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Sunday, December 09, 2012

What is Creation and Evolution and Who Cares? Part Six


All over the world, Darwinists are coaxing people like frogs into a lukewarm pot and leaving them to be unwittingly boiled to death. 

The frog-pot metaphor...


How many of you (us) just make assumptions and don't question?   Why is it most of humanity does NOT have the kind of curious mind that is not willing to keep putting difficult questions "on the back burner?"   

This is part six of the series that began on December 2nd on this blog.   The videos are made from a series taught by Ian Juby in, I believe, 2008.   Here is Ian's online YouTube site.

There is a great wealth of information that tells us that men, dinosaurs, mammals, trilobites and every basic kind of life all existed together.    The Flood fossils show this in the sedimentary rocks, although Darwinists try to hide the fossils and out-of-pace artifacts and all the geological evidence that disproves the Flood and the Biblical account of creation.    It basically only works because ordinary people think evolution has been proven and is established fact rather than a failed hypothesis that has never been observed and simply doesn't fit the evidence.    So no one pays attention or thinks critically while being barraged by constant Darwinist propaganda.   Let me give you an example of this:

It took almost 50 years of driving, but last winter my wife hit black ice and the Subaru went off the road and went headlong into a tree.   Tree one, Subaru nothing.   But the vehicle took the hit so my wife and youngest son were unhurt.   "Subee" didn't appear to be in bad shape, but the tree hit in just the right spot to drive a pulley shaft into the engine and the front end would have to be redone along with an engine replacement.   I rarely drove the vehicle but my wife had told me it did not have cruise control so I never gave it a thought.   But when we got the paperwork to "total" the vehicle it listed cruise as a feature.   I was a bit concerned about getting credit for something that was not there.   But when I went to fetch our remaining personal items out of the vehicle I got out the owner's manual and looked it up.   There was a way put the vehicle into cruise and back out!   It was not labeled well.   But frankly I rarely drove it so I didn't bother to look.    DUH!!!

Problematic assertions catch my attention and I investigate them or, if I do put them on the back burner they don't stay there.   But something as simple as a cruise control system on a vehicle?   Didn't even look, didn't have any idea it COULD be there!   So it is with the average person/parent/student/teacher/writer/journalist - from an early age they are brainwashed to believe in an hypothesis that survives for religious rather than scientific reasons.    They do not know it, they don't need to know it in their daily lives, they really can just go about their days never knowing they've been fooled consistently and continually.   But if they base their worldview on this ludicrous unscientific pack of fairy tales, lies and false assumptions then they may also decide that God is not relevant or even real.   This is a disastrous situation!  All over the world, Darwinists are coaxing people like frogs into a lukewarm pot and leaving them to be unwittingly boiled to death.  


You see, it is not the heat that kills the frog, it is the ignorance! 

"The theory of evolution is neither scientific nor natural.   It is scientifically invalid!" -    Ian Juby

You are not required to hop into a blender OR a big pot of ignorance.  Don't be afraid to explore the evidence for creation and against evolution. Think for yourself!!!