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Friday, October 19, 2012

Antony Flew absolutely "flew the Darwinist coop" with clear thinking and purpose.

Sometimes they wake up from their intellectual slumber...Yes, most of the world simply goes from day to day.   Go to work, go home, relax, watch television, sometimes hang out with friends, sometimes do yard work, yawn, go to sleep.  Wake up, wash up, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed and start it all again.

How many search for the meaning of life and seek the answers to questions other than those in their textbooks?  How many are willing to think about the things they are told and really consider them?  You see, ideas are not meant to be like paintings hung in a museum, not to be touched, just look upon one for awhile and move on to the next because the next person in line is anxious. Great Ideas are like precious diamonds, cut to perfection, meant to be viewed from multiple angles and sides, allowed to reflect the Sun in beautiful patterns on the walls of your mind, mulled over and understood.  The Bible fully chewed, swallowed and digested is the ultimate Food of Wisdom and Truth.  Antony finally got it!

Antony Flew spent most of his life denouncing God and Christianity, but Antony Flew didn't ever entirely close his mind.  One day he picked up the idea of God and allowed that light to pass through it and he saw the beautiful patterns on the walls of his mind and they cut through like laser beams into his very soul.  Antony Flew realized God IS and WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE!   


Letters From the Dead: Antony Flew Posthumously Defends "There is a God" Through Letters Recently Made Public

Author and Christian apologist Anthony Horvath has released letters he received from Antony Flew, world renowned atheist, who abandoned atheism in the years leading up to his death. Flew detailed his journey from atheism to belief in a book that critics contend Christians corrupted for their own interests. Flew's personal correspondence with Horvath undercuts many of the arguments attempting to get into Flew's mind, because Flew's letters themselves offer clarity. The letters have been made available in an e-book.

(PRWEB) September 24, 2012 

Dr. Antony Flew, hailed as the world’s most influential philosophical atheist, abandoned atheism in the years leading up to his death, sending shock waves throughout religious and philosophical communities. He detailed his journey from atheism to belief in a book that critics contend Christians have corrupted to further their own interests. Critics claim that Dr. Flew lost his faculties due to old age and that the book and its arguments were fabricated by a Christian apologist, that is, a defender of the Christian faith

Dr. Flew, who died in 2010, was the foremost advocate for atheism for nearly five decades, taking on such stalwarts of faith as C.S. Lewis, another famous atheist-turned-Christian whom Flew termed "by far the most powerful of Christian apologists for the sixty or more years following his founding of [the Socratic Club]."

Having yet another atheist apologist convert deals a stinging blow to the atheist cause. To this day, the attempt to marginalize Dr. Flew and his conversion rages on.
Richard Dawkins, arguably the most prominent advocate of atheism today, predictably dove into character assassination, along with many others, claiming Dr. Flew was senile and had lost his capacity for clear philosophical argument. This is to be expected from militant atheists such as Dawkins, who openly stated in March 2012 at the Reason Rally that when reason fails to sway someone to reject a god the appropriate tactic is "ridicule and contempt."

(Radar - ridicule and contempt are what Darwinists substitute for evidence.  You are welcome!)

Does the criticism aimed at undoing the influence of "There is a God" have merit? Was Dr. Flew just a senile old man prayed upon and exploited by faith-mongers? Did, Roy Varghese, Christian co-author of "There is a God," put ideas and words in Dr. Flew's mouth? With the release by Anthony Horvath, author, apologist, and executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, of personal correspondence predating the public announcement of Dr. Flew's book, critics arguments are shown to be vacuous.
Dr. Flew's correspondence, written by his own hand long before the announcement of his book detailing his 'conversion,' puts to rest many of the assertions leveled by atheist attackers.

In the letters, Flew speaks openly about the forthcoming book, what it would be about, and the points it would make. Horvath's letters conclusively show that many of the examples insinuated to be fabrications of co-authors truly were Dr. Flew's own arguments and illustrations. They are a devastating rebuttal to atheist attacks.
Horvath says, "It is unreasonable to expect Flew to address in detail every charge that would be made about him years before they are made, especially when the number of charges came to rival the number of universes in the multiverse. I do not contend that these letters answer every charge, but there are a fair number of instances where specific challenges made by atheist critics can be decisively fought off."

Horvath has made the letters available in an e-book to set the record straight. He says, "Atheists may not like the fact that a longtime ally deserted them, but that doesn't mean sanity deserted the ally. Follow the evidence; don't denigrate the man."

(Radar - Following the evidence is not something Darwinists enjoy doing.   Their comfort zone consists of the well-defined boundaries of the Darwinist mythology.  Evidence?  They don't need no stinkin' evidence!  A Cambodian Temple has carvings of stegosaurs?  Let's pretend they are hippos.   A human footprint and a dinosaur footprint are found together?  There must have been a dinosaur with a human-like footprint...or a genius created a fake no one can pick apart..or let's forget the whole thing and talk about something else. A T.Rex fossil actually has blood and other remains?  Had to be contamination.  Or bacteria.  Or let's talk about something else again.  How about let's go out and see a movie or something?  Acamabaro figurines are actually quite ancient and depict dinosaurs accurately?  Send down some clown pretending to be an investigator to call them fakes and ignore the facts.  Facts?  Ouch!  Darwinists do not like facts.  Let's go see that movie!) 
Horvath gives one example, where one critic doubts the integrity of Flew's book "There is a God" because it doesn't make reference to the 'Deism of Jefferson' but in his letters, "Flew does reference Deism, but cites Einstein--which is the same illustration the book gives."

The most serious charge made was that Flew was unaware of just how much of the book would be written by the co-author, but in one of the letters he writes, “What this book will also contain is a great deal, indeed by far the larger part from Christian writers.”

Horvath argues, "Pretty much every description of his book given to me by Dr. Flew himself in his letters to me matches up with what came out in the book. It is reasonable to give the rest of the book the benefit of the doubt. If Varghese got these points right, he likely got the rest right, as well."

The e-book, "A Defense of the Integrity of Antony Flew’s 'There is a God' From His Own Letters" is available for the Kindle and the Nook or directly from Horvath's web page.

Anthony Horvath
Athanatos Christian Ministries
Email Information


I still hate the fact that Christopher Hitchens died an atheist!   Hate the idea, he was a good sort with a bad religion, the kind of man who may well have followed in Antony Flew's footsteps had he lived longer and considered the arguments of Christians a few more years.   But he died too young and without God.  

But Antony Flew absolutely rejected atheism and became a Christian.   You may not like the concept but it is one of those uncomfortable facts.  The kind of fact that is not open to question.   Christopher Hitchens and Antony Flew are dead.   Their bodies were left behind.  Both men know what is on the other side of life but, sadly, the knowledge is good news to only one of them...

Darwinism is atheism plus neo-evolution, an elixer designed to take away all those pesky evidences of creation that cause a person to realize that there absolutely MUST be a God to have input all this design and information and perfectly balanced physical laws to allow for a planet where mankind could observe the Universe and comprehend it well enough to make great use of the various materials of Earth.  There MUST be a God to have created life, because it cannot create itself.  There MUST be a God to have created all matter and energy, for matter and energy do not create themselves.  There MUST be a God because there is logic and reason and a Universe that can be studied and understood.  Not a mishmosh of randomness that would be the expected result of some accidental miraculous explosion of nothing into everything with no cause and no purpose.  You really want to bet your life on that?

You are alive, you draw one breath after another and your heart beats.  It's not too late for you to pick up that diamond that is the idea of the God of the Bible and hold it up to examine.  Look through every facet, let the sunlight shine through it, forget the dark mutterings of naysayers like Richard Dawkins and really give God a chance to get to your heart as he did to me, as he did to Antony.   It's not too late!

The Sunlight of reason leads to the Son of God!

2 Peter 3:9 - English Standard Version (ESV)

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

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