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Friday, March 17, 2006

Surprise! New evidence supports Bush after all!

Thanks to Amy Proctor, who has put together a great deal of information on her blog concerning the intelligence that has been gathered in Iraq.

But the (mainly liberal) Main Stream News Media don't report this. Seems as if it is only news if it hurts America?

Amy's posting begins like this:

Media Ignores Bush Exoneration

On January 28, 2003, President George W. Bush delivered a State of the Union speech (full text) just 2 months before US troops entered Iraq. In his speech, the President made this statement as further proof that intervention with Saddam Hussein was not only necessary but inevitable:

"The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa ."

By October of that same year, those 16 words of the State of the Union address came back to haunt the President when it appeared the intelligence supporting the attempted procurement by Saddam of uranium from Niger was false. Political opponents accused the President of taking the country to war under false pretenses. Hence, "Bush Lied" rhetoric became the standard line of Democrats throughout America and anti-war activists throughout the world.

Since the war in Iraq began in March 2003, US troops have confiscated 3,000 hours of audiotapes of Saddam Hussein chairing his Revolutionary Command Council before the war and 48,000 boxes of records documenting his regime’s military activities. In February of this year, the first audio tapes were translation to English and examined after at the February meeting by the International Intelligence Summit. Some of the findings from Saddam’s recordings include:

-Saddam stated Iraq will allow UNSCOM to confirm their erroneous pre-war assessments
-Saddam was confident that Iraq would "overcome" the inspection program
-Saddam pointed out a major advantage – keeping the precursors for chemical weapons separated until needed and they can be explained away as having civilian use.

While there are some whacko liberal politicos who are suggesting the President be censured or even impeached for the NSA terrorist wiretapping policies and the War in Iraq, here is a body of evidence that proves that President Bush did not lie to the American people.

Of course, this was always a phony allegation. The President was saying the same things that his intelligence sources gave him, which is why Bill Clinton said those things and other world leaders said those things. Saddam's own generals thought he had WMD's stashed secretly. Saddam had gone to Africa to seek uranium. Saddam was planning to use WMD's again as soon as the outcry from the world had died down. We see evidence that he had what WMD's he'd had previously shipped across the border to Syria.

New evidence from Iraqi documents now shows that terrorists, including Al Quaeda, were training in Iraq long before we targeted Saddam's regime. After the beating the news media gave the administration over this key point, you would think that they would have the decency to admit their mistakes and publish the news far and wide.

No matter. These days, we have more diversity in the news media and we have the internet, where bloggers like Amy will seek out the truth. Amy's blog.


highboy said...

Um, radar, we KNOW they had WMDs. I've been citing sources proving it all over your cite.

uranium, chemical weapons agents, and chemical warheads.

radar said...

Highboy, YOU know it and I know it, but go to democratic underground and they are still trying to impeach Bush for "lying about WMDs". So there is a large moonbat contingent that has to be whopped upside the head to see the truth, I guess....

Amy Proctor said...

Radar, you said:

"While there are some whacko liberal politicos who are suggesting the President be censured or even impeached for the NSA terrorist wiretapping policies..."

Keep in mind that after a call for censure on the Senate floor, Senator Russ Feingold fled the hall so he wouldn't have to debate the NSA program. He can't. In fact, no Democrats will touch the issue with a 10 foot poll because they know the public is now informed about the legality of this issue. Both the Constitution of the United States and the Authorization for War give the President, whoever he is, the power to conduct such surveillance.

Also, I counter protest the peaceniks in my town every Wednesday in front of the state capital building with another Army wife and some others. We've heard every WMD conspiracy theory and allegation there is. It doesn't matter what is factual to them or not, just what sounds good to their own ears. I encountered Cindy Sheehan back in Sept. when she came to down (she lied about me on Michael Moore's website, but that's another story) and this is NOT a thinking bunch.

Anonymous said...

"While there are some whacko liberal politicos who are suggesting the President be censured or even impeached for the NSA terrorist wiretapping policies"

C'mon, is it that hard to get a court order? Didn't even have to get it in advance, man.

Why do ethics turn into a limp rubberband when it's your own guy doin it? If this were Bubba you'd be all over this like a Rottweiler in heat.

- George Campbell

radar said...


The wiretapping is to listen to conversations with terrorists. I don't want anyone to have to wait for a court order and then miss the conversation. That would be ridiculous. All but the most idiotic Democrats have backed off of this issue because they realize either that a) we want this to happen or b) they know the public wants it to happen.

Bubba went the other way, usually ignoring stuff like this but sometimes he took action against terrorists and enemies overseas and I always backed him when he did. There were enough other areas to disagree with him about but when he took action to protect the nation I was with him.

cranky old fart said...

"The wiretapping is to listen to conversations with terrorists".

And you know this, how?

cranky old fart said...

And bubba got impeached for a bj.

Remember this fact, as we can't even get hearings on the most obvious of profiteering.

Mark K. Sprengel said...

bubba got impeached for perjury, obstruction of justice,suborning perjury and abuse of power. That he chose to do such things to hide sexual misconduct during a sexual harrassment lawsuit, is an indication of his lack of character and placing himself above the law for personal gain.

Mark K. Sprengel said...

"The wiretapping is to listen to conversations with terrorists".

And you know this, how?

Because it was presented to Congress and they did not object and it is periodically reviewed by justice dept. lawyers to make sure it is not stepping over the line.

But I guess it's the seriousness of the charge that matters, not whether or not there is actually any evidence for making it.

I dont agree with Rush all the time but he sure seems to have hit on the head with that.

Anonymous said...


"I don't want anyone to have to wait for a court order and then miss the conversation. That would be ridiculous."

C'mon dude, you're not that misinformed are you? Like I said earlier: He didn't even have to get it in advance.

Look, it doesn't slow them down one iota - they give the order to wiretap, and then they have a certain time to get the warrant retro-actively. What about that don't you get?

- George Campbell

cranky old fart said...


Yep. The WH tells the select committee that it's all good, now go back to your rabbit hole and shut up. Gotta love that obedient Congress. Worthless, spineless, Congress. Any yes, it's on both sides of the aisle.

And as for impeachment, I always love the comeback about Bubba's impeachment being all about perjury etc.

6 years and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to nail Clinton on anything and everything, and the best the RW could come up with was a consensual bj. Oh, I'm sorry, LYING about a consensual bj.

Where's the investigation into the billions gone missing in Iraq? Or anything else, at all?

We've gone from oversight of oral sex, to oversight of nothing.