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Sunday, February 10, 2019

More on Archaeopteryx and Evolution

With Question Evolution Day almost here again, it is useful to focus on another example of the way proponents of bits-to-bird evolution think. Arguments and alleged transitional forms that have been relegated to the scrapyard of science history are picked up, dusted off, and presented again. One of these is Archaeopteryx.

Although Archaeopteryx has been designated as a true bird, new technology was used to try to prove evolution by assuming evolution. That is neither logical not scientific.

Archie had been touted as a link between dinosaurs and birds, and also as an example of bird evolution. Even evolutionists admit what creationists already said: Archaeopteryx is a true bird. It also has some startling similarities to a living bird, the hoatzin. New research with more advanced technology was used to study one of the few good fossils Archie was good enough to leave us, and evolutionists have decided by fallaciously assuming evolution to prove evolution that there is evidence of bird evolution, which would mean there is no need for the Creator. Oh, please!

Evolutionary scientists have long described Archaeopteryx as a bird. The research team wrote, “The [Daiting] character suite has clear parallels in modern flying birds.” In the big picture, this just means it was a bird. We already knew that. Why would the news again call an extinct bird a “missing link?”
Paleontologist and study coauthor Dr. John Nudds said in a University of Manchester news release, “In a nutshell we have discovered what Archaeopteryx lithographica evolved into – i.e. a more advanced bird, better adapted to flying.”
To read the article in its entirety, click on "Does Archaeopteryx Show Bird Evolution?"

Question Evolution Day is annually on February 12. You can be a part of it.
Question Evolution Day is annually on February 12. You can be a part of it.