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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Biomimetics and False Evolution Claims

We have seen many times where something is called "evolution" that is nothing of the kind. Mayhaps some people reckon that they have to do this to make science more sciency, but it is a mite frustrating when seeing good science contaminated with Darwinism. This happened again involving enzymes, catalysts, and biomimetics.

Researchers used the contradictory claim of directed evolution for research in catalysts and enzymes for industrial biomimetics applications.
Credit: US National Library of Medicine
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Biomimetics (or biomimicry) is using what is found in nature for human applications. Catalysts cause a reaction to occur and make it happen very quickly, often at a surprising rate. They are necessary in industrial applications, but are very expensive and difficult because they rely on precious metals. If they used more common earth-abundant metals, costs would be much lower. How about researching catalysts in enzymes?

Researchers had good science, but called it by the self-contradictory term "directed evolution". No, they used intelligence and selected the materials necessary, mutating specific genes, and more. They drew from the Master Engineer's design and lit prayer candles to Papa Darwin. There was no evolution, only modifying what God had already provided.
Enzymes are a vital class of proteins that are catalysts. That is, they speed up chemical reactions without being consumed in the process. Without enzymes, many reactions essential for life would be far too slow for life to exist.
For example, a reaction “absolutely essential” in creating the building blocks of DNA and RNA would take 78 million years in water. But an enzyme (orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase) makes this reaction go 1018 times faster, so it takes less than 3 milliseconds in the cell. . . . 
There are also many essential enzymes for DNA repair, without which DNA would disintegrate rapidly. And the DNA would be useless unless its information could be decoded. . . .
This requires exquisite fine tuning of the amino acids so that the enzymes have the required shape. Indeed, the fine-tuning is at the atomic level, so the right atoms of the enzymes interact with the right atoms of the substrate..
To read the full article and see how this related to science, industry, creation, and false claims of evolution, click on "Copying enzyme design to make industrial catalysts — What does ‘directed evolution’ really mean?"

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Creationists, Xiphactinus, and the Genesis Flood

A fossil dig involving a huge Xiphactinus was getting exciting, and scientists from the Institute for Creation Research saddled up and headed to Kansas to help. Assorted critters of other types were found as well. The evidence helped affirm the reality of the Genesis Flood.

Scientists from ICR were involved in a fossil dig, and many things that were found supported creation science models of the Genesis Flood.
Xiphactinus CGI image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Julian Johnson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
One of the most basic evidences of the Genesis Flood is the disparity of fossils. Believers in universal common descent evolution insist that fossils have an orderly progression from simple to complex life forms, but what paleontologists find is creatures from different habitats fossilized together. Evolutionary and deep-time thinking cannot provide reasonable explanations for this fact. Such was the case at this fossil dig as well. Other items found also support the Flood.
A fossil dig team was just finishing its last day of excavating a two-meter-long extinct fish on a private ranch in Kansas. As dusk began to settle on the prairie’s badlands, two team members traced some vertebrae embedded in the hillside. They quickly scraped off sediment to uncover something even bigger. They just had to come back and excavate this fantastic find!
ICR took the opportunity to assist them with this dig in June 2020. Rock and fossil features that fit the Flood model of Earth’s history became clear through this one-of-a-kind experience. The excavation took place in an outcrop of the Smoky Hill Chalk member of the Niobrara Formation, whose rock layers are famous for fossils of fish, giant clams, and flying reptiles. Each rainy season or even a rainstorm can erode sediments to expose new fossils.
You can delve into the rest of this article at "A Xiphactinus Dig: Excavating Clues to Noah's Flood". Yippie ky yay, secularists!

Sunday, September 06, 2020

New Brain Research Reveals Design

We have two related articles to consider today. Just thought I would give you a heads up. Scientific research and advances in knowledge are continually showing that belief in minerals-to-microsurgeon evolution is fatuous, but secularists are rarely willing to credit the Master Engineer.

Two articles linked provide further information that the human brain was designed not evolved.
Credit: Pixabay / Pete Linforth
What naturalists need to understand is that our Creator put things in their places do perform duties, but at least they are learning that the mind is not the brain. They are learning that the brain is not quite as sectioned off as previously believed. The cerebellum has been underrated when compared to the larger cerebral cortex, but that is beginning to change. A section of the brain related to sensory input (overloads contribute to autism and other disorders), and this is being mapped. As we know, white blood cells are important, but information is being obtained indicating that they are also important to the development of the brain in a young 'un. Read about these and other things at "Think About the Brain". Don't forget to come back for the next article!

The cerebellum was mentioned before. Although size doesn't matter, the thing is actually quite large when unfolded. Those folds are quite detailed, and those of a monkey's cerebellum are nowhere near as intricate. The human cerebellum is designed to help people think logically and other higher functions. Darwinists try, but cannot come up with anything believable to support their louche "It evolved" mantra. Cowboy up, secularists! We were created by an awesome God.
Brain researchers from San Diego State University have just reported digitally capturing the dense folds of a preserved human cerebellum using a high resolution MRI device. Once thought to merely coordinate rote body movements, these brain folds contain newly revealed design features that challenge conventional concepts of where the human brain came from.
The cerebellum, which literally in Latin means “tiny brain,” lies nearer the center of our heads, beneath the larger cerebral cortex. Sheets of nervous tissue fold hundreds of times within a cerebellum, but how big are those sheets? The SDSU team has designed software to digitally unfold the MRI-scanned tissue layers.
To read the rest, click on "Human Brain Research Finds New Folds".

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Evolutionists Misunderstanding Gregor Mendel

A week or so back I was in town playing cards. Rusty Swingset (the foreman at the Darwin Ranch) joined us, and we commenced to discussing Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him). Rusty maintained the Darwin party line that Mendel was an evolutionist. When I showed evidence that he was a creationist, Rusty threw his cards on the table and stormed out.

Gregor Mendel began the science of genetics. Darwinists tamper with the facts to make him one of their own, but Mendel was a creationist.
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Mendel got the bit in his teeth and made groundbreaking work when he initiated the field of genetics. He not only worked with peas, but also beans and some other critters. Unfortunately, much of his work was lost when his papers were burned after his death. The good news is that important work had been published and some of his letters survived.

Evolutionists try to make Mendel one of their own. Some of this is done through rewriting history. They also misrepresent what creationists actually believe and teach, and some of this is through ignorance because they accept what they have been told about biblical creationists instead of doing firsthand research.

It doesn't help matters that some of his work was a mite ambiguous regarding speciation (evolutionists claim he believed in the fixity of species), but he and his work were unfriendly to Darwin. As the science of genetics has progressed, it is an increasingly hostile witness to evolution.
Gregor Mendel is perhaps one of the most well-known scientists in history. He has been lionized as the “Father of genetics” and a man so far ahead of his time that, though his work was lost for well over thirty years, it was rediscovered and became the foundation of modern genetics. He is also one of the few scientists whose views on biblical creation are fought over vigorously in secular journals. While the secularists argue fiercely over Mendel’s position on evolution, one thing is abundantly clear from reading his work: Mendel was no Darwinian.
To read the rest, click on "Gregor Mendel: No Darwinian". If you've a mind to, you can read a biography at Creation-Evolution Headlines that provides additional information, and also has some of the science behind his work.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Genetics and Super-Archaic Humans

There was a time when Darwinist thought that Neanderthals were links between apes and humans, but scientists inadvertently proved that the Bible was right about our ancestry all along. Recent research threatens to further devastate evolutionary timelines.

Neanderthals and Denisovans are admitted to be fully human. Now evolutionists are speculating about so-called super-archaic humans. The results are surprising.
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Genetics (may peas be upon Gregor Mendel) demonstrates that Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans were the same species. Other alleged evolving human ancestors have been givenb the moniker of super-archaic humans. Sounds like a failed hero program. Cue dramatic music, narrator speaks: "Faster than a speeding pteranodon, able to leap volcanoes, it's Super-Archaic Man!" But instead of coming out and saying our putative ancestors didn't fit the narrative, a new bit of wordplay was introduced.

This new research involves comparing people from disparate groups and areas with DNA from Neanderthals and Denisovans (DNA that should not exist because of its alleged age), and tried to fill in some gaps. It is speculative, but not outlandishly so. If substantiated, a wagon-load of crying towels will have to be delivered to the Darwin Ranch because the data are pointing to the true common ancestors of humanity.
A recent paper in the journal Science suggests that the ancestors of modern humans, Neandertals, and Denisovans interbred with so-called ‘super-archaic’ humans on at least two separate occasions. Such super-ancient humans could possibly include Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis, or even some other group, according to some of the scientists examining the genetic material of modern humans.
If we reinterpret the data in this paper, we find that Neandertals, Denisovans, and now some unnamed super-archaic groups (possibly H. erectus) are not separate evolutionary lineages, but rather they are the same species. How can we do this? What did these researchers find?
Get the creation-affirming conclusion by clicking on "Evidence that modern humans and ‘super-archaic’ humans may have shared DNA".

Sunday, August 16, 2020

New Discoveries of Engineering in Plants

We have a trio of short articles to consider regarding evidence of design in plants from an engineering standpoint. As is so often the case, the more we study how things in nature operate, the more we can see the intricate work and wisdom of our Creator.

Three short but fascinating articles are linked showing science refuting evolution and affirming the genius of the Master Engineer.
Credit: StockSnap / Jeswin
It was only a matter of time that the circadian clocks of plants was researched. (See what I did there?) These clocks or rhythms are important to many living things for various reasons. It has been discovered that a messenger molecule sends information top to bottom, shoots to roots. The system is intricate and undoubtedly will receive further study.
Circadian clocks are internal systems in both plants and animals that sync the organism’s internal processes to the 24-hour day-night solar cycle. Only five years ago, scientists made the startling discovery that the circadian clocks in the above ground part of a plant, called the shoot, functions similarly to clocks in mammal brains. Because different clocks exist in different parts of an animal’s body, it is important that they all be properly synchronized. In mammals, this coordination is accomplished through complex neuronal and endocrine (hormonal) pathways. But how plants accomplished this feat remained a mystery.
Although it's asking a lot, you can read all six paragraphs of the article by clicking on "Clock Synchronization in Plants Shows Divine Engineering". Don't leaf entirely yet, we have a couple more quick ones.

Remember that expensive word we learned in school, and somehow many of us remember that it involves plants getting energy from sunlight? Photosynthesis. It's a complicated process, and yet another that is not fully understood. Sunlight is cluttered with all sorts of wavelengths. We can see some colors through a prism or diffraction grating, but the spectrum is actually mighty hugely big. Plant's can't use everything that is coming down to them, so they have to select what they need. How? Using engineering principles involving cell phones and power grids, researchers have gained some knowledge.
One of the primary engineering design challenges for such a system is that light occurs in a broad spectrum of wavelengths and must interact with rapidly fluctuating molecular structures in the plant cell along with highly intricate energy transfer pathways. This produces a delicate interplay of physics-based quantum effects with many complex design hurdles. In other words, sunlight would be considered an exceptionally noisy energy input that must be accurately and precisely filtered or system failure would be inevitable.
To read the entire article, head on over to "Design Principles Confer Optimal Light Harvesting in Plants". We have one left to consider.

Walking in a wooded wonderland, stepping on a communication network for the plant kingdom, wondering if trees and other things are talking about you. Well, not the last part. But tree mail in the wood-wide web is being studied and becomes more fascinating as more research is conducted. Plants send messages to each other — and not just their own kind — with electrical signals using soil fungi, of all things. This is another area of research that reveals the genius of the Master Engineer. To believe in evolution, I reckon someone has to be committed to it despite evidence to the contrary.
In this new study, the research involved a joint effort between electrical engineers and plant biochemists. The researchers used physical experiments and mathematical modeling to study the transmission of electrical signals between tomato plants. Much of the success of the study owed itself to one of the scientists who had a specialty in control engineering where specific mathematical algorithms are used in human designed systems such as aerospace vehicle control.
You can harvest this entire fascinating article at "Electrical Signaling Among Plants Via Soil Fungal Network".

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Further Evidence of Academic Anti-Creationist Discrimination

While atheists and other anti-creationists are sipping their Darwin cappuccinos in faculty lounges and other places, denying that discrimination and persecution against biblical creationists exist, the problems are escalating. For people who claim to be driven by evidence, it is appalling that they reject it.

Despite the denials of atheists and evolutionists, persecution of creationists and Christians exists in science and academic circles.
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There are numerous documented cases about this intentional and unintentional discrimination, but the guilty parties tend to stay in their safe places and are unaware of such publications. Like creative and performing arts attract outspoken leftists, atheists and Darwinists infest academic settings. Indeed, there is a disproportionate number of atheists in biological fields and academic settings than exist in the general population.

As others and I have maintained for quite a spell, it is not a matter of evidence and material that is intellectually satisfying. Instead, it is a spiritual matter. Atheists and other evolutionists are determined to proclaim Darwin (blessed be!), and resort to increasing their viperine propaganda methods.

If you saddle up and ride to higher ground for a better view, you might be able to see that keeping out Christians and creationists because evolution is intellectually incestuous. Science does not grow when presuppositions are unchallenged.

Take a look at how the intellectually dishonest National Center for Science Education was formed, and how Eugenie Scott has been on an atheistic jihad to make sure evolution is promoted at all costs. Some of these sidewinders believe it's okay to lie to students so they will accept evolution! A recent paper in PLoS ONE discussed this discrimination — and could have contained much more detail if they had used Dr. Jerry Bergman's volumes of documented evidence.
One recent study incorrectly claimed that “no researchers have attempted to experimentally document the existence of bias against Christians in science.” In fact, I have spent most of my academic career documenting this problem, but my work, although well-known among conservative Christians, intelligent design proponents, and creationist supporters, is ghettoized; thus, outside this circle, it is close to unknown. The scores of articles and several books documenting the problem that I have published include the following:
. . . 
The religious contrast between scientists and the public is enormous. Specifically, only 33 percent of scientists claim that they believe in God, while, in contrast, fully 95 percent of Americans believe in God or some similar higher power. Polls of scientists reveals 41 percent of scientists are thoroughgoing atheists: they do not believe in God or any higher power. In contrast, polls of the public reveal only four percent of Americans accept the atheistic worldview. These numbers vary, depending on how the question is worded and the mood of the nation, but the contrast between scientists and the general public has held for over a century. The problem has now been documented by academics teaching at a major university, concluding that “Christians are one of the most underrepresented groups in science, and one potential explanation is that scientists have a bias against Christian students, which could discourage and actively prevent Christian students from becoming scientists.”
To read this article in its entirety, click on "New Evidence for Discrimination Against Christians in Academia".