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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Darwinists? "You can see where their insanity is coming from, but it is nonsense to say the least!" What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part 8!

"You can see where their insanity is coming from, but it is nonsense to say the least!" - Ian Juby (from video 16) revealing the way Darwinists fool the public with falsehoods.

Evolution is not science.    Evolution is religion.  People like Phil Gingerich and Ernst Haeckel have been known to intentionally mislead people.   Some Darwinists actually believe their own stories.  Sad but true!

Great material from Ian Juby, made four years ago but still recent enough to cover the subject thoroughly and intelligently.   This is part eight of the series that began on December 2nd on this blog.   The videos are made from a series taught by Ian Juby in, I believe, 2008.   Here is Ian's online YouTube site.

The end of the second video includes an analysis of the Chinese character for several words which will probably blow your minds!   Be sure to watch it!

Walt Brown is one of a few men who have put together a consistent explanation for the apparent tearing apart of a probable Pangea-like single continent or the separation of very close landmasses.    Creationists are working on these varying suggestions and seeking answers.  Darwinists?  They just make stuff up and jam it down your throat with little regard as to whether it might be true.  Dr. Brown makes his online book free for you to read at this link.

You can purchase it here if you prefer holding a book in your hand and having it on your shelf.   Also DVD and other items as well.   But Dr. Brown is happy to give out the information for free at his site.

I recommend reading the online chapter from Christian Men of Science: Eleven Men Who Changed the World about Walt Brown found here.   Walt Brown became an outstanding student and military officer, graduating from West Point, moving rapidly up the ladder by dint of hard work, brilliant and resourceful thinking and study.    Eventually the Air Force managed to get him away from the Army and he was on the fast track for general at an early age.   But he eventually decided pursuing Truth trumped personal goals and turned away from certain future success as one of the military's best and brightest to pursue the study of geology and the Genesis Flood and the evidence available now to science.  


"...Brown had been teaching at the War College for several years and was offered a splendid job as the Director of the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory near Boston. He seriously considered this job because it would put him around experts in geology and geophysics, even if they were evolutionists. Brown was now very interested in geology because of his study of the global flood. His investigation of creation and the flood had started as scientific curiosity, but as he saw the implications, it grew into a passionate hobby. 

Unexpectedly one day, Brown’s superior, a two-star general, called him into his office to sign papers that would send him to the laboratory. Brown had to think fast. He had reached full colonel rapidly.9 But he wanted more time to devote to his creation study, and he wanted to help get the creation message out. He politely turned down the offer to go to the Geophysics Laboratory and asked to get out of the military at the first opportunity. So in 1980, after twenty-one years in uniform, he retired from the Air Force as a full colonel. 

Dr. Brown was astonished to see that much scientific evidence was poorly disseminated and that young people were taught such erroneous science about origins. He saw that critical thinking skills were not being fully developed in our classrooms. Students were being told what to think, not being taught how to think. Science lost its excitement in this stifling atmosphere. Dr. Brown had seen for himself that the scientific evidence overwhelmingly favored creation and a global flood. If thinking people were allowed to see all the evidence, they could reach their own logical conclusions..."

There are competing hypotheses in creation science about how the Flood started, how it completely redesigned the surface of the planet and why the prediluvial conditions allowed organisms to be so much bigger or capable of reproducing so much faster.   We find, as Ian Juby relates, that there is a frozen tropical forest underneath/within the permafrost in far Northern Alaska.   There are bottom-dwelling sea fossils on mountaintops all over the world.   Again, good men can disagree but in Creation Science there is a healthy dialogue and lots of people open to change when the preponderance of evidence is presented to them.   This is unlike Darwinist science, in which laws of science have been discarded and the evidence is altered or made up to support the assertions rather than the other way around.