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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Mother of all Cold Viruses

I have a cold. One of those lasts-far-longer-than-you-expected things. My wife and I both caught it from our teenaged daughter and for the last few days I have been just dragging myself to work and avoiding extra stuff. It has carried over to my blogging.

I wanted to post something about the world right after the Noahic Flood, but I have been too sick and miserable to do the research. My bad! So I gotta face it, I am going to have to get well first before I do it right.

I had a very short-lived run as a lead singer in a rock group. I wrote a few songs. I guess I will post the words to one of my songs because I am sick but I remember a time when I was inspired to write words and music. You'll just have to imagine your own music. This one had a sound somewhere between Deep Purple and Kansas.....

Finding More

Finding myself
staring into before
seeing the ghostly visions and
the child I was before

Thinking of the lies I spread
trying to clean my knife
painting futures in my head
carving out the pages
of life

looking for love in the echoes
left behind by your utter disdain
looking for words to describe my sorrows
in torn pockets of pain

knowing howls of confession
that emit from my eyes
I see the worlds we made crashing, burning
in all your goodbyes

the tears I'm letting them
cheering them, feeling for them

the tears I'm letting them
cheering them, feeling for them

seeing the end as beginning
imagining problems as doors
finding myself
finding more

Kimbal Ross........all rights reserved.


radar said...

Yeah, so I wrote that when I was maybe 22 years old, what can I say???

IAMB said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. Really I am. I had a bug that's likely the same one a couple months ago. First time in eight years I've taken more than one sick day at work in a row... first time I've ever been to the doctor for a cold/sinus infection at all. You have my sympathies.

In other news, how often does that "most popular referrers" section update? It's been a while since I first pointed Orac and PZ to your carnival and we're all still on the list... what's up?

radar said...

hiya, iamb!

Thanks, it has to end someday, the sick thing. I am feeling better mentally, which is usually a precursor to the physical in my experience/ So I can go back to some creation/evolution blogging tomorrow, much to your, no doubt, delight!

The referrers is probably because people keep coming from those sites. Not really sure though.

Consider entering something in the Carnival. I have only three entries so far....

IAMB said...

I won't enter one myself, but an unwritten rule of carnivals (coming from someone who hosts from time to time) is that hosts are allowed to scour the blogosphere in search of entries with or without the author's knowledge, should voluntary entries come up short. If you were reposting an entire article it could turn into a copyright issue, but since carnivals are links only you avoid the issue altogether. You're welcome to link to anything you want. Up to you.

I don't know if Myers and Orac will link to you this time (we haven't discussed it yet), but I will just for fun, though you and I don't see eye to eye on the issue.

Glad you're at least feeling partly better. Sometimes I find that "better mentally" speeds up "better physically".

radar said...

I am better mentally a bit, although I know I will have to work late tonight to try to make up for earlier in the week.

This discussion has been great for me and my post tonight will be because of issues raised by you and your cohorts in comment threads.

I never take an article from a website for a Carnival without permission, it just doesn't seem kosher to me. Some have already submitted articles for posting and I have permission from a couple of sites to post their material so I have at least five entries available. I do welcome opposing viewpoints.

Is flung poo anything like kung fu?

IAMB said...

Very much like kung fu, but far older and more mysterious.

I hear you on the "working late thing" right about now. I'm running up against an end-of-the-month deadline right about now so it looks like it'll be a busy couple of weeks.

I understand about the whole "kosher" feeling. Usually I'll post a threat when I'm hosting that if I don't have enough submissions I'll go digging for them on my own. Works out pretty well most of the time. If it helps, you can take one of mine if you feel the urge.

My cohorts? All I did was find you and point you out in the first place. Myers, Orac and Randi picked you up from me and pointed your direction as well.

Either way, it was good for traffic numbers on your blog I think. Can't ask for more than that. I might have to pick up a few shares of you on blogshares right before the next carnival (somebody bought 80% of my shares the day before I came back from my blogging break... they're doing pretty well in the market now)... but that might count as "insider trading" or something.


IAMB said...

Oh, by the way, you can just call me Matt. Everyone else in the blogging world pretty much does most of the time.

I just use IAMB because it's been my debate forum handle from way back before the blogging thing.

Or you can continue to call me whatever you feel like... it's all the same. Just thought I'd give you an option.

Take care

radar said...

Matt, that is a good thing. I will stop me from wanting to add "-in pentameter" all the time. You already know my name is Kimbal. Nice to meet you.

IAMB said...

Likewise. Whether we'll ever agree on science or not, I am enjoying this. Hope you are too.

The IAMB thing isn't about pentameter, though I am fairly adept at sonnet-writing (see my previous Skeptics' Circle hosting, November last year, for an example).

It actually comes from a Daniel Quinn book called "The Story of B". Remember "The Scarlet Letter", where she wore and "A" for adultery. A person wearing a "B" would proclaim to all that their sin was blasphemy, which some readily assume is my middle name. So instead of thinking of it as "IAMB", split it up into "I AM B".