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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Some Rebels Dare to Doubt Darwin

Some scientists are raising doubts about evolution, and secularists are getting irritated.

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have been finding it more difficult of late to ride herd on some science-minded folks who want to think for themselves. Sure, they expect renegades from the biblical creation science camp, but they don't cotton to having their own kind wandering off. 

Some evolutionists do become creationists when they lose their shackles by God's grace. That's a mite alarming to the rest of the Darwin ranch.

Don't disunderstand me, it's not like scientists are publishing "Hey, evolution is false!" material. But some are daring to doubt Darwinian dogma, as well as bad climate change science. One study inadvertently agrees with biblical creationists that the majority of species in existence today haven't been around as long as evolutionists want to believe. (When Ken Ham posted on this, a two-bit tinhorn railed as if Ham blatantly misrepresented the facts, and frantically searched for succor. Some Darwinoids seem to think that if they can find the slightest bit of contradiction to information they dislike, it is magically refuted.) If you want to see Ham's post, it has an embedded bit of video where Dr. Georgia Purdom and others discuss this news. It's refreshing when evolutionists are bluntly honest about the lack of evidence for their belief system.

At the other end, loyal disciples of evolution are still claiming that "EvolutionDidIt", but ignoring important information and conveniently neglecting to offer plausible models. Blind cavefish evolved, the faith demands it. Another study has people admitting that evolution has flaws, but still cling to the "half right" part. A new guide to the sacred text, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (which has been revised and abandoned for the most part) is being released. It rehashes discredited "science" from classic Darwinism, blessed be!

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