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Thursday, February 04, 2010

More Marlin and Mark and Making a difference

Marlin Stutzman 912

In every state around Indiana there are state and local elections that need your attention. We the people need to pay attention. Marlin Stutzman is my choice for Senate for Indiana in 2010. One reason is that he came from the people, spurred on by his neighbors and his desire to protect and defend his family and the Constitution. He is not a Washington insider and I doubt he ever will be and that is a good thing.

Mark Leyva is my choice for Indiana Congressman from our district. He is behind much of the prolific information coming forth from the Lake County Tea Party. For years Mark has labored to build a following in his area based on hard work and conservative values. He doesn't have the millions of dollars that his opponent has, nor does he have a huge organization and aides following him around with PDAs and schedules. But he has a heart for America. I have watched him set up booths, take down chairs, help other candidates and tirelessly and faithfully push for the idea that "we can do better" than big government, more taxes and a parade of idiotic czars and agencies making decisions without being voted in by the public.

Look around your area. Find out about your local leaders and find a place where you can take part somehow. If we the people are educated on the issues, we will quit voting like we the dumbells. We really do get the government we deserve.

Are you registered to vote? Do you know the issues and where the candidates stand on those issues? If not, why not?


For you locals like me -

Meet-Up: Conservative Cafe, February 13th

Tired of Big Government? Join us the Tea Party of Lake County
2nd SATURDAY of the Month
1:00pm Meet-Up
Conservative Cafe
Crown Point, IN
Click HERE for more information.

Please take the two POLLING QUESTIONS (Indiana voters only) when clicking on above information link.


Anonymous said...

I've still been looking Radar. I haven't been able to find a quote where the VP call the constitution a roadblock...any help would be appreciated (or perhaps a retraction- but that might be asking too much, huh?).


Anonymous said...

Asking Radar to back up some lie he found on the Internet?

Definitely asking too much.

Anonymous said...

I say we just keep asking. Even if Kimbal continues to ignore us, he's the one that looks foolish for not being able to back up the garbage he posts on his own blog.

I love how he claims to have originally provided a link to the "quote", when apparently he didn't even click on said link himself.

Oh and nice to see Radar's psychological projection is still in full effect. I guess by referring to us as "trolls" (this blog is one giant "troll post", if you want to get technical Radar, so we are the ones responding to a troll, not you) and calling us "stupid", "ignorant" and "lazy", he's hoping to throw people off the fact that those are the very descriptors one would use for a blogger who misquotes the United States VP and then makes a huge effing deal about said misquote.

- Canucklehead.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I found:

Vice President Joe Biden “said at a Florida fundraiser Sunday that the 60-seat threshold for passing legislation in the Senate put a dangerous new roadblock in the way of American government,” POLITICO reports.

compare that with radar's post:

Now another communist/socialist finds himself at the head of a powerful nation. What do you think will happen if he continues to consolidate power? The Vice President was quoted last week as saying, at a fundraiser, that the Constitution is "a dangerous new roadblock in the way of American government." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Constitution is a roadblock?! Yes, it is, a roadblock set in place by our founding fathers to keep tyranny and communism and corruption OUT of the government!

I'm missing something here. Did you just misread this somewhere? You want to fix this? I think it is irresponsible not to. If you google "a dangerous new roadblock in the way of American government" Rararactive comes up in the top 4 results. This is just spreading a lie.


radar said...

lava and anonymous, now that I posted the article are you willing to admit you were wrong? Obviously anyone who said they looked for it and could not find it was lying. An apology would be appropriate.

radar said...

This post directly links to the original article and I did not delete or add anything to that portion. It includes the exact language. I am awaiting apologies from lava and anonymous still...

Anonymous said...

"lava and anonymous, now that I posted the article are you willing to admit you were wrong?"

Nope, you still haven't found a full quote, and the fact that you can't find it indicates you were wrong.