things), but leaves out the fundamental principle of rapid burial. It also ignores the fact that many fossils show that creatures were buried alive. For fossilization to occur, conditions are far more important than time.

Credit: Pixabay / Efraimstochter
If you ever find yourself down near Western Cape, South Africa way, you might want to saddle up your beast of burden and head on over to a massive fossil graveyard. There is a huge jumble of various kinds of plants and animals. Evolutionists tell an implausible story about a local river flood, but it must have been a very impressive, non-local flood. Furthermore, these mixes of fossils are found all over the world. If you study on it, you'll see that the fossil evidence indicates a global flood, such as is described in Genesis. Although Darwin's Flying Monkeys© foolishly deny it, there is abundant evidence for the Flood.
This jumble of death represents only a portion of the original find. Many tonnes were ground into fertilizers rich in phosphate from as early as 1943, long before scientists became involved and the fossil-find carefully preserved.

The evolutionary explanation for the mayhem under and around our feet is that 5 million years ago a precursor of the present Berg River flooded and the fossils are remnants of animals that were washed into the area. Interestingly, the information material refers to a catastrophic flood as well as the ocean levels being about 30 m (98 ft) higher than today — this is to account for the marine fossil/phosphate deposits.

The sheer numbers of creatures that died raises the question: what kind of river was this? Today, when a river floods, most, if not all, of the mammals quickly move away. What then of the scores of species of flying birds ranging from quails to albatrosses that were unable to simply lift their wings and fly away?
To read the entire article, click on "‘Animal salad’ points to catastrophic demise".

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Fossils Not Showing Evolution

Apparatchiks for the Darwin Party get on the prod and troll teh interwebs in their secular jihad, spreading their worldview as truth. If they can verbally pistol whip biblical creationists along the trail, they sleep better at night. Unfortunately for them, there are creationists who are wise to their rancorous tactics.

Fossils do not support evolution, they are only props for Darwinian tales

A frequent mantra from these types is, "The fossils prove evolution", which is illogical and unscientific — but accepted by blind faith anyway. If someone pulls a fossil out of his saddlebag, it does not prove much of anything. Like other items of forensic science, fossils need to be interpreted with other data.

Biblical creationists encourage people to think critically. Secularists tell people what to think, we want people to learn how to think (critical thinking). Fossils are usually discussed with presuppositions based on their materialistic worldviews and a passel of circular reasoning. That is, they assume evolution to support evolution. Doesn't work that way, old son.

Also, scientific evidence to the contrary is often ignored or suppressed. Further, apparatchiks also act like there is no division among secular scientists, and they only present the popular story. Not all accept the story that dinosaurs became extinct because of an asteroid impact, f'rinstance, so they launch new ideas. Since members of the Darwin Party are unskilled at critical thinking, they accept such pettifogging and then pass along stories that contain no evolutionary evidence as if they actually had conclusive proof.

People believe in evolution because they want to, not because of evidence. If the question was about evidence, people would unhesitatingly put Darwin out to pasture and become biblical creationists. The real question is of a spiritual nature, because the Creator is unacceptable to such people. Fossils do not support evolution. They are only props for stories Darwinists tell.
Before taking an evolutionist’s word for it that a fossil organism evolved, we should look at the evidence.
To Darwinians, evolution is so intuitive and confirmed, they don’t even need to question it. This means that they have lost their ability to think critically about evidence. Those outside the obligatory Darwin-worshiping cult, however, maintain their ability to separate empirical evidence of fossils from the quasi-religious evolutionary stories told about them.
To finish reading, click on "Do These Fossils Show Evolution?" Keep an eye out for the paleontology story told by psychologists (yes, really) that is reminiscent of the "dinosaurs died of chronic constipation" tale.