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Monday, January 21, 2019

Races and Families

Centuries ago, I made a comment at the workplace that was something like, "Adoptive parents are important and should not be disparaged because they are not the natural parents. They care for the kids they adopt". Something like that. The manager was right there and stared at me for a moment. Then he said, "I'm glad to hear you say that because I'm adopted". Wow, I unintentionally said something encouraging! What about people who adopt children of other races?

Many people have the belief that if other look different, they belong to another race. Imagine adopting children of another ethnic background. Biblically, we are all of one race, which is opposite to the "scientific racism" of evolutionism.
Credit: OpenClipArt
In reality, there are no races. At least, not according to our Creator. The word race is often used as a convenience by people who mean ethnicities or people groups. I'll allow that the word racist is more convenient than calling someone an "ethnicitist" or something equally awkward and puzzling. Unfortunately, accusations of racism are being redefined by leftists as an emotive deflection, such as accusing someone who disagrees with a politician's remarks or policies as "racist" when ethnicity has nothing to do with said politician's dreadful beliefs. Such frequent claims of "racist" and "racism" cheapen genuine instances of those things.

When a husband and wife adopt one or more children from a different ethnic background, other people may wonder if they can deal with someone from "another race". After all, those kids look mighty different. But those genetic differences are fewer in number than you might imagine. We are all of the same race, all in the same human family. Notice that there are variations within ethnic groups. Hey, white guy! Hold up your hand against a sheet of printer paper or something. Not so white now, is it. And your black friend...not really black after all. There are variations within the same family bloodlines as well. Evolution has been used to justify "scientific racism", which fails in the light of biblical creation.
When I write or talk on the issue of race, it’s always a deeply personal experience for me. My husband, Chris, and I decided to adopt a child from China 13 years ago. We knew this was God’s will for us, but I was haunted by this question: Could I raise a child of another race? I never would have called myself a racist in those days, but in reality I was. My opinions and beliefs about those who looked different from me did not reflect the biblical truth that we are all one race.
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