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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Nerve Distribution by the Master Engineer

In our previous exciting episode, we learned that a newly-discovered organ works with cells to give the brain input on pressure and pain. Most of us know that we have assorted nerve endings that give us stimulation for both pleasure and pain. In a fraction of a second, we can know the burner on the stove is too hot and pull our hand away, or we know that something feels wonderful and hope for more. The nerves were designed by our Creator to have strategic placement.

We have nerves that are distributed throughout our skin. They are placed by the Master Engineer where they will be beneficial but not cause us sensory overload.
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos / yodiyim
If you study on it a bit, you will see that we can have too much input, which would make it difficult to decide if something we touch (or is touching us) is should have our immediate attention or disregarded. Some areas that we frequently use or have special importance have more nerve endings than others. I reckon that God placed things in specific areas for certain purposes.
In addition to targeted nerve distribution, our brain has the remarkable ability to block overstimulation as well. This leads to some interesting effects. For example, can you feel your socks right now? Well, now that they’re on your mind, you probably can. But after you got dressed this morning, you likely forgot how your clothes feel. If you think about it, you can feel their texture, but you have to focus on it. Your brain filters out information it deems unimportant—like feeling your clothes—so you can focus on more important matters.
To read this short article from the get-go or download the MP3 by my favorite reader, click on "Nerve Distribution—A Sensitive Topic".

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Engineering the Pain-Sensing Organ

When people are asked to name organs in the human body, the obvious come to mind. Those include the heart, lungs, Wurlitzer, brain, and so on. There are actually quite a few organs.

"Is this going to be an organ recital, Cowboy Bob?"

Not hardly! While the skin itself is an organ, a new one has been discovered working with the skin.

A new pain-sensing organ that works with skin cells has been discovered. This illustrates design principles used by the Master Engineer.
Credit: Unsplash / Max Libertine
This new one works with cells that scientists had not realized had additional functions, and these respond to pain, pressure, and so forth. But they do not respond to all stimuli, which is an example of design through engineering principles. 

Let me attempt an analogy. You could have a motion-sensitive camera installed, but it would not be helpful if it was triggered by every leaf blowing by or a pet sauntering past it. This new organ responds only to specific stimuli, which is what human engineers and the Master Engineer would develop.
New human organs are rarely discovered, but that’s what several astute scientists recently accomplished at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.1 The organ is a loosely connected mesh of cells in the skin’s nervous system that are sensitive to painful conditions straining the skin. This research also demonstrates fundamental design principles of biological sensors.
The press release showcasing the discovery states,
To find out what is happening, click on "Pain-Sensing Organ Shows Engineering Principles".

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Wood Chips Buried in the Ocean Floor

Secular geologists commenced to tap-dancing around some inconvenient evidence found in the ocean floor. Core samples revealed very small wood chips where there should not be found. These were quite a long way out to sea and deep in the floor. The discovery could affect climate models.

Secularists have some additional problems. Wood chips from Himalayan trees were found deep in the ocean floor, and climate change models are affected.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Missb7 (CC by-SA 4.0)
Climate change alarmists have not taken many factors into account in their models, and this carbon sequestration is likely to have an impact on the carbon cycle, and then climate models. In addition, secularists are puzzled because the wood is from Himalayan trees. Uniformitarian geologists envisioned several catastrophic events that raise more questions than they answer. The most logical explanation, which is consistent with many other findings that are anomalies for secularists, is the Genesis Flood.
Wood chips hundreds of feet deep in ocean sediments have been found. How did they get there?
Watch out for ocean trees.
Geology researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) went boring into ocean sediments near India, and were surprised to find direct evidence that “Catastrophic events carry forests of trees thousands of miles to a burial at sea.” They pulled up six cores of sediment from the ocean floor a thousand feet below the surface. The cores were extracted miles apart and over a thousand miles from shore.
To read the rest, click on "Wood Buried Under Ocean Floor Thousands of Miles at Sea".

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Straw Man Trek

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Star Trek:The Next Generation has given me some ideas (such as "Engineered Nanobot Evolution"), and I obtained another inspiration. This time, it is the 1989 episode, "Who Watches the Watchers". The Star Trek franchise is very strong on secular humanism (atheism) and evolution. While science fiction and fantasy require the viewers to suspend their disbelief, creationists have to work a mite harder to do this in order to enjoy something. "Watchers" quickly became annoying with its straw man presentations and moral posturing against religion, but I cowboyed up to see the conclusion.

An old episode of Star Trek TNG was heavy on the atheistic propaganda. We can see what really happened and the inconsistencies.
Credit: Pixabay / Gerhard Janson
Before riding the trail further, we need to remember that atheists and evolutionists presuppose religion itself evolved. They assume that primitive people had recently evolved from apelike ancestors, so when something happened in nature, these ancestors supposedly considered everything to be supernatural. Biblical creationists know that humans were created as intelligent beings from the get-go. I'll allow that there are some relatively modern instances of the cargo cult idea where modern humans and technology would be worshiped, but the extrapolation of that idea on a large scale over many thousands of years is quite a stretch.

Now let's continue.

The Federation has a Prime Directive which dictates they cannot interfere with a civilization's natural development. It was not only a law for the Federation, but also considered their moral duty and they followed it religiously. However, atheists believe that we are simply sacks of chemicals dancing to our electro-chemical impulses, so they cannot have a consistent standard of morality! To say that something is right or wrong, they are appealing to their arbitrary, man-made standards that are subject to change and are not ultimate, but are really standing on the biblical worldview.

Federation people had an outpost on the planet used for stealth observations. The duck blind effect went on the fritz and Lito, a resident of the planet, saw the outpost, so he went up the hill to check it out. There was an accident and he was hurt, so he was transported up to the Enterprise. He was in a semi-conscious state and saw the medical facility. He also saw that Captain Picard was in charge. Picard was angry that the ship's doctor did not let Liko die (a dubious morality). Liko was fixed up and returned to the planet.

Using a cargo cult motif, "The Picard" was perceived as a god and Liko wanted to worship him. Picard was outraged — outraged, I tell you — that this happy atheistic culture would be falling back to their cargo cult ways, and had to find a way to restore them to the "rational" views of atheism and evolution. Atheism and evolution have no real foundation for morality, but that point was not mentioned in the show (nor would it be, since many of these episodes preach the hubris of secular humanism). The entire show was a straw man based on atheistic presuppositions about God, and how much better life is by "outgrowing" such beliefs.

On a side note, Stargate SG-1 has occasional snide remarks about theism. In one episode, a technologically advanced society looked down on people of Earth for being less advanced. The "intellectual" Dr. Jackson said,
We'd be colonising space right now if it hadn't been for the Dark Ages.  There was a period of over eight hundred years where science was heresy and anathema. Maybe [those beings] didn't have that setback.
Just reign in that hoss a moment there, pilgrim. The "Dark Ages" is an atheistic pejorative against the Middle Ages. They began shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. The line that "science was heresy and anathema" is a blatant lie, as many cultural and scientific advances occured at that time. 

And now, back to Picard and his amazing friends.

One thing that makes a straw man argument seem reasonable is when there is a veneer of truth. Obviously, people do stupid things in the names of their gods, to curry favor, assuming what their gods (or other people they want to impress) want, and so on.

While this self-appointed denizen of the Thought Police was relying on prejudicial conjecture, incomplete information, and a double standard, there is a grain of truth in the concern that people will take action based assumptions of what will please their god. Atheists and evolutionists are no prize (just tally up the murders by Stalin, Mao, Lenin, and other atheistic despot in the 20th century alone, for example). Professing Christians have the Bible, so to do acts of vigilante "justice" are contrary to the teachings of Scripture.

In "Watchers", Liko wanted to execute someone to please "The Picard". When Captain Picard arrived, Liko did not believe Picard's claims to be a moral man just like he was. Instead, Liko was usurping the will of his imagined deity.

Some professing Christians are guilty of the same thing. Obviously, Christians have to grow in Christ and learn and are progressing in our sanctification, but we do have an ultimate starting point in the written Word of God. As mentioned before, Picard and other atheists do not have such a moral standard.

We learn that atheistic and evolutionary propaganda in the media can make falsehoods palatable. That's what propaganda does. People are given false information in a manner that is pleasing to them or supports their biases (it often does both of those things). Biblical creationists point out that we are constantly bombarded with evolutionary and atheopathic material to influence us away from the truth of Scripture and the foundations of the gospel message in Genesis. That is why we need to remain vigilant and stay in the Word of God.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Wollomombi Gorge and the Genesis Flood

Slow and gradual uniformitarian processes are the secular standard used to explain geological formations, but they often have prairie schooner-sized holes in them. Creationists use the catastrophic activities of the Genesis Flood to better explain what is observed, and these would leave distinct signatures.

Genesis Flood models in creation science require certain signatures. The Wollomobi Gorge has what would be expected in creationist models.
Wollomombi Falls with two rivers, image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Yuanchen Chen (CC by-SA 4.0)
Basically, scientists get a notion and want to see if their model is supported by observed evidence. Secular scientists want to give Darwin millions of years to work his wonders, but the facts are not cooperating. The landscape at Wollomombi Gorge (Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New South Wales, Australia) is an excellent example of Flood geology. The size, scope, rock debris, and other details are compatible with biblical creation science Genesis Flood models and recent creation.
The Wollomombi Gorge is quite narrow at the bottom but nearly a kilometre wide in places at the top. It is much narrower than the wide valleys further east that are used for farming and which can be many tens of kilometers across. This narrowness indicates that the gorge was cut quite late geologically. Is it possible for the gorge to have been cut by the Wollomombi and Chandler rivers in the approximately 4,500 years since the Flood? That seems unlikely to me considering the volume of material removed from the gorge. It seems more likely that the gorge was cut very late in the Flood when the flow of water was much reduced but still flowing with significantly more energy than the present rivers can muster, even after heavy rainfall.
You can read this article in its entirety by clicking on "How landscapes reveal Noah’s Flood".

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Hard Truth on Self-Repairing Concrete

You know that feeling when the wrecking ball slips off the crane and shatters the pavement? Sure you do, it happens to everyone now and then. Sure would be nice if concrete was able to repair itself like when you have a torn muscle. Actually, there are some similar scenarios.

Using biomimetics, biological principles made by the Master Engineer are utilized for concrete
Credit: PIXNIO / redfox
While the wrecking ball thing was an exaggeration for dramatic impact (heh!) and such a thing would require replacement, there is such a thing as self-repairing concrete. The concept is based on how our muscle tissue is made of bundles of bundles, all the way down to proteins. This means the load and stress are not all in one place. Using biomimetics, biological principles made by the Master Engineer are utilized for concrete.
Engineers are now looking to God’s creation for innovative ideas in architecture. From new ventilation systems that imitate termite mounds to plots of plants on rooftops, building design will never be the same. Even the basic building block, concrete, has been altered based on insights from human muscles.
Three basic types of muscles exist in the human body—smooth, skeletal, and cardiac (heart). Two are of special interest to concrete engineers. Smooth muscles control most involuntary actions, such as digestion. Their fibers are arranged randomly and don’t bulk up. Skeletal muscles allow us to move voluntarily, and these can be strengthened with exercise.
To finish reading, click on "Self-Healing Concrete".

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Disingenuous Classroom Evolutionists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There are numerous reports of Christian and creationist students facing ridicule and harassment in secular schools from Darwin apparatchiks, and these are the ones paid to allegedly educate them. The fact that these sidewinders attack positions they dislike shows their bias, and it is the opposite of teaching.

Christians and creationists in educational settings often have to face intimidation from their instructors. The harassment from them is a con game.
Modified from a photo at Freeimages / Jeramey Jannene (click  for larger)
Something to which biblical creationists are subjected is a barrage of questions from a scoffer that runs the gamut of scientific disciplines, theology, philosophy, and so on. Somehow, anti-creationists proclaim that there is no God or that biblical creation science is faulty if someone does not have all the answers to every question (many of which are fallacious, such as the complex question); we do not have every answer to every question. Nobody does. If you ask me something about God or creation science that I can't answer, it only means that I do not have the answer. 

On a related note, some tinhorns will say that you are not a Christian if you do not meet their arbitrary standards, therefore, you are a liar and biblical creation is false. These intellectually dishonest folks are smart enough to be amazingly dishonest, and there is no need to be buffaloed by those who hate the truth and authority of Scripture.

In the same way, secularists do not have all the answers, either. There are disagreements about speciation, some scientists rejectt dinosaur-to-bird evolution, there are scientists who reject Darwin, the Big Bang has numerous versions because of the many problems, whether or not australopithecines are human ancestors, and so on. However, they still accept evolution even though they do not have all the answers. Indeed, they believe evolution despite the appalling lack of evidence, and their incoherent worldviews cannot withstand prodding.

Many instructors in the public education indoctrination organizations (commonly known as schools) saddle up a corral-full of logical fallacies, demand that some students know all of the answers, intimidate the students, and proclaim victory when a question or doubt goes unanswered. They are disingenuous, and utilize many manipulative tacticsYes, we know what you do. Deal with it, hippies!

Students do not need to have their belief system shaken by secularists, whether in academia or in other places. Like science (and all of life), we do not have all the answers, but biblical creationists do have a valid and coherent worldview.
Many Christian students in secular universities can relate to this scenario: An evolutionist college professor is doing his best to convince his class that biblical creation is absurd. . . .

One of the unspoken assumptions behind this barrage of questions is that you shouldn’t hold a particular worldview unless you know the answers to all possible objections. If a student can’t answer on the spot every objection the instructor throws out, it’s seen as evidence that biblical creation is inherently irrational.

However, this is an intellectual con job. Knowing the answers to all possible questions would require perfect knowledge, which none of us possesses. If one follows this logic to its natural conclusion, it means that no one—evolutionist or creationist—is allowed to hold any kind of worldview!
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