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Friday, September 22, 2006

Let's NOT boycott Citgo!

If your marriage is like mine (and you are very fortunate if so), then you discuss pretty much everything with your spouse. My wife and I study the Bible together, watch sports and news and educational shows together, talk about just about everything and enjoy it all immensely. We were discussing the proposed Citgo boycott. Now, the reason many are saying we should boycott Citgo is because it is owned by the government of that raving lunatic Hugo Chavez, friend to Jesse Jackson and Danny Glover but certainly an enemy of the United States. I asked my wife what she thought? (Her words in italics)

"No, no, no we shouldn't boycott Citgo, they'll just sell the oil to someone else and it won't hurt them."

"Sure it will hurt them! If they can't sell it to the US, they have to sell it elsewhere for less money.."

"It doesn't matter, they'll still sell it and it won't do any good."

"It will hurt their bottom line..."

"But boycotting Citgo will only hurt the gas stations owners, not Chavez. It won't hurt him at all!"

"Hmm, well, you are right. If we boycott Citgo it will hurt the small business owners here in the States a lot more than Hugo Chavez. It will cost him a little bit of money but it will hurt Americans a lot more. True."

"Yeah, so we shouldn't boycott Citgo."

"I agree, it is a dumb idea to boycott Citgo."

(She adds, yes, if you boycott Citgo and the local stations don't sell as much, he'll get the message, but you will hurt a lot of people on the way. See, that is another reason why I married her. She saw right to the point of the matter, that is, boycotting Citgo is first boycotting all the innocent gas station owners who have nothing to do personally with Hugo Chavez at all. They just want to feed their families. Again, dumb idea, let's not do it!)

Amy Proctor disagrees here.


loboinok said...

I have decided to boycott.

I can't do much that would damage Chavez, but I can't in good conscience, continue to willingly prop up his regime.

I can sympathize with the "little guy" but they know, like everyone else, that oil has been used as a political tool since it was first discovered.

It's a good thing I never involved myself with drugs, I would have to go "cold-turkey" to hurt Bin Laden.

This is a good example of the downside to "globalization".

highgirl said...

I am undecided about it. Because I really don't want the little people to get hurt from this when they are just trying to make a living. But on the other hand I agree that giving money to a scumbag is wrong.

radar said...

Yes, it is true money is going to a scumbag. I understand all who decide to boycott and sympathize with their views. But it seems that there must be a better way to hurt Chavez than this, which will hurt thousands of ordinary Americans worse.

highboy said...

"But it seems that there must be a better way to hurt Chavez than this, which will hurt thousands of ordinary Americans worse."

Pat Robertson had an idea...

cranky old fart said...


"Pat Robertson had an idea..."

He's had lots of ideas.

And while I admit, on the surface, I find him hilarious, he really has too many followers that don't understand that he's a batshit insane asshole for me to be completely comfortable.

Amy Proctor said...

The US gives 50% of Venezuela their business. This to me is like the bus boycotts of the Civil Rights movement. African Americans eventually decided not to finance their own oppression, paying just as much to sit in the back of the bus or to give their seats up to a white person.

Their bus boycott crippled the transit business. Did it hurt US jobs? Yep. But they had the consciense to not pay for a slap across the face. THAT is the lesson here.

I'm not giving a cent to Chavez if I can help it. Who knows what we're actually funding. Have you seen his friends?? Iran? Hezbollah? Lebanon?

If American jobs are lost as a result, so be it. Better American jobs lots than down the road American LIVES lost because we're helping Chavez hurt America. He certainly made some threats at the U.N. last week against the US, saying we need to be "brought down".

I don't think it gets any clearer than that. We cannot let sentimentality kill us.

My opinion....

Mark K. Sprengel said...

I buy bp or amoco anyway.

Btw, I'm having car trouble lately so church has been hard to get to. I'll have to try one of those saturday services.

lavaughn42 said...

It doesn't matter one bit. Oil prices are pretty much determined by the global market and ALL the oil that is produced is going to be consumed. This isn't like Milk, where you could boycott one milk producer and his products will spoil. Chavez is going to sell his oil no matter what.

Anonymous said...

solution is to bring your car to citgo stations for service (if you trust their mechanics). gas station owners make a hella lot more money on service related payments than via gas. that way the little guy won't lose out on the money and everyone can still stick it to chavez. problem solved. :P