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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Academic Freedom in America? Only if you will fight for it because it isn't here today.

Dave D’Alessandro of The Star-Ledger: "It was Jerry Rubin, the 1960s counterculturalist, who observed that 'the power to define the situation is the ultimate power.' 

Darwinists spin the scientific battle as a bunch of religious nuts propounding preposterous and unscientific claims in the name of religion.   They should go look into a mirror.   The ignorance and lies are on the Darwinism side.   If you have spent a few months reading the comments thread and you are smart and think critically you will already understand this.   

As it happens, Darwinism is not supported by the evidence.   But most people have no idea what the evidence is, because the message is controlled by Darwinists.   Think George Orwell and 1984.   Everywhere you go and in magazines and on television and in schools and colleges and pop culture and movies and pretty much any kind of media are all singing the same tune.   "Evolution and millions and billions of years."   This is why you do not see the commenters present worthwhile evidence.   They ask all sorts of loaded questions that frame the answer to fit into their scenarios.   Okay, so Darwinism is the equivalent of the Stalins that ruled millions of serfs behind the Iron Curtain while controlling all the media and government-instituted brainwashing from childhood.

Yet there was Radio Free Europe broadcasting the truth from outside the Iron Curtain.  There were incredibly brave people finding ways to smuggle Bibles in past armed guards.  Some of them were caught and imprisoned, some traded back for prisoners, some were killed and some sent off to Siberia to rot.  Yet the truth did eventually get out, the Communist Tyrants were deposed, the Berlin Wall came down and freedom was available to those who could handle it and preserve it.   In some areas of the former USSR it is sadly a case of one form of tyranny coming in to take over the original.   Freedom is free but it isn't cheap.

Of course Darwinism is part and parcel of the religion of naturalistic materialism.    Various offshoots like atheism and humanism are based on the idea that the Universe that is all there is. "The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be."   This is a religious statement and not a scientific one.  Carl Sagan had not one shred of proof for this statement and in fact the statement was unsupported by evidence.   Since we see that matter is not being created or destroyed there is NO WAY that the Universe can make itself.   It is preposterous in the extreme to think that it could happen and frankly the idea that life could form from non-life is also preposterous in the extreme.

Yesterday I presented a fifteen dollar video for you who want to seek truth and think for yourself.   Watch it and you will be amazed at what secular science doesn't actually want you to know.

Today I am recommending that your read a free online source which will give you some background on real science and why it actually was born in the minds and hearts of creationists.

From Y1K to Y2K

by David F. Coppedge
c. 2000 David F. Coppedge, Master Plan Productions
By the way, David Coppedge was also a member of the aerospace community until he was illegally fired by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for being a Christian.    You think they fire folks for passing out copies of Nature or a book by Richard Dawkins at the JPL?   But when Coppedge offered his DVD to those who showed an interest the powers that be decided "off with his head!"  

It is time for academic freedom to return to this country and for the censors to be tossed out on their butts to go get real jobs instead of working overtime to keep the public dumbed-down.   

It will wind up costing the JPL a pretty nice chunk of change and that is a good thing because stopping the censorship and bullying is one of the first steps to overthrowing tyranny.   Darwinism in this country is pure tyranny, 99 and 44 per cent fairy tales and not based on evidence.   I will keep giving you sources so stay tuned!