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Friday, June 23, 2006

POEM: Because Romance better than Rants

It is my blog and sometimes I rant.

Other times, I rant.

Other times I talk about other stuff - still waiting for someone to give me a good number of parts/components/bits for the simplest possible self-replicating organism. If I don't get feedback by tomorrow, I am using my own number!


Is there love at first sight?

The table was crowded with me and my rowdy friends. Gloria and I had just won the dance contest and the waitress had brought us the bottle of cheap champagne. Of course, everyone wanted a drink and it would be gone in a flash. Some of Gloria's friends came over, wanting to share. One of them was the most beautiful little blonde I had ever seen. She declared that it was her birthday and she deserved a drink. I told her I would give her a birthday kiss instead. No, she said, I would have to dance with her first. I didn't get my kiss until the end of the evening and we both knew.

We were inseperable for a year and a half beginning with that meeting in the club. She was my first real love. I would have taken bullets for her. Both of us cared for the other more than we knew. The Army took me away and I decided it would be better for her if I let her go and find someone else more mature and stable than me, so I didn't go back to her. Little did I know that she waited many long years thinking I would surely come back to her. Tragedy, comedy, such is life.

I saw her name on the internet and decided to be proactive, to call her up. She sounded exactly like she did when she was was nineteen. She actually squealed when she realized it was me on the phone. I felt a flash of those feelings from long ago. But of course I was not going to come to California to rescue her from her marriage, sweeping her off of her feet and leaving my wife behind. We traded an email and let it go.

I've found true, enduring love now and my Kathy is a memory, an idea, a picture of a dimpled smiling face framed by honey-blonde hair and 99% fantasy. I really have no idea what kind of woman she has become. I have found the woman I belong with and belong to, in this as much as anything I can say that life has been good.

Now I simply hope that Kathy has what I, family, hope and joy.


I wrote her poems, back in the day, and this is one of them.

When The Night Was There

when the night was there
when all the others seemed to melt away
and the moon laced ribbons through your hair
on the night we met
when we were so young

when I saw your eyes
when they took in all I am, smiled up at me
for the reflection they could recognize
was the same in mine
the very same time

and our dreams embraced
when the drifting stars reflecting our souls
nestled in the world within a kiss
as your lips touched mine
and we forgot words

as the morning broke
when the rocks and seagulls could just touch the light
bringing old men and dogs to which we woke
as you held me warm
to gather our love

when the night was there
when all the others seemed to melt away
and the moon laced ribbons through your hair
on the night we met
when we were so young

Kimbal Ross...all rights reserved.

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