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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Climate Change Alarmism vs God

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Climate change alarmism is constantly becoming more strident, and emotions take precedence over reason. Yes, the earth's temperature has changed. Those who doubt the veracity of the hysteria from global warming leftists who blame human activity are called "science deniers". Ironically, we are saying that data that does not support leftist agendas should be included; that is science denial.

Emotional manipulation and bad science are part of the climate change hysteria problem. Worse, it is a denial of the plan and power of our Creator.
Credit: Morguefile / Stuart Whitmore
The global warming fear-mongering is mostly politically motivated to manipulate people through fear and intimidation, but much of the data is fatally flawed.

The predictions invariably fail, so some sidewinders are scaring people with predictions in the future; they'll be taking dirt naps before they fail, so they have no fear of accountability.

Some activist scientists make predictions they could never prove, scaring the public. They must be held accountable.

Scientists are not prognosticators; they are demonstrators. Some of them make claims that cannot be demonstrated, because by the time results are available, they will be long dead. Their fear-mongering statements are making people worry and suffer for no good scientific reason. The following examples regard climate change, but Darwinists have a long record of committing the same fallacy. Bill Nye, for instance, has often claimed that if we don’t teach enough evolution (D.O.P.E.), our country will fall behind in scientific achievement. That’s an impossible thing to prove by cause and effect, but he gets away with it in the media.
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The global warming concept is rooted in atheistic old Earth evolutionary ideas, denying that God is the Creator. While Psalm 14:1 is often used to describe atheists, there are people who believe in god, but deny the Creator and Redeemer God of the Bible in their hearts. To be blunt, they are fools. Despite the pettifoggery of Darwin Party assets, we did not create ourselves, nor are we co-evolved from and with critters. Humans are special and created in God's image (Gen. 1:27). People are being fools when they think that unless we follow leftist agendas (that suppress information and manipulate emotions), we are our own saviors so trash the Bible. Hail Greta, blessed be!

One particular idolatrous fool has uttered ex cathedra that people who deny anthropogenic climate change and present evidence that he dislikes are liars. He has usurped God and has decreed that whoever disagrees with his particular views is not a "genuine Christian" and he is condemning you to Hell! He hates us that much, and refuses to allow that disagreement is not lying. Neither is asking for examination of available evidence. (Sorry, buttercup, but nobody is going to have parades in your honor and send you fruit baskets.) In fact, misciting Revelation 21:8 for this purpose not only reveals his detestable theology, but it also applies to him unless he repents of his idolatry, hatred (1 John 4:20) and blasphemy. When a manipulative liar calls the rest of us liars and condemns us to Hell, that kind of puts a burr under my saddle. Helpful suggestion: Don't be like those people. 

Don't be disunderstanding me now, I'm not saying that we can be irresponsible and trash this here planet our Creator has so generously provided. We are to be stewards. We cannot, however, ignore God's Word. Especially Christians, who would beclown ourselves and we would also be fools for essentially saying that he is not there or his written Word is false. You savvy that, pilgrim?

God’s Word is always our starting point. We need to look to Scripture and line our emotions up with the Word of God. So, should we be filled with fear, a dread of the future, and anxiety? For a Christian who knows God’s Word, the answer to that question should be easy—No! Regardless of real or perceived circumstances, we should never be characterized by fear, dread, or anxiety. Here are four biblical reasons why:
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