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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Montana and Mongolia Share Fossil Similarities

People who pay attention to paleontology often hear about dinosaur fossils being discovered in the Hell Creek Formation down Montana way and the surrounding area. We also hear about many fossils being discovered in China (but scientists need to weed out the fakes), and Inner Mongolia has the Iren Dabasu Formation that yields a passel of dinosaur fossils as well. There are startling similarities in the formations

There are startling similarities in Montana and Mongolia formations where many dinosaur fossils are found. Despite secularist storytelling, these testify of the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Flickr / Kabacchi (CC by 2.0)
Members of the dust-to-dinosaur cabal tell stories to keep their deep time anti-creation worldview going, tending to gloss over or even omit important details. In all of these places, fossils are a mixture of marine and land animals. Uniformitarian geologists will allow that water was involved, but they refuse to admit that such large scale global activity is best explained by the Genesis Flood.
I recently completed an online college course on Cretaceous dinosaurs from China, centering on fossils from the Erlian Formation. These rock layers lie in a big basin near the Mongolian border. Clues from the Erlian reminded me of Cretaceous layers of the western United States. . . .
The Erlian Basin occupies a surface area of 50,000 square miles. Mountains border its vast, landlocked sediments, and other basins surround those mountains. Its name comes from a nearby town that lies 480 miles from the nearest ocean. My course instructor said that a system of ancient rivers deposited the Erlian Formation’s Cretaceous layers. He referred to the formation as an ecosystem. As the course progressed, however, details emerged that contradicted his teachings.
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