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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dare we discuss the roots of racism and what has grown from them today? Darwinst seeds grow racist trees producing murderous fruit!

George Washington Carver was black. John Wayne Gacy was white.   Your point?

Racism is a sign of ignorance and/or misguided sense of superiority in the minds of the elitist rich who've never had to actually work for a living. 

Look under the rock of racism and Darwinism scurries out. As it runs away it changes its name to Eugenics and then to Planned Parenthood and finally it calls out for "A woman's right to choose!" It does so over its shoulder as it runs away from the underlying evil of abortion.    But abortion is murder and simply changing the word doesn't change the deed.

Abortion is murder perpetrated on innocents.  It is the murderous attack of an adult,in a lab coat armed with instruments of death and a suction tube on the most helpless of humans; the baby in the womb.  This has happened over 53 million times since an injudicious Supreme Court ruled the wrong way on Roe v. Wade.  53 million lives taken, Innocent lives, helpless lives, ended before they had a chance to see the Sun or the face of the mothers who sentenced them to death.  This is more death than Hitler accounted for in concentration camps, more than Stalin killed behind the Iron Curtain, perhaps even more than the untold millions of Chinese slaughtered by Mao and his henchmen. 

Abortion is very often genocide aimed primarily at people of color and to a lesser extent whatever white neighbors they have. Abortion comes directly from a belief in Evolution and this belief asserts that the white race is more evolved than the black, brown, yellow and red races.   Abortion was the brainchild of elitists who believed that the rich and white were superior to all others.  If they could not harness people of color like horses and use them to harvest their fields then they preferred that they simply be exterminated but without being uncivilized about it.   Sterilization and birth control were the first weapons of choice against the colored and the poor but, when society balked at forced sterilization the Eugenicists began to think outside the box and wound up inside the womb.   Once Hitler's excesses were known the Eugenicists all had to change names and put new signs on the doors but inside they were the same people with the same plans.


As someone who is almost entirely of white heritage, I am angry and ashamed and insulted that I in any way would be associated with the Darwinists and Eugenicists and Elitists and Nazis and Racists and Klansmen who have perpetuated this terrible lie and committed uncounted atrocities against members of the human race. I reject Darwin, I reject Galton and Malthus and Sanger and Hitler emphatically!  Furthermore I categorically reject any politician who supports abortion no matter what party they belong to or what other accomplishments they can claim.   If I have one issue that takes precedence above all else, it is that a candidate I vote for must be Pro-Life rather than pro-death.

When I discovered the movie Maafa21, I realized that it could be viewed for free on YouTube at this time.  It is true that the movie is a story being told from the black perspective, but people who are tinted more yellow and red and brown are also being targeted.   In fact, any white folks who are unfortunate enough to have financial difficulties will find themselves in close proximity to an abortion clinic likely as not.  I felt that the story needed to be told but I also felt a responsibility to the men and women who worked hard to research and produce the movie.   So before I wrote this blog I ordered the movie directly from the website.   Also, once my blog has been up for a week's time I will alert the organization Life Dynamics .com so that they can ask the YouTube presenter to remove the videos if they so choose.

My hope is that you will decide to purchase the DVD and watch it at home and thoughtfully consider all it has to say.

I am also well aware that Darwinism led to Eugenics which led to many atrocities but I will not pretend that Darwinism is the only reason for racism.   There are those who are ignorant and those who are fearful and those who have been brainwashed to hate those who are different in some way.  Some folks see only one color and that is the color of money.   So it is not so simple to say that abortion is all about genocide because it is a multi-billion-dollar industry.   Yet there is sufficient hard evidence at hand to assert that the primary mover and shaker behind the move to legalize abortions was the desire expressed by Eugenicists to rid the world of those they considered inferior.

Perhaps you think I am presumptuous to pretend to speak for the black and brown and yellow and red people but the point is not the shade of melanin (and we all have it other than albino individuals) but the matter of our common humanity.   We all pump red blood through our veins and we all have white bones and we are all related if you go back far enough.   About 4300 years ago Noah's family stepped off of the Ark and every last one of us are descended from those eight people.   Go far enough back and we are the same.   So I do not dare speak for the black man, I speak for the man.   I speak for mankind.   I believe that the message that Maafa21 has for us needs to be heard and seriously considered and by people of every single shade of color there is. 

Recognize any names? Darwin? Galton? Sanger?

Carnegie? Rockefeller? Huxley? McCormick? Hitler?

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Supreme Court Justice? Theodore Roosevelt?

Jesse Jackson? (What hypocrisy that in 1971 Jesse Jackson saw abortion as an attack on the black people and now sees it as a part of his party's cause for existence?)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican and obviously an advocate for racial equality. However, it is obvious that the elitist attempts by the richest (and mostly Democrat) eugenicists to kill off the black population by means of birth control and abortion led to black groups that quit seeking equality and began planning for warfare. Race and class warfare was begun at a different level in the United States and it would subtly co opt an entire group of people in the most subtle of ways.

Roberta Flack wrote a song in which she sang; "killing me softly with his song, killing me softly..." Soon the Democrats had determined a two-prong plan of attack to kill the black populace softly. Planned Parenthood was in their left hand. The welfare state was offered by the right hand. Both hands held poison. To this day the majority of the black race doesn't see what has been done to them because so many of their leaders have actually endorsed that very weapons of warfare that have been pointed at their constituents!

Jesse Jackson? He was bought off. Democrats found it convenient to simply buy off a few black leaders and bring them into the center of the party in order to advance their anti-black agenda. If they couldn't kill them or send them overseas or sterilize them, they could abort their children and find ways and means to lock them into poverty in the inner-city ghettos.

The NAACP? Bought off.

Sadly, there were and still are those who are labeled Republicans who share the same elitist agenda. This is apparent in the dismissal of Samuel Yette and the withdrawal of his book, The Choice, from publication despite its popularity. This charge can be laid at the feet of Richard Nixon, so-called conservative icon before Watergate, who was not just the crass, foul-mouthed bully revealed in the Watergate scandal but was in addition a hard-hearted ruthless racist! Richard Nixon, racist and as a matter of fact, yes, you were a crook!

John Rockefeller? Guilty. He was the impetus and the money behind the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights.

Also, Clarence Gamble (every heard of Proctor & Gamble?) is numbered amongst the elitist cabal. UNESCO and the UN? Guilty.

Lyndon Baines Johnson? Of course. George H.W. Bush? Harry S. Truman? Dwight D. Eisenhower? Nancy Pelosi. That one was no surprise. Pelosi has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood.

NSSM 200. By 1974 the US Government and the UN were officially conspiring to rid not only the US but indeed the entire world of as many people of color as possible!

Any third-world country that needs aid after a natural disaster is blackmailed into allowing abortion clinics and birth control before receiving aid from the UN or the US Government!

RU 486 was also developed for the same ends...

Nelson Rockefeller? Yep. Henry Kissinger? Of course. Gerald Ford? Yep.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and Ted Turner? Oh, yeah! Surprised that Standard Oil of New Jersey and Rockefeller were partnered with I.G. Farben, the producers of Zyklon-B (the concentration camp death gas used by the Nazis) and designers of the death rooms? How ironic is it that the same (renamed) company that produced Zyklon-B also developed RU-486?

Naturally Bill Clinton pushed on the accelerator to get the government putting more money into the abortion business not only here but overseas.

But Barack Obama is at least one-half black, is he not? Why would the Obama Administration be funneling a million dollars a day to Planned Parenthood? Why would he be supporting what has been shown to be intentional genocide against his own, so to speak?

I have to warn you, the "Take Care Down There" portion of this clip is disgusting beyond measure, and particularly since it was designed for children?! The above clip also includes the now-famed calls from donors wanting to give money to the Planned Parenthood people specifically to kill minority babies.

Alveda King fights against this genocide with the fervor of her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King but who listens?

I believe it is time for the black and brown and yellow and red and white folks to vote out every single politician who supports abortion.    It is the official position of the Democrats, so that means they need to change their minds or change their occupations, right?   

Also, every wishy-washy Republican who in any way is willing to leave the question unanswered must be cornered and challenged.   Are you 100% Pro-Life?  If not, I will seek to get you tossed out in the primaries.   I hope I will still be alive when this nation stops arguing over and politicizing color and learns to appreciate the individual for the content of his or her character and the beauty and joy of his or her talents with no regard to the exterior tint. I hope I will still be alive when I see the nation stay the host of baby executioners and put an end to the holocaust against the unborn.  

The time is now to put down the race card and the class card and pick up the life card.   Every baby deserves a chance to live.   If you are reading this, you were given the chance to live the life God gave you.   You should be thankful to your God for creating you and to your mother for bearing you!   Now you can give back by working to end this continual holocaust against the unborn. 

Do you understand now where institutionalized racism came from?   Do you see the underpinnings of evil?   Darwinism brings with it a host of evils and one of the most heinous is that to believe in Darwinism is to have no regard for the sanctity and value of human life. 

I will end this with Roberta Flack singing.   Look at that face, listen to her wonderful voice, the expressions the piano produces from the touch of her fingers and the heartfelt phrasing of the words and tell me that this woman is of an inferior race?   Never in a million years.   As a young man I adored her music and sang harmonies to her songs when they came over the radio.   I sang along with Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix and I laughed myself to exhaustion listening to Cheech and Chong records.   I harmonized with all the Beatles and tried to keep up with the huge range of Robert Plant and got down with Tower of Power.   I didn't care what color or nationality they were.   Why should you?