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Monday, September 25, 2006

Poll: FDR or Bill Clinton/Ladies night

By the way, Dave and Smooth are coo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-l!

(If you have to ask, you don't know)


I wonder what my readers think about what kind of grades I am going to give a couple of Democratic Presidents. I will soon be doing posts on both Bill Clinton and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What grade would you give each of them, respectively?


Amy believes that there is some connection between Fox News, Muslims, the Pope and Bill Clinton.

"Bill Clinton defended himself on cutting and running in Somalia in 1993, from which Bin Laden became emboldened to plan his future attacks on America. Bin Laden said, “Our people realized more than before that the American soldier is a paper tiger that run[s] in defeat after a few blows.” Clinton said he couldn't have tried to give aid and comfort to the enemy because we didn't know al-Qaeda existed. Fair enough, but this is a classic example of the consequences of being too squeamish to fight those who kill Americans and ending military operations before the objective is met. THAT is the point, Mr. Clinton, and Osama bin Laden has you and the Democrats pegged. It is you who in the World Wars, Vietnam, Somalia and now Iraq are willing to flee at the first sign of American casualty."

Alexandra has a take on the matter as well.

"We can blame Bill Clinton for not being a strong enough leader, to stand up to the military, the FBI and the CIA, who have all too long been a law unto themselves, but we cannot blame him for not trying. He may not have succeeded in killing bin-Laden, but in 'his mind' he did try.

The problem lies in what it is that he "tried" to do? He tried to 'persuade' them, instead of issuing a command as a Commander-In-Chief should, and the President of the U.S. is expected to do. It's the same 'stop or I'll say stop again' appeasement strategy the Democrats have in mind for dealing with the War on Terror, and Clinton's narcissistic display does not help us alleviate those fears."

Oh well, it's ladies night and I am making it three for three with Pam putting in her two cents:

"Chris did not ask him about exactly why Sandy Berger went into the national archives and stole those top secret documents. Everything that he stuffed down his pants were documents relating to these very topics, signed by slick Willie and Berger and the top flight intel guys.
JJ remarks to me;

And poof, the documents are gone, and he couldn’t remember shit (or didn’t have to, with no cross examination based on the documents possible), and the documents were never uncovered. now, presumably when you go home and take off your pants in the evening, for whatever reason, you would notice the blue bowling ball and the brown shoes and the secret documents from the national archive, and take them back the next day and return them, with a red face. but, when they get lost, that sort of suggests that you meant to steal them, to my poor meager intellect.

So, Bill Clinton has every reason in the world to be a paranoid delusion knot head, and suspect all kinds of underhanded skullduggery at every turn, because that is just the way he operated. and still does.

Vince Foster, Rob Brown, Sandy Burger, the Macdougals, …. , he has good reason to suspect people will behave just like him. at least chris wallace hasn’t turned up dead yet. who knows, maybe this will prove so embarrassing and troubling to his psyche that he will have to swallow some 9 mm pills."

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oriolebird38 said...

For the record, I'd give Bill a B, and FDR an A+.