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Saturday, March 05, 2011

If we take America for granted we will leave America behind

American tax dollars go to refurbish mosques overseas and provide Islamists with computers and internet service?! Has the world gone MAD? (video included)

So many times I have posted information that indicates that the President of the United States is a radical leftist who is joined at the hip with Unions and Communists and anarchists and other radicals who seek to destroy the moral foundation of the country.   Much of the Obama plan has been to replace Capitalism with Communism and to grow the Federal Government to an enormously unsustainable money-ravenous beast that will destroy the economy and lead to the end of the United States of America as we know it.  Fortunately the majority of Americans do not agree with this agenda and so many of them who voted for Hope and Change now realize that in fact they were asking for Deficits and Unemployment.  Obama has promoted the entitlement mentality that is the exact opposite of the values of hard work and excellence that built America in the first place.

What happens when freedoms are replaced with rule by the State?   North Korea provides an answer and the fact that we are moving along the graph of personal freedoms and government controls from a free republic to a nanny state should frighten you.  Tip of the hat to Johnny Proctor!

N.Korean Soldiers' Wives Flee Hardship at Home

A North Korean crosses a river to flee the repressive country in this screen grab from a program shown on KBS. /Yonhap A North Korean crosses a river to flee the repressive country in this screen grab from a program shown on KBS. /Yonhap 
Increasing numbers of wives of North Korean soldiers are fleeing the Stalinist country despite its "songun" or military-first doctrine, Open Radio for North Korea said Thursday.

Quoting a source in Hoeryong, North Hamgyong Province, the Seoul-based shortwave station said the wives of active-duty servicemen "are bravely deciding to flee the North, leaving their husbands behind, because they find it impossible to eke out a living there."

The source claimed a broker of his acquaintance helped four women who are married to soldiers flee the North in February alone. "They suffered even more severe hardship than ordinary people," the source added.

According to the source, platoon leaders (second lieutenant) and company leaders (first lieutenant) are paid a mere 2,000 won (approximately W750 in South Korean currency, US$1=W1,120) a month. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for their wives to buy even a pair of shoes or a suit of clothes.

Lieutenant colonels and majors commanding a battalion are paid about 5,000 won, just enough to buy 1-3 kg of rice. 

Despite this the regime has banned soldiers' spouses from engaging in any independent business, so the only thing they can do is tend kitchen gardens, the source added.

Besides these hardships, these women are also apparently motivated by privileged information their husbands can provide, especially by news about South Korea and China from traders who visit military units.


Amy Proctor says, Gee thanks, Obama!   You party, refuse to do your duty as Chief Executive and meanwhile the USA begins to fade economically...

Middle East Goes up in Smoke, U.S. Economy in Crisis, and Obamas Party the Week Away

Obama Ends Support for Defense of Marriage Act, Calling it Unconstitutional

China and India to Overtake U.S. as World's Biggest Economies 


I bet Kim Jung-Il is still partying, too.   If you are not the dictator or someone on the "inside" with the administration, your best hope is that you get selected for a "reunion."

N.Korea 'Fattens Up' People for Family Reunions (from December 2010)
North Korea "fattened up" people selected for reunions of families separated by the Korean War with regular meals and vitamins, Ser Spiegel reported Wednesday quoting a U.S. diplomatic cable disclosed by WikiLeaks.

The U.S. Embassy in Seoul filed a report on the reunions in August 2009 that said North Koreans are selected for the reunions based on their loyalty to the state and "transported to Pyongyang and then fattened up with regular meals and vitamins to mask the extent of food shortages and chronic malnutrition in the North."

The same report recounts the experience of a South Korean delegation to the North, who were reportedly asked to provide a "gift" and required to pay "US$50 per person" themselves for a banquet arranged for them.

Another cable, filed by the U.S. Consulate General in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang in 2009, touched on North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. According to the dispatch, one businesswoman, who is powerful enough not to fear the North Koreans, met Kim Jong-il at his guest villa on Mt. Myohyang, where she found the dictator "in good health and spirits." She said she got the impression that Kim, "detail-oriented, charismatic and with a good memory," was in control of everything.

Kim, thought to be seriously ill, seems not to be following doctors' orders and concerned about his health at all," the cable said. He "lit a cigarette as soon as the formal one-hour meeting ended, drank champagne before dinner, whiskey cocktails during the meal, and continued to chain-smoke throughout the private dinner."

It added the businesswoman recalled Kim's mistress, "Kim Ok, sitting on a separate sofa and taking notes."

Since we are having a good dose of bad news, it would be nice to take a break and read Angel's story about a hero named Craig Morgan.   You must go here to read it all, but an excerpt: 

What did country singer Craig Morgan do after his ninth tour of Iraq? Oh, just save two kids from a burning house.

Morgan, best known for songs “Bonfire” and “International Harvester”… now being heralded as a hero after rescuing two children from a burning house in Charlotte, Tenn. last weekend.
“My 14-year-old son Jerry looked up and saw a house on fire, so we pulled into a gas station and ran up there,” …………

“The lady who owned the home came out with a fire extinguisher. I tried to put it out but it didn’t work. One thing led to another and in a matter of just a minute, the side of the house was engulfed by flames.”

It was then that the homeowner informed Morgan that her children were inside.

Country Singer Craig Morgan Rescues Children From Burning House
Using his skills and training as a former EMT, Army paratrooper and sheriff’s deputy, Morgan took immediate action.

“I opened the door and the house was filled with smoke. There was a little two-year-old over in the corner with his face in the couch and when he saw me come in he got scared and took off running,” Morgan said.

“But I snatched him up, then the older child, about six or seven, came out of the bedroom. I grabbed him and took them out to their mom.”
So now I gotta dig him for way more than his music eh?
Men just motivated to serve.
Craig Morgan
No matter the personal risk, they stand unshakable in the face of adversity..."

I hope you go to Angel's blog and read the entire post.   Hoorah, Craig Morgan!!! 


How far is the trip from Republic to Socialist State? 

"Madison warned of such a system, writing, 'In a society under the forms of which the stronger faction can readily unite and oppress the weaker, anarchy may as truly be said to reign as in a state of nature.' ... More often than not, divided government has been the rule. Thus left and right are both stymied by the Constitution, which was designed to frustrate change in favor of freedom. America is ungovernable because the founders never intended the lives of Americans to be governed from the federal capitol." --columnist Adam Graham


The attempt by Barack Obama and his army of communist/leftist/socialist advisors to enlarge the reach of the Federal Government at the expense of individuals and State and Local government is the classic roadmap towards dictatorship.  How can you fail to see it?  

About a year ago I posted the content below...I really nailed it, didn't I?   Do you see that commenters were always saying Hartnett was wrong even though they now deny it?  Ah, having a track record is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why socialism/communism is a Dystopian rather than a Utopian plan

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I will admit that I get a bit weary of deliberately deceptive people sometimes. It is an aspect of blogging that is unavoidable when you make anonymous commenters available so that people can hide behind the mask and make outrageous claims and etc. It appears that I have an average of around 90 visitors per day and few of them ever comment but they do read the posts and most often read the post and not the comments, so I know the effort to make a difference is worth it anyway.

A non-explosive non-controversial post is hard to come up with in these times. Sure, I have random thoughts that are not serious in nature.

You ever notice how hotel showers never have strong enough spray power, so that you feel like you are taking just a fast drip instead of a shower?

Why is it that Cialis commercials wind up with people in bathtubs?

Why does the best team usually LOSE the Super Bowl?

If you have ever had multiple college student kids who need to apply for FAFSA online or has a special health need you understand why the government needs to stay out of healthcare. Government adds layers of bureaucrats and tons of forms. We know a completely crippled woman who is barely hanging on to life who has been trying to get help from the government for literally years with no help given yet.

People are unhappy with me for exposing and fighting against socialism and communism. But you guys miss the point. Most of all, I am against statism/federalism rather than all else. We need to let individual states take care of more of the legislation and reduce the size of the federal government.

The liberal news media is remarkably slanted against conservatives and for progressives and yet the Obama administration is blaming them for making his administration look bad! That is pretty funny. This President cannot get speeches right with two teleprompters at once and the press secretary makes fun of Sarah Palin for writing something on her hand? I have one thing to say - "Corpseman."

I have a son who is quite proficient at knives and swords as a collector, maintenance and also fundamental usages, but I have a handgun anyway. It is still America, thankfully. Ordinary people can own weapons and many times lives are saved. If guns are illegal the criminals would not care anyway, they are CRIMINALS for crying out loud! Most thugs get their weapons through the underground cash-only economy anyway.

It cracks me up when some commenters say I could not possibly have been an atheist (whereas I was probably an agnostic which is a lazy atheist). My former bandmates would laugh. Atheisim is just one worldview I tried on for awhile. Maybe I was just a try everything guy, including witchcraft and meditative chants and LSD/Boo Hoo Bible sessions and checking out Eastern mystery religious ideas. I campaigned for Bobby Kennedy and then went into a time where I mainly focused on getting high and chasing girls/women. I made a lot of money pushing speed but when I started using the needle I sent myself spiraling into the gutter.

After I became a Christian I was surprised to score 99th percentile on my entrance exam so all that dope and booze and LSD did not destroy my brain. Every one of my children has made the honor roll a few times and some of them were star students. One daughter is a law clerk and has given me two grandsons (with her husband's help, natch), one is a full-time mom and one is on scholarship for Art and in her last semester. She will be married at the end of May, hurrah! Three girls, two grandsons and one granddaughter so far.

None of the boys are married yet. One son was a sergeant MP for five years including Afghanistan and has come back to go to school and become a high school history teacher. Another son has his English degree but needs another semester of student teaching to qualify as a high school English teacher. The youngest is a senior in high school and already determined to become an ASE certified auto mechanic through Lincoln College.

My wife had a wild past, too. But as adults we found God and became Christians and we are very happy. People can change, yes, and hopefully for the better. Socialism sounds good and seems to be logical on paper but it cannot work when people are added to the equation.

As I have said before, one of the main reasons I became a Christian was the assignment to write a term paper that describes a Utopia. We were to use the works of BF Skinner and other sources to devise our own Utopian world. I could have just taken stuff from a few sources and spat out a nice paper and obtained my shiny A and moved along. However, I tried to seriously approach the task and came to the end of myself. Man is incapable of devising a Utopia.

Socialism is an attempt to have a Utopian society. But socialism always has Dystopian results. The reason this happens is because socialism draws a society into communism and then into disaster. So when I say socialism I also mean communism because one wants to become the other.

1) People want to succeed and socialism tends to take away the impetus to be productive. Why work your butt off when you are getting basically the same thing as the next guy anyway? Under socialism the wealthy get taxed like crazy and their money given to the poor after the government takes a big chunk of it for themselves. Communism takes away everything from everybody and doles out small portions back out to them all.

2) Communism eventually produces Animal Farm situations, where the few elitists wind up ruling over the many. Socialism takes us back to the days of Kings and serfs. Guess how many of us wind up as serfs? Every communist nation winds up as a form of dictatorship eventually. Check out the nations that are ruled by tyranny and they are almost without exception ruled by a communist dictator or a Islamofascist regime.

3) As socialism begins to take ahold of government, the most successful people move away to more business-friendly environs. The more the US government taxes the very rich, the more of them simply change their nation of residence and avoid most taxes altogether. Back in the 1960's and 70's as Britain became more socialist and anti-rich the actors and rock stars moved themselves to Monaco or some other little country with low tax rates.

4) As socialism begins to take ahold of government, more businesses and banks become nationalized and more successful ones take large parts of their operations elsewhere. Anybody see anything like that happening under the Obama Administration? Yep. Anybody heard of "off-shoring?" Yep.

People can be greedy and selfish and sinful. People can have ambition and dreams and visions. People are capable of love and empathy and charity. People can rob and kill and plunder. Socialism brings out the worst qualities and stifles the best. Ayn Rand is required reading for any of you who do not connect the dots. Check out the history of Russia. China. North Korea. Venezuela. Cuba. You do not see people pouring into these places seeking a chance at a good life. You see lots of people held behind their own borders like prisoners. So it was in the Soviet Union. So it is still in places like Cuba. Look at all the Haitians who sought to flee their ravaged land by boat and come to the USA.

Hey Canucklehead? Why do Canadians with money flee that great socialist ideal, a national healthcare system and come to the US for surgery and treatment? Like Newfoundland's Danny Williams?

"ST. JOHN'S, N.L. -- Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week in the United States." February 2nd, 2010.

How about this excerpt from CBN?

Healthcare Reform: Cure Worse than the Disease?

"...the President and the Democrats are offering a government solution to drive down healthcare costs and make sure everyone has coverage. The Obama plan would create a government-run health insurer to compete with private insurers and would require everyone to have health insurance. But its cost could exceed $1.5 trillion.
The plan would also move America in the opposite direction of many nations who have had government run healthcare and who now want to fix their healthcare systems with less government and more private sector competition.
Britain has had government-run healthcare for about 60 years. And you can find excellent care. But you could also lose a limb or lose a life waiting for care.
In Britain as elsewhere, universal healthcare does not mean universal access to healthcare. Some 750,000 Britons are on National Health Service waiting lists. Roughly 40 percent of British cancer patients never get to see a cancer specialist. And the very best cancer drugs may not be available if they're too expensive.
You may have seen commercials warning about the consequences of adopting British-style government-run healthcare. The spots by the group Conservatives For Patients Rights say, "Before Congress rushes to healthcare, listen to those who already have government-run healthcare. In Britain, Katie Brickell, denied the pap test that could have saved her from cervical cancer..."
We located Katie in London and wanted to check out her story. She told us she was indeed denied a pap smear by the National Health Service when she was 19 and again when she was 20. At 23, she was diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer.
"The doctor's first question was, 'why haven't you had a smear test'? And I said 'I wasn't allowed one.'"
Also featured in the CPR ads warning American patients about government-run healthcare is British cancer specialist Karol Sikora of Cancer Partners UK.
"They'll lose their choice completely; lose control of their destiny within the medical system," he said.
Dr. Sikora told us he's taken a lot of heat for publicly criticizing Britain's NHS in the American ads, but he still insists that a system like Britain's is not the answer to America's healthcare problems.
"The NHS is great in many ways. But there's a lot in it the Americans would never put up with: waiting times, delays, rationing," he said.
"What the NHS essentially does now is ration care. Ration drugs, for cancer, my specialty, ration procedures, create waiting times and so on. These are the features Americans really wouldn't like about the NHS," he added."

Socialism doesn't work. It turns capitalist democracies into second-world countries struggling in a global economy. It becomes communism and produces tyrannical dictatorships. It never does what is intended theoretically. Sure, Robin Hood is a fun story and the Musketeers could cry, "All for one and one for all!" In the real world the most successful system is some kind of democracy with a free enterprise system as underpinning. This is what America was and what we are beginning to lose to Obama and his fellow elitists.

1878 Communism Cartoon by Thomas Nast. Wood engraved cartoon by the famous political cartoonist Thomas Nast, published in an 1878 issue of Harper's Weekly. It shows communism portrayed as a skeleton and destroyer of home and family. The caption reads, "Home Sweet Home! There's No Place Like Home!"

The joke is on those who believe in communism or socialism because all successful nation-states act as capitalists in the world market. Red China pumps out billions of toys and games and clothing and the state makes a killing while the people are mostly a nation of serfs. You don't see Red China offering to share her wealth with Japan and Russia and others, do you? Not unless you count high-interest loans. But that is a sad story for another day. The USA may face two choices: war with China or national bankruptcy. Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress is riding that horse hellbent-for-leather in that direction right now.

So all you trolls who had to go look up Dystopian? Don't tell me I don't know anything about socialism or communism. How about instead you go learn something about it. Go read Orwell and Rand and then go read Marx and Skinner and you tell me which side knows what is what? Maybe you should go find out who Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis might have believed and taught? Oh yeah, and while you are at it check out the serial killer who posed as a man of the people, the murderous and hateful Che Guevera! Read up on a couple of guys named Hitler and Goebbels, and then Josef Stalin and finally the worst of them all, Chairman Mao! Socialists and communists slaughtered more than 100 million civilians in the 20th century, not counting many civilians who died during actual fighting in World War Two. How dare you defend socialism and communism if you actually know nothing about them? Why not start a Jeff Dahmer admiration society while you are at it or buy a John Gacy painting on eBay? Maybe form an neighborhood Eugenics club and invest money in the abortion industry while you are at it.

Then maybe you can show the readers of this blog ONE successful communist country. Just one. I don't mean that the leaders are well off, I mean a country where the people are well off!

Maybe then you can explain why foreign leaders with government-run healthcare systems come over here to be treated? Is there a possibility that the US health care industry is actually the best in the world and even if flawed is far better than anything this ridiculous government could run? If it takes 2,000 pages to produce a bill that references other bills thousands of times just to describe the system then what makes you think there will not be multiple thousands of various bureaucrats making a living off of paper shuffling at your expense while you wait for a chance to maybe get a life-saving operation?


My doctor has had to join a cooperative and raise his fees, in fact almost double them!   Corporations are laying off workers or offshoring when faced with the costs of Obamacare.   The deficit has soared under Obama and Unemployment has risen under Obama just as I predicted.   

I will go farther.   Both State and Federal Senates and Houses have to work hard now to decrease the power of the Federal Executive Branch, which has far exceeded its bounds.   The famous and beloved first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, was actually to some extent to blame for the growth of the Executive Branch as he made the decision that preservation of the Union was more important than strictly following the Constitution in some areas like Habeas Corpus, although he did work hard to establish full personhood for the freed former slaves.   Most Presidents since Lincoln have slowly increased the Federal grasp (and many before him as well) as we have become less a classic Republic over time.   The wisdom of those who wanted to make the US more of a Confederation of States rather than a Republic must now be considered.   Fortunately as the Congress still has the best grasp of the national purse-strings and is supposed to represent the people, a complete repudiation of the Big Government Beltway Boys this coming November in States and 2012 in the National Elections can still save the day.

Liberal loons and old-style machine politicians as well as crooks aligned with SEIU and ACORN and other such groups as well as RINOs should be replaced with people who represent the people.   Only a Congress in classic Constitutional Conservatives can head off the disaster that is coming at the pass...if indeed we can all hold out that long.   Will we be rationing electricity, gasoline and food by 2012?  

Back in 1994, Congress was taken by Conservatives who promised a "Contract With America" and many of them adhered to their cause...but some fell prey to the lures of the Beltway and Newt Gingrich and others failed to keep their promise.   Nevertheless the work of the Conservative Congress gave us a pretty good economic boost until 9/11 came along.

This time we need all the statesmen and men of character that can be mustered to take Congress all the way back and get the nation headed in the right direction.   What can happen if a strong Conservative leader heads a Conservative Congress?   A leaner, more efficient Federal Branch and prosperity as jobs are created and energy resources are tapped and dispersed. 

The finale - Amaze Your Friends!

Amaze your friends and co-workers and make yourself irresistible to women with the power of ENERGY STATISTICS

Subsidy Doping
Subsidy Doping

What is a Megwatt hour?  It’s simple kids, just go around your house and turn on ten 100 watt lamps for an hour. That’s a kilowatt.  Now imagine you’re not going to turn on ten lamps for an hour, but one thousand.  That’s a Megawatt.  Or as Gore calls it, “atmosphere lighting for my Nobel.”


  1. CLEAN COAL         $29.81
  2. WIND                     $24.34
  3. SOLAR                   $23.39
  4. NUCLEAR               $01.59
  5. HYDROELECTRIC   $00.67
  6. COAL                     $00.44
  7. GAS                       $00.25

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