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Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Democrats don't get it? Why Republicans should. Why American tea party members do!

youtube credit

The cartoons are from the Center for Individual Freedom a place where citizens go to get away from the hobnobs of the bigwigs.

The youtube is from National Juggernaut, who has a lot of footage of recent political follies and a vintage item or two as well.

Thanks to Len R for the clue-in to Juggernaut!

OH yeah, and do you see the resemblance in the philosophies of Obama and FDR? DID we get OUT of the depression in 1933 or did socialistic policies propel us into the Great Depression???


highboy said...

The idea that spending money you don't have and trying to sustain entitlements that put us in a recession in the first place will somehow boost the economy is a delusion that sadly too many liberals share.

radar said...

Hmmm, the silence is deafening, eh, Highboy? What can they say?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe there's not much point in discussing this issue with people who believe that ..."entitlements (that) put us in a recession".

The idea that the global recession was brought on by 'entitlements' (itself a loaded term) in the USA is poor economics, and that's being overly charitable.