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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Horse is a Horse — Unevolved, of Course

The evolution of the horse is touted as one of the best examples of Darwinian evolution. You'll see the story in textbooks, on the Web, television documentaries, and other places. Unfortunately for evolutionists, their claim is more along the lines of false advertising. Genome studies have been hostile to the tale, creationists have dismantled equine evolution — and things just get worse from there.

The evolution of the horse is touted as one of the best examples of Darwinian evolution. Genomic studies, alleged ancestry in India, fossils, and other facts are hostile to the story.
"Study of a Dapple Grey" / Theodore Gericault, 1824
If you've ever spent time around good horses, you know that they're graceful, powerful, and what they're designed to do, they do well. People determined to believe that there's no creator find similarities of creatures in the fossil record and imagine evolutionary lineages — even when different critters are in the same strata. The report of a possible ancestor for horses and their kinds in India and how they migrated (plus ignoring inconvenient facts) kind of makes me wonder if they've been munching on peyote buttons.
Despite the ubiquitous presence of the “horse series” in textbooks, the origin of horses is still debated among evolutionists. Where, how, and in what order non-ruminating hoofed mammals (aka perissodactyla—like the horse, tapir and rhinoceros) evolved “is one of the great conundrums of mammalian evolution,” write the authors of a recent study reporting they found a missing link in the evolutionary story. Accordingly, the Los Angeles Times, like other news services, in November reported “Rhino horse, a ‘missing link,’ could solve 55-million-year-old mystery.” Analogous to the “sudden” appearance of diverse animals in the Cambrian explosion, perissodactyls and some other mammalian groups are mysteries, the evolutionary authors write, because they “appeared abruptly at the beginning of the Eocene across the Holarctic continents [North America, northern Eurasia, and North Africa], with little indication of their source.” The new Indian fossil, Cambaytherium, has traits similar to those in several other hoofed mammals. From the study, it is clear that the authors’ determination to view Cambaytherium as a transitional form shedding light on the horse series springs from their imaginative evolutionary worldview. Like other extinct mammals that “suddenly” appear in the fossil record, Cambaytherium is no mystery but a descendant of the kind of animals God—the Common Designer of all—created about 6,000 years ago, without evolution.
To follow the trail to the rest of the article, click on "Horse Ancestor Said to Have Evolved in India".

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Light Receptors — Extraordinary Eye Engineering

What do you spy with your little eye? At the moment, a monitor of some sort with words and graphics on it. I spy the monitor with a compose screen and several open tabs on the browser, e-book reader, my Colt revolver, papers to file, a lamp, the window, a weird neighbor outside on the tree-lined sidewalk, and plenty more. We see many things throughout the day and take the entire process for granted. Our Creator has done a masterpiece of engineering so that we can convert photons of light into images that we can process in our minds. Was this a product of microbes-to-mule-skinner evolution? Not hardly!

We see many things throughout the day and take the entire process for granted. Our Creator has done a masterpiece of engineering so that we can convert photons of light into images that we can process in our minds.
Image from US National Institutes of Health
And don't let those uninformed anti-creationists tell you that the human eye is poorly designed, either. That nonsense has been debunked.

We have millions of photoreceptors in each eye to detect photons. A photon is exceptionally tiny, but if one photoreceptor misses it, there are plenty more to pick up on it. Lots of photons coming in, and our mind makes sense of it all.
Suppose you are an electronic engineer tasked with devising a mechanism that can translate ordinary variations of light into useful information. But here is the tricky part: It has to work inside a living person. Your engineering instincts instantly recognize the mechanism will require multiple parts—primarily a light detector and a data-processing center—working together for a single purpose.

You recall people have been sending messages to each other for centuries simply by flashing a light in a coded sequence. The people who send and receive these flashing messages must know “the code” in advance. However, light is simply a condition of nature—it is either present or it is not. It does not convey information or send instructions to organisms in and of itself. Processing data into useful information happens within the neurological center of an organism. Fortunately, the required data-processing element of the mechanism is already built into the person’s brain, saving you decades of work. All you have to do is devise a sensor to detect light and send that data to the brain. So, how would you begin your task?
You can clearly see the rest by clicking on "Made in His Image: Living Light Detectors Declare Design".

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Carnivorous Lorikeets?

People are used to seeing carnivorous birds, but it's a bit startling to actually see Australian rainbow lorikeets add meat to their normally vegetarian diets. This is less surprising from a biblical perspective, beginning in Genesis. I can just imagine a movie about Australian cowboys trapped in a town fighting flocks of evil rainbow lorikeets that want to eat them. "G'day, pilgrim — oi! That hurts!" If Syfy makes the movie, I want a cut of the profits for the idea.

People are used to seeing carnivorous birds, but it's a bit startling to actually see Australian rainbow lorikeets add meat to their normally vegetarian diets. This is less surprising from a biblical perspective, beginning in Genesis.
Pixabay / Rainbow Lorikeet / sandid
Science fiction aside, this bad boy parrot relative developed a taste for meat, even to the point of fighting other birds for it. Biblically, everything was originally vegetarian until the Fall of man.
“Meat-eating rainbow lorikeets puzzle bird experts” proclaimed the recent news headline. Rainbow lorikeets are a beautiful Australian parrot species (Trichoglossus haematodus), which have been known as solely feeding on fruit, seeds, nectar, and pollen. Their numbers in the wild have surged in recent years, much to the consternation of fruit growers (as rainbow lorikeets “can decimate an orchard in three days”), but much to the delight of backyard bird watchers in south-east Queensland, who have taken to leaving food out for them and other bird species, so as to be able to admire them feeding up close.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just SETI Right Down And You'll Hear a Tale

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence continues. The entire thing is based on presuppositions being true: abiogenesis (the spontaneous generation of life from non-life), scum-to-school-custodian evolution, the universe being billions of years old, intelligent life out there is very old and would visit Earth, and more. They are playing the odds that there are so many stars and galaxies, that something must have evolved and become highly intelligent. But they are playing odds that would discourage a drunken cowboy at a poker table, since further studies show that a planet's "habitable zone" is very limited, radiation bursts would eliminate life, and other problems.

SETI enthusiasts are not getting much hope from recent astronomical activities. A recent scan of distant galaxies for signs of intelligent life gives less-than-stellar results.
Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414 / Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI/NASA)
Does the Bible say anything about life elsewhere in the universe. Nope. Some people think it's theologically possible (the author of the article linked below doesn't rule it out). Personally, I reckon that a strong case can be made that Scripture gives strong indications to the negative, but it's not a hill that I'd die defending.

A recent study using a space-based telescope gave less-than-stellar (heh!) results. Which brings Psalm 8:4-6 into sharper focus.
An orbiting infrared telescope found no clear signs of life in 100,000 galaxies.

If the universe is billions of years old, evolutionists believe, then sentient life should have arisen many times as they believe it did on Earth. Since many of them should have evolved for millions or even billions of years longer than humans have, their technology should have made them capable of colonizing their entire galaxy, giving off tell-tale signs of their presence.

There’s a lot of could’s and would’s in that line of thinking, but NASA decided to run a first-order investigation. Using data from the orbiting WISE telescope (which was not launched for that purpose), astronomers at Penn State ran a check for elevated mid-infrared wavelengths at 100,000 galaxies. Why infrared?
You can find out the answer to that question by reading the rest of the article at "100,000 Galaxies Without a Sign of Life".

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So Ya Wanna Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day and other environmental interests are good ideas on the surface. Dig deeper, and many take on a darker hue, based on incoherent evolutionary thinking. Creationists have solid biblical motivations for taking care of our planet.Earth Day and other environmental interests are good ideas on the surface. Plant a tree, learn about caring for the environment, "give back to the earth", those things sound good. Dig deeper, and many take on a darker hue, based on incoherent evolutionary thinking. Creationists have solid biblical motivations for taking care of our planet.

Advocates of goo-to-geophysicist evolution are sending mixed smoke signals. On one hand, all living things evolved from a common ancestor, so we're brothers and sisters in biology, so animals are getting "non-human person" rights. Some owlhoots are so unhinged, they want humans mostly eliminated. But it's survival of the fittest, isn't it? Humans are the most fit, and if some critters don't have sense enough to evolve and become more fit, I reckon that's just too bad.

Did you know that Earth Day is also Lenin's birthday? Earth Day was not exactly established to raise environmental consciousness, but for political concerns, including irrational appeals to bad science for promoting anthropomorphic global warming — cooling — both — climate change. Also, paganism ("give back to the earth" smacks of it). See more about those at "Happy Birthday, Comrade Lenin".

Biblical Christians have always had good, solid, rational reasons to care for the earth. But such thinking is anathema to materialistic evolutionists.
When God created the first humans, He gave them charge over the Garden of Eden to care for the animals and plants that were there (Genesis 2:15). It was a perfect world with no sin or death, but God still put Adam there to tend what He had made. This is highly instructive to all Christians. After all, if God placed Adam there to care for a perfect world prior to the Fall, how much more should we care for this fallen one?

And that’s something that we should recognize: Christians have the best foundation to justify caring for this planet—a direct mandate from the One who made it. Evolutionary naturalists do not understand the past or the future the way God intended and can offer only arbitrary reasons for being environmentally responsible—reasons which are self-contradicting, in fact.

To truly celebrate Earth Day in a way that glorifies the One who made it, let’s take a look at two of the popular reasons that the world tells us we need to “go green,” and then we’ll look at why the Bible gives us a better foundation for being good stewards.
To finish reading, click on "Go (Truly) Green—by Starting with Genesis — Earth Day and the foundations of environmental stewardship".

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Evolutionary "Stasis" is Unscientific

Evolution is presented as an irresistible force. Except when it's not. "Stasis" is a meaningless excuse for lack of change, and is even presented as evidence of evolution! Not hardly.

Darwinists want it both ways. Fossils are found that show no real change over alleged millions of years, and even with their living counterparts today. On one hand, microbes-to-man evolution is an irresistible force. But on the other hand, if there is no evidence for evolution, it's because something didn't have to evolve. That's pretty convenient, and makes evolution unfalsifiable. Sounds like they can take any stagecoach and say that wherever it goes, they wanted to go there. Not hardly!

But it gets worse. Those owlhoots are actually making the word "evolution" into a meaningless term by claiming that absence of evolution is actually evidence for evolution. This philosophical nonsense and asserting speculation as fact is downright disingenuous. Lack of change is exactly what biblical creationists tell you to expect; the creationists' predictions are confirmed, evolutionists make excuses.
Scientists recently discovered a community of fossilized sulfur-metabolizing bacteria that are alleged to be 1.8 billion years old. Surprisingly, the microbes are virtually identical to their modern counterparts, yet the study authors claim that the microbes are proof of evolution.

In recent decades, the discovery and documentation of microbial Precambrian fossils have markedly changed long-held ideas about the fossil record and its age. In fact, secular scientists now believe they can document life’s history as far back as 3.5 billion years—roughly three quarters of the supposed age of the earth.
To find out what all the hoopla's all about and to finish the article, click on "No Evolution Is Proof of Evolution?" In addition, you can check out Ian Juby's "Genesis Week" video, here.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Bad-Mouth Brigade

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Something that leftists, militant atheists, and anti-creationists have in common (although many atheists are leftists and anti-creationists) is that they stir up negative emotions about their opponents' positions. This is easy for them to do, since too many people "think" with their emotions instead of using critical thinking. How many times do you hear about someone being tried, convicted, and sentenced in the court of public opinion, even though the facts are in the real courtroom? Putting words in someone's mouth or misrepresenting what someone stands for is a logical fallacy called the straw man. Note the warning below:
Militant atheists, anti-creationists, political leftists show skill in using emotional manipulation to silence the opposition. Several examples of keyboard-head-bangingly-bad "logic" are given.
Image by Why?Outreach, referring to a "condition" mentioned on Fighting for the Faith 
By my cogitations, the reason these people tell emotionally-laden untruths is ultimately to silence people they disagree with. Instead of discussion, they seek elimination. Since many appear to be unable to reason properly (but are sneaky sidewinders when it comes to deception), they use ridicule, straw man arguments, appeals to emotion and other things because thinking is hard, and it's recreational for them to silence or negate their opponents.

I've been on the receiving end of numerous attacks. That's what happens to Conservatives, Christians, and especially biblical creationists who have the courage to stand up for our convictions. Some anti-creationists call us "liars" because we show scientific and scriptural evidence against evolutionism. I reckon that they don't know what the word "liar" means, since they are unable to actually show where we are lying — which makes them the liars!

Again, remember the warning above. There are numerous anti-creationist and anti-Conservative sites, Pages on Facebook, groups, forums and so on that simply want to attack people. There are several that are set up to ridicule me, personally, but do not have intelligent content. (Indeed, one response about the ethics post linked above was, " Lol, talk about stupid". Simple, and simplistic, with no discussion of the actual content. Pages, forums and such set up for ridicule do not have clientele who make intelligent comments.) Here is an old screenshot on one of those Pages that is mostly dead, which was poorly ridiculing a post on The Question Evolution Project:

The logic fail is strong in this one. Appeal to motive, ad hominem, straw man, poisoning the well, selective citing and more. He did not post the link to the article, but only the screenshot. Also, he is railing about the "enemy of evolution" remark about Linnaeus. If he had posted the link, people would have seen that it was referenced in a research paper, and none of that content was mine. Also, he displays his ignorance about his religion, as evolutionism is much older than Charles Darwin!

Although there are atheists and evolutionists who do not support the childish antics of their brethren, they are not speaking up to oppose such behavior.

For the rest of this article, keep in mind the warning given above.

I had a frustrating day at work. We listen to music, podcasts, audio books and so on. On Saturday, April 4, I was doing overtime and listening to the podcast of the Chris Plante Show from Friday, April 3 (link to audio player here). The guest host was Dan Bongino, who did a great job. I thought I could safely listen, but no, this added fuel to my fire (hence my frustrating day). The topic of the day was Indiana's religious freedom law.

This "new" law is not new at all, and has been in existence since Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Since it was under the spotlight in Indiana, it was attacked by "tolerant" leftists. Funny how celebrities on the left will misrepresent things and appeal to emotions in order to get support from the unthinking masses. The common untruth is that this law allows business owners to discriminate against homosexuals, but they do not even cite the bill. Eugene Robinson did not write anything truthful, either, but showed anti-Christian bigotry insteadMiley Cyrus showed her hatred and lack of intellectual prowess, and George Takei said many things, but had disdain for the truth as well. "Memories Pizza" refused to cater a homosexual wedding because of their Christian convictions, received threats, and had to close down. It's interesting how the Gaystapo terrorists (who motivated the timorous Indiana governor to "fix" the religious freedom bill), leftists, and especially celebrity leftists, appeal to emotion and show that they are amazingly intolerant, and the exceptions are very few. They play on the word "love", and claim that Christians are motivated by hate. And yet, why don't we get the outcry when Mohammedan bakers refuse to bake homosexual wedding cakes? Here is a podcast on Stand Up for the Truth regarding hypocrisy on these issues

In the creationist hate example and in this religious freedom law extremism, we see some things on common. People who demand tolerance from us (such as, essentially, "Let me turn your site into an anti-creationist litter box, it's my godless-given right", or, "I demand that you tolerate my intolerance of your Constitutional rights to religious liberty) do not actually use reason. Instead, they want the opposition silenced through legislation, ridicule, negating through straw man arguments, poisoning the well, and so on. People like this unite in their hatred.

Fortunately, there are some people in the world who will not fall for such manipulative tactics. We will continue proclaiming the truth, whether they like it or not — while we still have freedom of speech, that is.