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Monday, June 04, 2007

Back from traveling! Back into the fray!

Guys, I am back from traveling and have a renewed interest in blogging. If I ever go more than a week without publishing (barring vacations or storm disasters) then I will retire from this blog! I now have a new focus and a new vision concerning my posts here.

We are now back from the Worldview Superconference, which was very enlightening! I have been charged up by the conference and by people who I met there. First, I'd like to thank Shannon and Matthew, two young people from 96, South Carolina, with whom we sat during the majority of the sessions. Guys, we enjoyed your companionship! There were many others, like Jared and Jarod and Cindy and her family. Good times!

One highlight was getting a chance to speak with Jonathan Safarti, who is a noted Creation Scientist with multiple degrees and peer-reviewed papers by the dozen. He played chess against 30 other players in one sitting and beat them all late one night and then the next night took on 10 players blindfolded and beat them all as well! Talk about multi-tracking! Brilliant guy who is with Creation Ministries International and a very pleasant one with which to converse, along with his wife. I also enjoyed chatting with Gary Bates of CMI.

I happened to be talking with one of the American Vision board members, Tom Ertl, and the topic of baseball came up. Nearby was Jeff Ventrella of the Alliance Defense Fund. It turned out that both guys were rabid baseball fans and immediately we began talking baseball, you know, topics like the starting lineup for the 1968 Tigers or guys with stange batting stances or who played first base for the 1958 Milwaukee Braves. Here we are in the bookstore, at a conference devoted to the biggest issues of our times and we are trading trivia questions about ballplayers! Hey guys, I'm coming back next year so we can't forget planning a junket to an Asheville game!

We are indebted to Gary DeMar and Jared V. and everyone else at American Vision who put together such a great conference!

Debbie got a chance to present her question concerning Daniel 9:27 to bible-brains Hank Hanegraaf and Gary DeMar. She's been in communication with some translators about that verse as well. I still think she'll wind up with a credit in the new NIV translation when it is published. But the important thing is making sure God's Word continues to be translated correctly. God makes no mistakes, but fallible translators are another story!

On the way home, our plane was declared dead and our baggage lost. We had to go home via Dallas, Texas and dragged in very late and very tired. Nevertheless, several days of challenging presentations and lively conversations have empowered both of us to carry on!


Lava said...

Welcome back radar. I was wondering about the lack of posting.

While I hope we get off this creation vs. science thing soon, I wonder if Jonathan Safarti had any answers to creeper's earlier questions.

cranky old fart said...

"God makes no mistakes, but fallible translators are another story!"

If God really cared, you'd think he'd have taken care of that.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

"God makes no mistakes, but fallible translators are another story!"

Surely you don't mean to suggest that the Bible is not the word of God, but the words of fallible translators?

Heaven forbid unreliable (human) editors should be involved at some point...

Now what was that about insisting on the literal meaning of every last corner of the Bible?


BTW, Lava - which questions in particular were of interest to you? Radar likes to run away from them constantly. Given the lack of reasonable responses he could make, it's not surprising.

radar said...

Translators can make mistakes, but we have the basic texts in Greek and Aramaic and so on which we can check just to see whether a translator has wandered away from the meaning.

I love it when people say I run away from questions. Run away translates to answers they don't like, right?