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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Propaganda: AGW proponents are not even hiding it! But they want you to forget their lies and swindles.

I have been mentioning from time to time how Anthropic Global Warming is a farce and given many reasons why, mostly because the data is fudged, changed and even just plain made up by so-called "scientists" who are in fact not worthy of the title.   When you lie about Polar Bear populations dying off including trying to convince people that the Bears are being forced to swim for their lives by a lack of ice?   Preposterous, untrue, ridiculous...if you study Polar Bears you find that overall their numbers are growing, that they can swim for long distances easily and that warming temperatures would probably make life a little easier for them. 

Polar Bears normally have a swimming range of 60 miles and are comfortable swimmers capable of going farther than that.   The above bears are hardly "stranded" but just kind of hanging around watching people.

Here is the link to my primary post on the great weather station did a great job auditing most of the North American weather stations.

2010 is not the hottest year on record. Not even with all the rigged stations and new data collection schemes.  It is my opinion that 1934 is the hottest on record, because it was recorded before people began moving temperature monitoring stations to areas where they would record higher temperatures.   Right now 2010 appears to be the 23rd warmest year...with the junk data included...and I wonder what the readings would really be if no one was trying to play games with the numbers?

What is hard for the world to understand is the hype that is generated by AGW proponents is based on flawed reasoning even when they do not lie about the temperatures.   There simply is not enough CO2 in the atmosphere to have any effect on temperatures.   If CO2 increases it simply makes it more likely that plants will grow bigger and faster and begin decreasing the percentage of CO2 available in the atmosphere, because CO2 is plant food!   Real scientists know this, which makes their continual drumbeat about manmade climate change evil in nature.   When you discover someone is lying, you can figure it must have something to do with either religion or money or both.    With Al Gore, you do the research, it is about the money...I mean the guy has a carbon footprint that probably is bigger than that of any ten of us.   Maybe any twenty of us!   Huge mansion, big cars, private jets...his words belie his actions.

AGW folks have been embarrassed by the CRU and IPCC fiascoes of leaked emails and graphs.   But they have not given up.   They have lied about so many things it is hard to keep up and yet they find that the average man doesn't believe what they say.  Could it be because we can clearly see that the weather has been cooler rather than hotter for most of the Northern Hemisphere in the 21st Century?   Maybe the increased snowfalls might be a clue?    One way we know that AGW is ludicrous is that they claim that EVERYTHING that happens is due to manmade global warming - whether it be earthquakes or tsunamis or hurricanes or snowstorms or rain or heat or cold. 

But now they are blatantly beginning a program to train weather men and women to learn to propagandize the public.  They do not want Amy Freeze to tell you about chances of precipitation and cloud cover and storm systems and high and low pressure areas without mixing in a few alarms about AGW thrown in order to brainwash the general public.  You think I'm kidding?   Well read it and weep:

TV weathercaster re-education proposed by NSF and GMU


This is really something. The job opening listed below advertises for an NSF funded  program at George Mason University for education of TV weathercasters on how “unusual weather events” are connected to “climate change”. Apparently the “weather is not climate” maxim has been thrown out the window in a desperate attempt to salvage sinking public opinion on the issue.
“This project will focus on establishing a national network of on-air broadcast meteorologists, climate scientists, university research programs, and key climate and weather science organizations, to engage, train, and empower local broadcast meteorologists to educate and inform the American public about climate.”
I suppose this relates to Dr. Kenneth Trenberth’s statement about TV weathercasters in his recent speech preprint to be delivered at the upcoming AMS convention in Seattle.

Nevertheless, the natural variability provides valuable opportunities for ongoing “news” and education, as teachable moments, but many scientists have not been helpful, and many TV weathercasters are poorly informed and sometimes downright hostile (Wilson 2009).
From personal experience, I imagine they’ll be more even more hostile when their TV news director gets a call from the climate re-educators asking why they didn’t link the hailstorm yesterday to global warming.
Get a load of this statement:
It will also adapt and test conflict resolution theory and practice to engage meteorologists who reject the scientific consensus and climate scientists in constructive dialogue.
Here is the PDF hosted at NCAR/UCAR, and here is that PDF put to plain text below.
GMU logo

George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication invites applications for a full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow to support an NSF-funded planning grant titled Making the Global Local: Unusual Weather Events as Climate Change Education Opportunities. The goal of this project is to establish a national network of climate and weather science organizations, and university research and teaching programs, to engage, train, and empower local broadcast meteorologists to educate and inform the American public about climate change. The project will integrate informal learning, mass communication, and experiential learning theories to develop and test new pedagogical approaches to informal science education through frequent mass media exposure, linked to realworld experience (i.e., the local weather). It will also adapt and test conflict resolution theory and practice to engage meteorologists who reject the scientific consensus and climate scientists in constructive dialogue. Collaborating institutions include National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, American Meteorological Society, National Weather Association, American Association of State Climatologists, American Geophysical Union, Climate Central, National Environmental Education Foundation, and Yale and Cornell universities.

Candidates must have a PhD in a relevant social or learning science discipline, and a track record of published journal articles and/or conference papers on relevant topics of inquiry including climate change communication, science communication and/or formal or informal science education. Experience in survey research, qualitative data collection, strategic (program) planning, professional development, and climate science is preferred. Additional skills required include competence in planning and multitasking, attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, ability to communicate verbally and in writing, and the ability to adapt to the changing demands of a dynamic research environment.

For full consideration, interested and qualified applicants must submit the online faculty application for position #F9401z. Applications should include (a) cover letter including a statement of research interests and career goals, and names and contact information of two professional references, and (b) a vita.

h/t to Samuel Patterson at


So this is obviously Big Brother making sure that the people in "flyover country"  are properly brainwashed.   Let's make sure that there is a constant drumbeat of AGW until people are seeing hockey stick graphs in their sleep.   If I were you, I would be getting pretty mad about government money being spent to tell me how to think instead of actually telling the truth about climatology.   The elitists are going to keep having big houses and fancy cars and fly in private jets.  President Obama will keep spending millions of dollars taking myriad "vacations" while you and I try to pay the mortgage and buy food and put gas in the car.   

Fortunately for you the freedom of speech that is foundational to this country has not yet been taken away.   It is obvious that the hyper-liberals will begin eroding that right if we allow them to do it.   For now you can still do your own research on subjects like this.   I hope you will consider thinking for yourself.   George Mason University is the place that fired Dr. Caroline Crocker because she mentioned intelligent design and dared to quote Richard Dawkins:

''...the presence of a creative deity in the universe is clearly a scientific hypothesis. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a more momentous hypothesis in all of science." - Richard Dawkins

If you want to see how idiotic some websites can be, just do a Google search for Caroline Crocker.
The hatred and the lies...appalling!  Naturally you do not expect courtesy or wisdom from a P.Z. Myers, but  there are so many Darwinist blogs out there full of hate and nasty language they kind of prove the point that Darwinism degrades society.  Belief in Darwinism certainly seems to degrade civility and common sense.

But Darwinism is a subject for another post, right now you need to understand that the Econuts and the Elitists are determined to brainwash you into blindly accepting Anthropic Global Warming since they have made so many mistakes and engaged in such deliberate fraud that actual climatologists are jumping off of their bandwagon.   So here is Anthony Watts's page on ClimateGate, so you can read up on that subject thoroughly below.    So that is where I will end the discussion for now...but there is more evidence against AGW and I will not be afraid to post it later on, I promise!

If the list below informs you and you are hungry for more, check out the audit of weather stations that Anthony Watt and others began to compile, in the process discovering a widespread effort to artificially raise the temperatures being recorded in North America.


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