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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Earth's New, Temporary Moon

Yes, we have another moon of sorts. It almost seems like fun to tell you to go outside and look for it, but that would be a waste of time because the thing is very small. This explains why it was discovered after it had been setting up camp out yonder for a spell, but it should be leaving us very soon.

Once in a while, an asteroid is captured by the gravity of the earth. We have a moon for a while, but it will be gone very soon.
This is the moon we are used to
Image credit: NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
This is not uncommon. Occasional asteroids and such are passing through doing asteroid stuff, then they get hung up on the earth's gravitational field. After a few orbits, they are propelled into space to seek amusement elsewhere. It is interesting that the untenable "capture theory" (our moon was a traveler that was caught by the earth's gravity) is somewhat exhibited with this current extra moon and other rocks in the past. That is, it comes along, orbits a while, and is gone. The "capture theory" doesn't work for the moons of Mars, and it certainly doesn't work for our moon. That's because naturalism fails to explain what is observed. Our entire universe was created recently.

Gravity is interesting but also tricky. When scientists are calculating orbits and gravity, things become even more difficult. It has been determined that the object with the thrillingly romantic name of 2020 CD3 will make a couple of return passes. Using present data, it was determined that the little thing has already been in orbit for about three years.
In late February [2020], there were press accounts of a new “mini-moon” orbiting earth. Discovered in mid-February, this object received the designation 2020 CD3 (if you are curious as to what this name means, please see this article). Many people are fascinated with 2020 CD3 and naturally have questions about it. For instance, you may wonder if we can go outside and see 2020 CD3 like we can see the moon. The answer to that question is simple: No. 2020 CD3 is so faint that it taxes the abilities of the largest telescopes in the world to photograph it. The reason that 2020 CD3 is so faint is that it is very small, about the size of a small car (compare that to the moon, which is 2,000 miles across).
To finish reading, click on "The 'Mini-Moon' 2020 CD3".

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Unnaturally Selective Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are very important, but are not being taught when it comes to evolution. They are being indoctrinated, not educated.
by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Something that I have stated many times is that students are not being taught critical thinking, and it appears that it has not been happening for quite a spell. Note that critical thinking does not mean casual negativity, as in, "Where did she get that sweater? And those shoes!" No, this is about logical thinking and examining evidence. Many times, I have encountered allegedly educated people that cannot connect two logical thoughts. They really get on the prod when they are consumed with hate for a subject or for people.

The author of the article featured below is more generous than I am about the teaching of critical thinking. However, he qualifies it in that people are not taught to examine the facts regarding scum-to-storyteller evolution or to ask pertinent questions when a scientist, professor, researcher, or some such is spinning a yarn praising Darwinism. Naturalists and secularists are intent on telling people what to think (which is indoctrination), but biblical creatists try to teach people how to think.

Christians are supposed to presuppose that God's Word is true and accurate on every subject that is discussed. Atheists and naturalists presuppose that there is no God, no creation, no purpose in life, and that the Bible is worthless. Interestingly, they are standing on the biblical worldview when they talk about right and wrong, logic, mathematics, and more — inadvertently admitting that their worldview does not work. These are immaterial things, but they are nonetheless real and necessary for life. Indeed, without God, logic is impossible.

The article below uses a phrase I used to like but now it makes me cringe: follow where the evidence leads. Aside from the reification fallacy (evidence cannot "lead" anywhere), we cannot simply present evidence for God's existence and for recent special creation and expect unbelievers to fall on their knees in repentance. 

Sure, some folks have been convinced and become Christians when they were given necessary evidence, but salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit. We have to be faithful in our part and leave the rest to him. You see, it's a spiritual issue, not simply about evidence. We have plenty of that, but people are in rebellion against God. Antony Flew was a famous atheist and the evidence caused him to believe that God exists. However, it seems that it was presented without the gospel message, and there is no reason to believe he was any less lost when he died than when he was a professing atheist.

A bit of a wordy introduction, I know. I agree with most of the article linked below, and believe it would be worth your time to give it some serious consideration.
Educators believe in teaching critical thinking skills except for subjects they don’t want to critique.
At The Conversation, Peter Ellerton believes children are capable of learning how to think critically. This lecturer in critical thinking at the University of Queensland titles his article, “Thinking about thinking helps kids learn. How can we teach critical thinking?” Critical thinking is not just having a high IQ or being smart, he says. It involves thinking about thinking: developing skills to discern between good and bad reasons for believing things.
I'd be much obliged if you would finish reading it by clicking on "Not All Critical Thinking Is Equal".

Sunday, March 15, 2020

COVID-19: Darwin Approved

There is hysteria from people politicizing and profiting from it, but COVID-19 should be, if they were consistent in their beliefs, a cause of celebration for Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article was inspired by comments made by Dr. James R. White on The Dividing Line regarding the current hysteria regarding the Coronavirus 2019 disease.

Before we go any further, here is an article that should help calm some fears. See "More Thoughts on the New Coronavirus".

People are politicizing the virus, hypocritically complaining that calling it the Wuhan Virus is "racist" despite the fact that diseases are often named because of where they originated or obtained notoriety (I see the humor in the name "Kung Flu"), ChiCom propagandists are attempting to blame the United States, the weak response of Caliph Obama to the H1N1 virus is downplayed, and more.

Watch and read fake news sources who have panel discussions with politicians, celebrities, economists, and scientists with leftist political meanings, and the hysteria is fueled. The fact that people who have little or no knowledge of how science works, especially medical science are making uninformed chin music, and the panic is worse than the disease itself. Indeed, people are acting like we are living in The Stand or I Am Legend.

I work for a company that has little or no respect for the people it depends on. Ironically, people are talking about the virus, but we are unable to keep "social distance" in this cube farm, and the maharajas in power suddenly mandate overtime. They ignore how employees have other jobs, families, medical conditions, responsibilities, lives to lead, and so on. (I don't have time or space to discuss how they are not using proper logic in solving problems. Maybe in another article.) The manager has compassion and makes some exceptions, but the company as a whole practices Darwinistic laissez-faire capitalism (1 Tim. 6:10, James 5:4-5). No concern that we could be spreading the virus to each other.

Proponents of microbes-to-microbiologist evolution have disingenuously attempted to claim that COVID-19 is evidence for their belief system, but that is nowhere near the truth. Evolutionists, look at who is affected. Why not celebrate? This is a logical conclusion to your worldview. No need for tests, medical care, or even compassion. According to atheism and evolutionism, our reason to exist is to simply pass along our genes. Actually, the hopelessness presented in their worldview is obscene. True purpose in life is found in our Creator.

Don't be disunderstanding me now. Let's not go off the deep end in the other direction.

I am in favor of reasonable precautions, whether in response to COVID-19 or even the "regular" flu (which kills thousand of people every year). However, I reject politicization, taking opportunities for personal gain, and especially hysteria. People who live in fear of the virus or global climate change that is spread by environmental cultists have this in common: their fears are ultimately based on their rejection of the power and plans of God.

Again, why should evolutionists and atheists care about deaths from the Coronavirus? If you were consistent, you should be happy. You're offended at what I said? Bless your hearts. By objecting to this, you're showing that you cannot be consistent. In fact, you are silently admitting that your beliefs do not work, and you are standing on the biblical worldview — beginning at Genesis 1:1.

The following video is something I excerpted and edited together. The original can be found here. If you'll excuse me, I realized I haven't seen I Am Legend yet.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Failed Sales Pitches for Evolution

Not only are we bombarded with claims that this, that, and the other thing evolved, Darwin's handmaidens are working feverishly to give us sales pitches about the necessity of evolution. After all, they have to protect their phoney-baloney jobs, harrumph harrumph! But is evolution really useful?

Since evolutionists are committed to naturalism, they are intent on convincing Darwin doubters that evolution is useful. Not all evolutionists agree.
Mostly made at PhotoFunia
Evolutionists like Dobzhansky's saying, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution", and take it as a proven fact. Except that it's false like other evolutionary propaganda. Evolution is, at best, unhelpful in medical science, and "junk" DNA beliefs have hindered medical science.  Since evolution is driven by materialism, not facts or logic, it is important to some sidewinders to keep the deception going.

It is interesting that the author of Why Evolution is True decided to speak out against a book of sales efforts for Darwin. However, there seem to be a couple of places where he affirms evolution by mislabeling it. (Yes, evolutionary scientists are often confused by their own beliefs.) If you study on it a mite, you may wonder why if evolution were true, they would simply let us remain ignorant and go on about their business and we go our way. It's because they are rebelling against the Creator, and they are suppressing the truth.

Although the following article is from 2008, the principles contained therein are still relevant. Here's an exercise for you: watch for the same kind of chicanery from global climate change cultists.
We have dealt with the claim that evolution produces practical benefits numerous times before on this site. However, some evolutionists have recently joined in, berating other evolutionists for producing examples of ‘Darwin-selling’ to the masses that don’t belong to Darwin. In a recent book review in Nature,4 a book was lambasted for promoting what the book’s author saw as the many commercial benefits evolution has provided us with. Jerry Coyne, the author of the review, soberly destroys many of the examples of ‘Darwin for sale’ used by the book The Evolving World: Evolution in Everyday Life by David Mindell.
You can finish reading by clicking on "No Sale for Darwin".

Great photographers pair a select lens to a sophisticated camera and then adjust shutter speed and aperture size to capture the perfect photo. Our eyes perform similar tasks but are precisely engineered better than any camera—and their components are vastly more sophisticated. Could the seeing eye have been made by time and chance?

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Feathered Dancing Dragon Folly

As discussed in "Naturalism and Question Evolution Day", philosophical naturalism is the driving motive behind evolutionary concepts and the age of the earth for secularists. This helps explain how paleontologists frequently see things that are not actually there and neglect pertinent facts such as with this alleged feathered dinosaur. 

Paleontologists think they found a feathered dinosaur. However, the narrative is more important than the facts, and they are assuming something that is not there.
Wulong bohaiensis fossil image credit:
Wikimedia Commons / Ashley Poust (CC by-SA 4.0)
In this case, paleontologists found the Wulong bohaiensis ("dancing dragon") fossil, whipped out their Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™, then claimed it was a feathered dinosaur. The decoding didn't help much because there are several categories that apply. There are a few traits in common with both dinosaurs and birds, but there are many reasons to believe that this is just another bird fossil. But they "see" a feathered dinosaur because they want to; the narrative trumps observed data and decent scientific reasoning. This happens when they deny recent creation and the Genesis Flood despite the evidence.
Evolutionary biologists promote strange-looking Chinese fossils that resemble the in-between creatures the researchers have long sought. One strand of dinosaurs looks like birds, some birds look a bit like certain dinosaurs, and some birds that certainly could not fly like today’s birds. These can all seem like the shells in a shell game. The illusionist gets to control what we see. The latest feathered dinosaur fossil shows anatomy that should intrigue scientists, mixed with an analysis that should sadden scientists. Lifting all the shells reveals some answers to this new creature’s origins.
You can read the full article by clicking on "The Latest Feathered Dinosaur Confuses Categories".

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Climate Change Alarmism vs God

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Climate change alarmism is constantly becoming more strident, and emotions take precedence over reason. Yes, the earth's temperature has changed. Those who doubt the veracity of the hysteria from global warming leftists who blame human activity are called "science deniers". Ironically, we are saying that data that does not support leftist agendas should be included; that is science denial.

Emotional manipulation and bad science are part of the climate change hysteria problem. Worse, it is a denial of the plan and power of our Creator.
Credit: Morguefile / Stuart Whitmore
The global warming fear-mongering is mostly politically motivated to manipulate people through fear and intimidation, but much of the data is fatally flawed.

The predictions invariably fail, so some sidewinders are scaring people with predictions in the future; they'll be taking dirt naps before they fail, so they have no fear of accountability.

Some activist scientists make predictions they could never prove, scaring the public. They must be held accountable.

Scientists are not prognosticators; they are demonstrators. Some of them make claims that cannot be demonstrated, because by the time results are available, they will be long dead. Their fear-mongering statements are making people worry and suffer for no good scientific reason. The following examples regard climate change, but Darwinists have a long record of committing the same fallacy. Bill Nye, for instance, has often claimed that if we don’t teach enough evolution (D.O.P.E.), our country will fall behind in scientific achievement. That’s an impossible thing to prove by cause and effect, but he gets away with it in the media.
To read the rest, click on "Unaccountable Fear-mongering Must Stop". There is a follow-up article, "Solutions Come from Freedom and Ingenuity, Not Government". Don't forget to come back for the rest of the material.

The global warming concept is rooted in atheistic old Earth evolutionary ideas, denying that God is the Creator. While Psalm 14:1 is often used to describe atheists, there are people who believe in god, but deny the Creator and Redeemer God of the Bible in their hearts. To be blunt, they are fools. Despite the pettifoggery of Darwin Party assets, we did not create ourselves, nor are we co-evolved from and with critters. Humans are special and created in God's image (Gen. 1:27). People are being fools when they think that unless we follow leftist agendas (that suppress information and manipulate emotions), we are our own saviors so trash the Bible. Hail Greta, blessed be!

One particular idolatrous fool has uttered ex cathedra that people who deny anthropogenic climate change and present evidence that he dislikes are liars. He has usurped God and has decreed that whoever disagrees with his particular views is not a "genuine Christian" and he is condemning you to Hell! He hates us that much, and refuses to allow that disagreement is not lying. Neither is asking for examination of available evidence. (Sorry, buttercup, but nobody is going to have parades in your honor and send you fruit baskets.) In fact, misciting Revelation 21:8 for this purpose not only reveals his detestable theology, but it also applies to him unless he repents of his idolatry, hatred (1 John 4:20) and blasphemy. When a manipulative liar calls the rest of us liars and condemns us to Hell, that kind of puts a burr under my saddle. Helpful suggestion: Don't be like those people. 

Don't be disunderstanding me now, I'm not saying that we can be irresponsible and trash this here planet our Creator has so generously provided. We are to be stewards. We cannot, however, ignore God's Word. Especially Christians, who would beclown ourselves and we would also be fools for essentially saying that he is not there or his written Word is false. You savvy that, pilgrim?

God’s Word is always our starting point. We need to look to Scripture and line our emotions up with the Word of God. So, should we be filled with fear, a dread of the future, and anxiety? For a Christian who knows God’s Word, the answer to that question should be easy—No! Regardless of real or perceived circumstances, we should never be characterized by fear, dread, or anxiety. Here are four biblical reasons why:
I know you're burning to read the entire article, so click on "Climate Change and the Bible — Top Four Biblical Reasons Not to Panic About Climate Change". You may also be interested in "Climate Change and the Bible".

Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Magick and Mystery of Natural Selection

Over at The Question Evolution Project on Fazebook, some folks object to the use of faith as a description for proponents of minerals-to-machinist evolution because they reject God the Creator. However, atheists and evolutionists do indeed have faith.

People have faith, but the object of their faith is the most important factor. Since Darwin's acolytes are substituting faith in the Creator for evolution based on mutations and natural selection, they are mixing pantheism with idolatry. Evolution and natural selection have been elevated into false deities with the abilities to choose and make selections. Indeed, it is treated like magick. While natural selection in its real sense is valid and affirmed by biblical creationists, it is not a creative entity or a force to use, Luke. Darwin hijacked natural selection and gave it his own definitions.

Outlandish claims are being made by Darwinists on pure faith that right environments will trigger innovation by chance.We have two articles to examine here. The second was written as a sequel to the first, so I hope you stick around. First, evolutionists see carnivorous plants and how gene expressions cause leaves to have their particular characteristics. Insert time, unobserved processes, and the magickal mystery of natural selection, and plants become carnivores. Some people call this science and laugh at creation.

Make up a word. Call it Galumph or something. Tell your audience that Galumph is capable of doing magic, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. All you have to do is provide the right hat, and the rabbit will naturally jump out. If it happens as part of a stage act, that would be entertainment. But if a scientist told you that nature does that all the time, would that count as evidence for the Galumph hypothesis? Would you believe him, just because he is an expert in evolutionary biology?
Watch and see if that is not the trick being played on the unwary in this paper in Science. We’ll point out the hat (the environment). Look for the magic—the claim that if the hat is right, the magic will occur.

Read the rest of this first article at "To Evolutionists, Faith in Natural Selection Counts as Evidence".

The preceding foolishness is not just a wild mustang running on the lone prairie. No, it is far too common. A second article follows up on the first, but this time, selectionists are dealing from the bottom of the Tarot deck to obtain the results they think they deserve. We have seen many times the absurdity of believing that dinosaurs evolved into birds. What about the big problem of going from cold-blooded to warm-blooded? With an imaginary scenario using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ (similar to when the first life phosphate problem was "solved"), researchers obtained natural selection magick using presuppositions, circular reasoning, and computer simulations. Aren't scientists clever?

It’s easy, Darwinists say, to make a bird from a dinosaur. Just shrink it down. All the requirements will emerge.
Evolutionists believe that birds are evolved dinosaurs, but they have a problem: endothermy. Birds are warm-blooded, and dinosaurs were not. Four Darwinian biologists from Chile believe they have a simple solution: shrink the dinosaur. This is the gist of their paper in AAAS Science Advances by Rezendi et al., “Shrinking dinosaurs and the evolution of endothermy in birds.” It was no small feat to invent warm-bloodedness, they know; but natural selection must have been up to the job, because it happened.
To finish reading, click on "More Faith in Natural Selection: DinoBirds".