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Monday, October 22, 2012

DNA disproves Darwinism - Ian Juby Strikes Again!

DNA - How long does it last?    We have a half-life for it, so we can conclude safely that anything a couple of million years old cannot possibly have any DNA intact/

Do Darwinists want to know?  Since we have evidence of DNA remnants in fossils supposedly many millions of years old, then you know the answer,

Uhm...well, no. 

Ian Juby is a brilliant man. His YouTubes are insightful, humorous and filled with information.  Frankly this video alone should prompt you to research the publicized discoveries of flesh and blood and even fungi and bacteria revived back to life after supposedly being dormant for millions of years.   Hopefully you will find that there are many such discoveries but they are not shouted from the rooftops like Darwinist mythology.

Wazooloo YouTube channel has this and many other great videos.  His website is here.   Now you have a lot of catching up to do IF you really like learning...


Jon W said...

As usual, you (and Juby) fail to understand the meaning of half-life. Or of the research you're talking about.

radar said...

After your comments about the 2LOT and information, if you think I am wrong it is encouraging. Thanks for being consistently out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fun subject to do a post on: are rape pregnancies the will of God?

Stormbringer said...

"Anonymous said...

"Here's a fun subject to do a post on: are rape pregnancies the will of God?"

How about this? "Do people who want to distract from the evidence presented always come up with utter nonsense?"