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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Fossils Not Showing Evolution

Apparatchiks for the Darwin Party get on the prod and troll teh interwebs in their secular jihad, spreading their worldview as truth. If they can verbally pistol whip biblical creationists along the trail, they sleep better at night. Unfortunately for them, there are creationists who are wise to their rancorous tactics.

Fossils do not support evolution, they are only props for Darwinian tales

A frequent mantra from these types is, "The fossils prove evolution", which is illogical and unscientific — but accepted by blind faith anyway. If someone pulls a fossil out of his saddlebag, it does not prove much of anything. Like other items of forensic science, fossils need to be interpreted with other data.

Biblical creationists encourage people to think critically. Secularists tell people what to think, we want people to learn how to think (critical thinking). Fossils are usually discussed with presuppositions based on their materialistic worldviews and a passel of circular reasoning. That is, they assume evolution to support evolution. Doesn't work that way, old son.

Also, scientific evidence to the contrary is often ignored or suppressed. Further, apparatchiks also act like there is no division among secular scientists, and they only present the popular story. Not all accept the story that dinosaurs became extinct because of an asteroid impact, f'rinstance, so they launch new ideas. Since members of the Darwin Party are unskilled at critical thinking, they accept such pettifogging and then pass along stories that contain no evolutionary evidence as if they actually had conclusive proof.

People believe in evolution because they want to, not because of evidence. If the question was about evidence, people would unhesitatingly put Darwin out to pasture and become biblical creationists. The real question is of a spiritual nature, because the Creator is unacceptable to such people. Fossils do not support evolution. They are only props for stories Darwinists tell.
Before taking an evolutionist’s word for it that a fossil organism evolved, we should look at the evidence.
To Darwinians, evolution is so intuitive and confirmed, they don’t even need to question it. This means that they have lost their ability to think critically about evidence. Those outside the obligatory Darwin-worshiping cult, however, maintain their ability to separate empirical evidence of fossils from the quasi-religious evolutionary stories told about them.
To finish reading, click on "Do These Fossils Show Evolution?" Keep an eye out for the paleontology story told by psychologists (yes, really) that is reminiscent of the "dinosaurs died of chronic constipation" tale.