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Friday, August 31, 2012

Darwinists fail Information Final Exam. "F" is final grade.


Reverend Fun and Ian Juby are helping me out with this post!   All the cartoons are linked and all Ian Juby videos come from Wazooloo channel.   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand away we go!!! 

Oh, and at the end I might have a surprise guest.  No, not Clint, he was already booked!

For quite some time I have invited Darwinists to provide me with a natural source for information.   Really, I gave them an easy final exam.    It consisted of one question asked in various way like this:

What is a natural source for information? 
Give me a natural source for information?
Go ahead and present a valid natural source for information...  

Go ahead and check out their comments. Go ahead, make my day!!! 

Well, they couldn't do it.  They didn't have any bullets in their gun, as it turns out.  A whole lot of nuthin' from Darwinists!


Several posts.  Lots of comments and none of them able to answer the question.   Go to:

The Great Darwinist Information Invitation

What do we get?  Well, I can tell you what we do NOT answer!  The commenters had a few lame answers that were obviously incorrect and then began to try to conduct their own test for me but that was not the point.  The point was to give them a chance to give me, to give us ONE ANSWER.

Now, my IQ tests and SAT and ACT tests all classify me as a genius and I could join MENSA if I liked.  But the fact is that I am just really good at taking tests.   I am very competitive and when I got into college I wanted to get all "A" report cards and be on the Dean's list.   My grade point average not counting the semester the Army drafted me and took me physically away from class with two finals yet to come?  3.88 GPA.   I tested out at 99th percentile on SAT and ACT exams.   So I am smart.  But I am not a genius.   Jonathan Sarfati?  Now THAT guy is a genius!   Ian Juby did join MENSA in Canada and I believe he did so to aid his ministry.  He may well be an actual genius.  I love his youtubes!   I am not going to pay for the label of "genius" just because I am good at taking tests.   But I am smart.  It is a fact.  I was born into a smart family, had a mother who taught me to read at an early age and a father who encouraged me to read books.   


Yes, I do think Ian Juby IS a genius!   Thanks, Ian!!!

I had lots of advantages.  I am thankful for those advantages.  My parents wanted me to be what I wanted to be.  In the end, I wanted a family and a wife and a great life more than I wanted money.   So I have lots of kids and am beginning to pile up grandkids and that makes driving older cars worthwhile.  My wife shops carefully and we are trying to make it through the Obama economy until Romney wins and business picks up again.  Thank God for thrift shops and Aldi Foods!!!

I know the difference between an answer and a non-answer.   If you were taking a math exam and were asked to provide the square root of 81 you have only one possible correct response.   If you put down something like "Is a rectangle also a square?" you will have missed the question.  The answer is 9 by the way.   Only a correct response works.    I now invite all of you to read the comments thread of the above-linked post and identify an answer?  I tried to lure them and coerce them into just giving me a doggone answer several times and I even asked the question or tried to draw them out in subsequent posts:

Information? Is this an answer???!!!

More information!!!! Darwinists claim DNA does not hold information? Seriously?

What Darwinist commenters do is either change the subject or ask questions instead of stepping up to answer.   As it happens, my primary journalism teacher gave two of his students the right to grade a stack of papers for him in exchange for getting to leave early for the holidays.   Brian and I were both in the top five in the class and he trusted us and we did go through the papers and check them for various errors in spelling and so on, using the AP Style Guide as our reference when there was a question.   I still have that style guide.  The tests were part essay and part multiple choice answers, so we had no problems grading the multiple choice questions and we weeded out spelling errors and obvious grammatical mistakes in the essays and left Mr. Brady with the task of determining the quality of said essay answers.

We were culling through information!   We needed intelligence to be able to do so, the people taking the tests needed intelligence to answer and in the end Mr. Brady would determine the quality of the information provided in the essay answers.  Now I work in the information industry and I know the difference between the containers of information and the information itself.  My commenters pretend that they do NOT know this because that is one way to dodge the issue.  Too bad, so sad and you still fail the course!


I do wish today's journalists would at least try to separate news from editorials.  We used to be taught to know the difference.   For your information, since this is a blog it is in essence an editorial page published online, consisting of my opinions backed up by articles, references and quotes.  I rarely do a news report (although I do news stories on another blog) here because it is my opinion page.  It is a worldview blog.   So commenters choose to come here and I let them.   They claimed they could answer questions about information so I gave them a platform to do so and they have failed abysmally to do it.   They have earned their "F!"

Suppose you were in a courtroom and had been sworn in and an attorney asked you for your name.  Could you give him the answer, or would you ask him to define "name" and then ask him if he could discuss the heritage of his own surname and give a dissertation on common usage of various popular first names in the 20th Century?   Do you think he would allow you to go on and on?  Would the judge allow you to ramble on?  No.  You would be required to state your name.   If you did not know your name, poor thing, then you would have to admit this under oath.  

But this is not a court of law and commenters are not required to appear.  They do not have to answer the question.  They could ignore the entire thing.   How telling is it that they try and fail?  Anyway, today is the last day of August.   We have the Labor Day Weekend before us here in the USA.  So it is a long weekend.   I plan to do some reading.   I plan to have some fun.   I definitely plan to relax and get ready to work hard in September and have some success.   What I will not do is bother with asking Darwinists to answer this question again.    There is obviously no point to it.  It is like asking a dog to translate French into Russian. 

So we have come to the end of the trail with Darwinism and information.   Not one commenter could give me an answer to the question.   So I refer one and all to my very comprehensive post on the subject, an online publication memorializing the failure of Darwinism to address this basic question:

The Ultimate Information Post

I published that on Sunday, January 23, 2011 and it remains as relevant now as it did then, a clear and comprehensive look at the subject of information and the fact that information is NOT material in form or substance and has NO NATURAL SOURCE!!!

But I do have another question for Darwinists and I am sure they will squirm and worm and wriggle to avoid answering it as well.  Stay tuned and try to have a safe and enjoyable LOOOOOOOOOOOONG WEEEEEEEEEEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HMMMMMMMMMMM. Do you wonder what the next question that Darwinists will probably NOT be able to answer?

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