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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vote for Mihos! Early and often...

A Funny Spin to Politics.

This is Christy Mihos' Official Web Site, as pointed out to me by Erik, aka EasyE, a fantasy sports player of note. The best video on the site is his commercial entitled, "The Big Dig, Explained." Must see!

If you live in Massechusetts you will see this all over the TV.

Watch the Video "Heads up! The commercial everyone is talking about!" , This has got to be one of the funniest political commercials I have ever seen. This is actually being broadcast all over ABC, NBC & Fox. - Erik

The guy definitely has a sense of humor. Considering the snafu that is the Big Dig and the miserable politicians Massachusetts has produced recently (Kennedy & Kerry are cartoonishly horrific), Mihos is a fresh breath of air. It would be hard not to vote for him, wouldn't it???

1 comment:

highboy said...

I'd vote for the guy just for the commercial. Hilarious. I could see it happening in my head ten seconds early.