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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tea Parties are just getting started! SCOTT BROWN!

I know all sorts of private citizens like myself contributed money to help Scott Brown publicize his come-from-behind campaign and hand the Democratic Machine a punch in the nose. The economy will begin to revive when the Obamites quit stealing our funds and threatening us all with more taxes and programs and people on the government dole.

Locally in Lake County, Indiana, there is a big meeting of Constitution-believing, American way of life living people. My wife and I have tickets already:

Please visit our website:

Please pass on to friends and family

January 23rd
"Reclaiming America" TEA Party Rally

WHERE: Lake County Fairgrounds (4-H Building)
889 South Court Street
Crown Point, IN
Click HERE for google map

TIME: 1:00-3:30PM CST

Doors open at 12:15pm CST for meet and greet with U.S. Senate Candidates

Tickets are limited, so reserve now, Click HERE to purchase tickets.

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There are probably Tea Party or 912 or Patriot organizations near you if you live in the USA. For my foreign readers, this is a time of crisis for the USA. We are being led by a Chicago-style politician with a socialist/communist agenda and a pocket full of bribes fleeced from the American people. I hope you pray and/or hope for us to defeat this menace and vote in normal Americans in the next elections. I think the world is a better place when the USA is the brightest beacon of freedom to be seen. We strengthen the free and give hope to the enslaved.

I hope the following is of interest to you all, from Mark Leyva:

Massachusetts politicians vie to direct voters' ire

GOP money, troops pour into Massachusetts

Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed

VISCLOSKY'S TOWN HALL: Please leave your comments
Is it mob-rule rudeness or 'democracy in action'?,jdavich-0117.article

Visclosky deserves civility at his forums,edit-forum-01xx.article

Report: Congressman challenges Obama eligibility

Majority Would Vote Against Obama

Is America's financial collapse inevitable?

Swine flu "false pandemic" seems to be biggest pharma-fraud of century

American murder toll in Mexico continues to climb

Here is what the airport scanners will really show about you.

Wall St. Weighs a Challenge to a Proposed Tax

Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points

Nassau DA: Wealthy Couple Scammed Medicaid,0,5483384.story

Charges dropped against illegal immigrants

Glenn Beck and CPAC: Outsider steps in

9 Vt. State Office Candidates Favor Secession

HEALTH CARE: House Dems mount health assault

Labor angry over Obama-backed insurance tax

Amish families exempt from insurance mandate

Here is what the airport scanners will really show about you.

Director of Terror Watch List Says Government Has Technical Capability to Screen All Passengers Against Full List Before They Board Planes

Parts sent to Iran could be used for nuclear weapons; 3 charged in alleged plot

Obama's TSA Nominee Once Said U.S. a Terror Target for Ties to Israel, France

Counterterrorism chief: Officials 'didn't understand' intel

Fiend's easy escape

Police discover children as young as seven being groomed for terrorism

CIA bomber calls for attacks on US in video

Venezuela devalues U.S. Dollar

Navy SEAL's trial in detainee abuse moved to Iraq

California considers this and first statewide green building code


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I sure like tea!

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...and now you can learn to speak Tea Bag